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Тантра массажист Tomáš

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My partner and I had a couple's massage and it was absolutely wonderful, relaxing, intimate. I had masseur Tomáš, who is a really great tantra masseur. My partner had Johanka and he was also very satisfied.
Tomáš, thank you very much for your wonderful empathy, for feeling like a pampered goddess, for detaching me from everyday life. Thank you for the intimacy and excitement in every part of my body.
Thank you for the time I could spend with you. I rode on a pleasant wave for another day. I would definitely like to come back.
Тантра-массажи Прага Na Čečeličce 5, Praha 5 Kontaktní údaje Tel: +420 603 185 066 E-mail: info@tantramasaze.com
Тантра массажист Tomáš Тантра массажист Tomáš


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