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Massage has a range of positive effects on the body, soul and mental state of a person and so it has its place not only in sports, but also in medicine, spa industry, rehabilitation, holistic medicine, cosmetics, psychotherapy, sexology or as a form of regular relaxation. Massage works as a fast and effective help in cases of physical and psychological problems, but they also work to prevent them. Let’s now have a closer look at why it is good to go for a massage and how massage can help us.

Massage releases psychological tension and stress

Continuing stress is one of the psychological factors that make the body age prematurely, it is a common cause of stomach ulcers, headaches, fatigue, psychological tension, it contributes to obesity, depression, loss of interest in sex as well as lack of appetite for life. Stress has different causes, it can stem from tension in our relationship, work environment, financial obligations we are unable to meet, problems with children, negative relationship to our own body and many other things. In short, stress is the body’s reaction to a burden a person feels they cannot bear. We can fight stress by using the so-called coping strategies that help us overcome stress situations (for example dividing work tasks into manageable parts, finding a partnership advisor, planning repaying the debt etc.), in short we need to limit influences that have a negative effect on us and we see them as stressful. As it is not possible to avoid stress completely, it is important to lessen its negative effects and find a good physical and psychological relaxation. Healthy and regular food, enough sleep and time for hobbies and activities that make us happy are important. Regular massage that helps release tension not only in muscles, but in the head helps us to relax. It helps us relax and gives the body time necessary for physical and psychological regeneration. It is good to go for a massage at least once a week, as maintenance treatment. In case of greater stress load it is possible to go for example for a three-day stay in a spa resort or hotel somewhere in nature, far away from civilisation. Everyday massage, a walk and turned off mobile will help you restore your lost mental strength and help you rediscover the harmony necessary for coping with difficult situations.

Recommended relaxation and anti-stress massage types: aromatherapeutic massage, chocolate massage and wrap, Hawaiian massage, hot lava stone massage, Bali massage, holistic massage, reflexology foot massage, Indian head massage.

Massage brings relief from headaches and migraine

An ever growing percentage of population suffers from headaches. They are becoming a serious civilisation problem of the modern age. The most common causes of chronic headache include blocked cervical spine, problems with thoracic or lumbar spine and overstretched back muscles, contracted muscles in the area of shoulders and nape, emotional problems as well as insufficient sex life.

Headaches caused by blocked cervical spine or other parts of the spine are caused primarily by unhealthy life style related to lack of physical movement and weakened or shortened muscles as a result, by unhealthy sitting habits such as slouching in front of the computer screen, lounging in front of the TV, long hours spent driving the car, bad body posture, bad sleeping position, one-sided activity or sedentary office job. These pains can be released by a combination of healthy exercises or yoga (60 minutes 2 – 3 times a week), regular stretching (every day) and professional rehabilitation massage that releases the blocked parts of the spine as well as overburdened, shortened muscles. Massage should be done 3 times a week for 90 to 120 minutes to remove acute problems, later once a week is enough to keep the spine and muscles relaxed. Yoga can be supplemented with exercises in a gym under the guidance of a coach, which helps most of all in the long term. With the help of training you strengthen your back and abdominal muscles that can better support the correct body posture, balance one-sided strain or remove the negative effects of a sedentary job.

One of the types of headaches is the so-called migraine. It is manifested by cramped muscles in the area of the back of neck followed by a limited flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. A migraine is usually accompanied by vomiting or sickness, extreme sensitivity to noise and light and general faintness and vertigo. 15 – 20 per cent of women and 6 per cent of men suffer from migraines. A migraine has various stages and usually starts as a relatively tolerable headache and nausea that culminates up to a point when the affected person lies in a dark room trying to endure the full migraine attack. Massage can help especially in the initial stage of migraine. This type of massage is called anti-migraine massage and the therapist works with special essential oils and touches whose objective is to release the nape, neck and trapezius muscles and increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. Essential oils help relieve acute stress. Rest and provided care are also an important factor. Anti-migraine massage can be accompanied with Indian head massage and reflexology foot massage. According to tantric-Taoist theory, migraine is an “orgasm in the head” and it sees insufficient sex life as one of the causes. Orgasmic energy is blocked and later experienced as growing tension that ends with a strong headache and sickness. Tantra massage can work as migraine prevention as it supports a healthy flow of sexual energy in the body and helps release tension and stress.

Recommended massage types against headaches and migraines: Indian head massage, Chinese pressure massage, Thai massage, reflexology foot massage, rehabilitation massage, the Dorn method, aromatherapy massage using deep massage techniques, holistic massage, tantra massage.

