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I am happy to get feedback on my first experience with tantric massage. First of all, I would like to point out that I have been coming to you for more than 3 years :-) I had my eye on your centre, no other option was even an option. Just as my intuition led me to you, the 3 years of waiting had their reason and that is the masseur Martin. A huge thank you to him for a wonderful time that was a bit out of this world. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to receive, as it is something I don't get in my normal life and puts you in a completely different role. These fears dissolved after a few minutes spent with the masseur and I could really move from reality to a world where no one wants to go back :-) Every minute exceeded my expectations and not only did my body get what it had been craving for so long, but emotions that had been suppressed for so long came to the surface. Thank you for the beautiful environment, which instantly throws away all inhibitions, for the professional yet incredibly kind approach of the masseur and last but not least for the opportunity to experience something like this. I hope with all my heart that my visit was not the last.
Have a wonderful time and thank you for what you do.
Thank you very much and I highly recommend this wonderful experience. With Martin, my nerves fell off me as we talked and what followed was an incredible ride, amazing pampering from start to finish, being spoiled in the bath and afterwards with all those sensual helpers. Martin is exactly what they say he is. He can be firm and gentle at the same time. I had the best time with him and I know I will want to do it again.
Dear Martin,
thank you for the wonderful experience of our Deluxe Massage together. When you appeared in the doorway and I saw your smile, all my nervousness fell away and I felt really comfortable from the first moment. The massage was very beautiful and reverberated in me for days to come. I am already looking forward to the next one. The three hours passed very quickly.
I would like to thank Tomas and Martin very much for an amazing evening/experience/massage/everything!

It's almost impossible to imagine how nice it was.

They were both very attentive, empathetic and also very likeable, it makes it easier to put yourself in their hands despite the initial nervousness which they soon completely dissolved.
I felt safe, pampered and spoilt and I still blush at the memory of the hot oil and lava stones.
And I'm starting to save up to arrive again before ten years :).
Thank you!

PS: thanks also for the literature recommendations - ordered ;)
When I got the voucher for the tantra massage I hardly knew about it at all. But upon arriving at the massage studio I immediately felt safe and in a beautiful environment. I was seated in the massage room and offered tea. Then my masseur Martin came in and explained everything about the massage. Even after the explanation I was still a little nervous about what was to come. But I have to say that what came out totally blew me away. I have never felt such an intense good feeling and throughout the massage the aids were changed which made the experience of the massage more and more intense. After the massage I felt like I was in another world. I can only recommend it to everyone. Masseur Martin is pleasant and understands his work.
Massage with Martin is an unforgettable experience, a true professional in his field. A caress on the body and soul. I will be happy to return!
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Тантра массажист Martin Тантра массажист Martin


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