Feeling full of energy all autumn long

Summer has moved on fast and autumn is taking over the reins. The days go by shorter and shorter, and for the first time in a while we are forced to close the windows in the morning or pull the blanket up to our chin so that we are not cold. Before the gray weather hits in, we have the last chance to enjoy the full spectrum of autumn colors. And we top it by adding a couple of our favorite tantric procedures and courses to keep you full of energy this autumn!

Tantra arouses moments of deep experience. It also a great balm for our nerves, helping to reduce stress isnt it just perfect for the beginning of autumn? Autumn marks the start of the new school year, too. With tantra, you will learn how to work with your breath and energy. By incorporating the enriching elements of meditation in your life, you will reach a deep form of relaxation and acceptance.

This September, we have two special offers in store for you! The first one is a 15% discount on our Ritual of Tantric Initiation helping you to recharge your batteries before the gray and rainy autumn days begin. At the same time, we cordially invite you to our tantric courses, where you can learn even more about tantra and the secrets of tantric massage. The essential course is suitable for future tantric therapists as well as individuals and couples, in a nutshell, it is for everyone who want to add fullness to their lives and bring joy to themselves and others. We guarantee privacy and an individual approach during our lessons. Until the end of September, a 20% discount applies to all courses from our School of Tantra Massage.

  • Tantra massage course: From Touch to Intimacy, groups, 20 h
    14000 CZK640 Eur
  • Tantra massage as a Ritual of tantric initiation, 180 min
    7600 CZK350 Eur

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  • • The campaign is valid to 30. september 2021
  • • The promotion does not apply to gift vouchers and cannot be combined with other discounts and benefit programs.

Get carried away by tantra - see you soon!