October 10 marks the World Mental Health Day

Why should we care about our mental and emotional health? What does it have to do with tantra? Our first rhetorical question was already answered during the ancient era by Plato, who knew too well the body and the soul are one and cannot be treated separately. You regularly provide us with the answer to the second question in your feedback. That's why we have decided to dedicate the month of October to the celebration of our mental health. Here’s another of our limited discounts!

A lot has been written about the benefits of tantra. But what positive effect can tantra have on our mental health? Hindus describe tantra as a means, a path to personal growth through a pleasant existence that can arouse the full-body sensations or lead to orgasmic states. These states, however, represent more of a proverbial icing on the cake than a goal. Tantric massage brings deep relaxation, relieves tension, stress and reduces anxiety. Tantra focuses on breathwork and in combination with physical touch, the joyous hormones dopamine and oxytocin are released in our body. Regular tantric massages can help reduce not only anxiety, but also depressive states and moods. Many of you often share feedback that tantric experience helped you find your way back to yourself, and in addition to increased energy, you also felt happier. There’s nothing more we want to add to that, because it speaks for itself..

Relieve your soul with tantra this October – give a shot one of our signature Deluxe tantric massage with 10 % off this month!

  • Tantra massage „Deluxe“, 180 min
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