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Read a full version of an exclusive interview with Michaela L. Torstenova, a founder of Tantra massage Prague, for the December issue of Joy magazine. In the article you will find a number of interesting references and extra info that didn’t fit in the paper issue. Questions were asked by our reporter, Lucie Krejčířová.

Tantra massages in the Joy magazine Tantra massages in the Joy magazine Tantra massages in the Joy magazine

What can we imagine under the term “tantra”?

Tantra we encounter today in the Western Europe is majorly influenced by humanistic therapeutic tradition due to which it becomes available to a modern man. Current tantra is an art of practical living leading a man to freedom, happiness and full being through knowledge and acceptance of one self and others. One of the main important themes of tantra courses is working with sexual energy that is perceived an essential driving force of a man. If a sexual energy is blocked, we lose stamina and vitality and feel unhappy and tired. Through touching, mediation and various breathing techniques we try to release this kind of energy and that finally leads to full and intense sexual life, creativity and feeling of life fulfilment. But of course in our courses we teach more than discovering our sexual needs. The main thing is to communicate them through. People see themselves more loving and full of respect. Gradually they get different perception of their own body, nakedness and intimacy; they learn enjoying touching, proximity and sexuality more consciously the way they like without any limitations put on themselves by education and social taboos.

Who do you recommend tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a strong experience for all partner couples intending to get to know each other better, deepen their sexual enjoyment and learning to communicate their needs. I can also recommend it to single men and women who wish to discover the magic of conscious touching and just let themselves caress and spoilt. Tantra massage can also be very healing. It helps with erection issues, premature ejaculation, and issues with prostate, inability of reaching orgasm, non-physiological issues with pregnancy and a number of other issues. Whether you want to relax or wish to use its therapeutic effects, there is always an intense experience ahead for you.

Why did you decide to establish a tantra centre?

In my twenties I decided to undergo two-year tantra training together with my boyfriend, and it literally changed my life. I got a complete new perspective on relations, sexuality and myself. When I realised how healing tantra can be and how much it can offer to modern people I made a decision to devote myself to it for full. I visited India, a cradle of the ancient teaching, joined a psychotherapeutic training and after returning back I started teaching tantra myself. First individuals and couples, later in cooperation with other lecturers I led tantra seminars and long-term trainings. In parallel I studies massaging arts and yoga. Tantra became a part of my everyday life. During my lecturing praxis I met a German school of tantra massage, but I felt it is too superficial, so I formed my own school of tantra massage resourcing not only from tantra, but also body therapy, bioenergy and other massage techniques. Now we got clients from all over the world. They come to us from Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, but even Japan. I wouldn’t say I founded the centre but rather let it develop and grow.

Is it better to come to tantra with a partner or on your own?

It all depends on what you expect from tantra massage and what you wish to aim at. If you go alone, you can really enjoy the massage and not care about your partner´s feelings or what is happening around you. It helps you concentrate on yourself and your own enjoyment and the maximum out of the massage. In our centre we offer several tantra massages we created especially for women with respect to their needs. With a partner sometimes hidden issues open that trouble the relation. In a safe environment you can explore them and bring new energy into the relationship. An experience of tantra massage can get you very close and deepen your relation. It depends if you wish to devote yourself just to you or your relation. Partner tantra massage is a huge issue on its own and before you decide for it I recommend you to read an article ´Tantra massage for pairs´ that explains the specifics of couple massage and what to consider before coming to the massage.

Can anyone learn tantra massage?

Certainly for own personal and partner life. A number of couples decide to learn a specific part of tantra massage they can devote to in privacy of their home especially as relaxation after a long working day or as means to mutual atonement and pleasure. In our tantra massage school we offer various kinds of courses anyone can choose from. On professional level it belongs into the hands of experts. Tantra masseur or masseuse apart from their own art knows also anatomy and hygiene rules. Own tantra and life experience is also important as well as experience and orientation in tantra philosophy and psychology. Personal characteristics play a significant role as well. Professional tantra masseur or masseuse is a guide helping clients develop and discover their sexuality, so personal growth and much experience are essential for providing a good tantra massage. The details on what individual masseurs and masseuses ought to know can be found for example in a book called Quality standards of tantra massage, that we created for better orientation of the clients who wish to experience a real tantra massage, not just erotic massage, which only pretends to work in a tantra way.

Question for Joy magazine asked Lucie Krejčířová

Responded by Bc. Michaela L. Torstenová

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