Gentle summer touch of tantra

Summer is in a full swing and temperatures are rising. The grain turns gold and all kinds of juicy fruit ripen. This summer is simply far from whimsical! That’s why we invite you into our cozy studio for a tantra massage, which will not only touch your senses and refresh your body, but it will also boost your blood circulation, energize you and remove any long-term blocks.

The sun has no mercy this summer! Luck is on our side though. We have multiple options. We can escape the heat, cool off with some refreshing drink in our hand, or we can relieve our body and indulge in some rather gentle touches. Where? Well, not as far as in our tantra studio, where you can get pampered with these special offers until the end of August.

For ladies, we have prepared 15% discount for a luxury massage “Pretty Woman”, in many ways also an intimate ritual. This massage celebrates femininity and reveres a woman's need for tenderness, beauty and intoxicating scents.

Gentlemen can enjoy a sensual tantric massage with Priestesses of Tantric Temple with a 15% discount. Under the veil of sacred space, you can experience a boundless sense freedom, get rid of any blocks and restraints and reach a state of deep relaxation.

  • Tantra massage „Pretty woman“, 180 min
    6900 CZK320 Eur
  • Priestesses of Tantric temple, 150 min
    6450 CZK300 Eur
  • Priestesses of Tantric temple, 180 min
    7550 CZK350 Eur
  • Priestesses of Tantric temple, 210 min
    8500 CZK390 Eur
  • Priestesses of Tantric temple, 240 min
    9450 CZK430 Eur

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  • • The campaign is valid to 31. august 2021
  • • The promotion does not apply to gift vouchers and cannot be combined with other discounts.

So don't wait for anything and treat yourself to a summer caress with tantra