Massage as a means of regeneration

Massage is a great regeneration means, whether you do sport regularly, occasionally or you’ve had a difficult weekend. The tired muscle is full of water and fatigue substances such as lactic acid, carbon dioxide or creatinine, the muscle is swollen, hard and painful. The fatigue substances affect the muscle’s performance, its contractions are smaller and smaller and the muscle is no longer able to work. Massage sends blood and oxygen to tired muscles and helps them get rid of fatigue substances, especially lactic acid as well as accumulated toxins which significantly accelerate regeneration. You will thus not only feel better, but you will also be ready for another sports performance sooner. Regeneration is important not only for strength sports such as bodybuilding, power lifting or CrossFit, or for endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, basketball, canoeing etc, but also for short, dynamic sports such as martial arts, kick-box, aerobics etc. If you don’t stretch sufficiently, muscles tend to shorten and the muscle’s motion range is limited. Massage helps stretch the shortened muscles and if it is done regularly, motion range is increased as it happens for example with yoga.

Recommended massage for faster regeneration: sports massage, classic massage, rehabilitation massage, hot lava stones massage, Hawaiian massage, Thai massage.

Massage helps against back pain

Back pain, whether acute or chronic, affects approximately 80 per cent of today’s population and we can classify it among the modern civilisation diseases. There are various causes, from bad body posture, weak back muscles, one-sided body strain, sedentary job, lack of movement, catching a chill to lifting heavy weight, pregnancy or obesity. Back pain can be also caused by an injury or degenerative changes in the spine (scoliosis, bone spurs on the spine), it takes on different forms and intensity (the feeling of tension, stiffness, shooting pain) and it usually limits movement and thus everyday activities and sport. In order to cure pain properly, it is necessary to know its cause. If your back often hurts, go to your doctor and find out the cause of your problems. The subsequent rehabilitation will be based on that. Massage can help primarily in cases of overstrain, stiff back muscles, strained contraction of muscles after a sports performance or after lifting heavy weight. If you suffer from weak muscles that can only partly support your skeletal system, it is important to supplement massage with exercises. Going to a gym can be useful, where under the guidance of an experienced coach you can target the most important muscles in the back and the abdomen (the so-called core). If you enjoy bodybuilding, you can start working on other muscles later. If you suffer from obesity, it is good to supplement massage and gym with regular cardiovascular exercises (power-walk, running on orbitrack, fast walking on belt in the gym etc.)

Recommended massage for back pain: classic massage, rehabilitation massage, the Dorn method, Chinese pressure massage, Hawaiian massage, hot lava stones massage, Thai massage.

Massage as therapy for problems in your sex life

The most common problems in sex life include loss of appetite for sex or petting with partner, lack of intimate contact, limited excitability, tiredness, pain during sexual intercourse, inability to reach orgasm, limited fantasy, problems with erection, premature ejaculation, negative attitude to one’s body or a previous traumatic experience and the related inability to experience pleasant feelings during lovemaking. A majority of these problems are psychological and so with a little bit of patience and a positive attitude they can be gradually removed. Under stress and facing their partner’s expectations, men don’t get an erection; women have learned to fake orgasms to make their partner happy. Couples’ sexual life often suffers from routine, boredom and lack of interesting impulses. Wide-spread and easily accessible pornography gives men as well as women a wrong idea about what sex is, it limits their fantasy and reduces sexuality to copulation movements. In many of the above-mentioned cases tantra and tantra massage with an experienced, certified tantra therapist can help. Tantra massage works with the sexual drive in a safe and clear framework and helps the receiving men and women sense and experience their body with the respect it deserves. Enough time and a safe environment provide space for the beneficiary to open up and get a new experience of their body. Besides, tantra works with breathing techniques that deepen relaxation, excitement as well as spreading the awakened sexual energy around the body. Lack of any pressure or expectation helps the beneficiary to reach excitement naturally. Men who have problems with erection are often pleasantly surprised during the very first tantra massage. In the hands of a patient masseur, women learn what their body actually likes and what it can offer. Using breath, working with the pelvic floor muscles and conscious touch men learn to take control of their excitement and ejaculation. During tantra massage for couples, couples gain new impulses and perceptions and thus a new drive for their sex life. They also learn how to tune to each other better and harmonise before the actual sexual act. Tantra massage can also be part of long-term psychotherapy aimed at removing the results of traumatic experience, such as sexual abuse, rape, humiliation etc., because it offers the so-called corrective experience. Apart from the above-mentioned effects, tantra massage is a great tool for release of psychological tension and stress. Tantra massage pampers you, including massaging the whole body, including the feet, head and bottom. It thus has all the benefits of holistic or classic massage with the added benefit of working with sexual energy. If tantra massage is too big a step for you and if the main cause of your troubles is stress, you can enjoy the relaxation and anti-stress massage types that will help you reach the state of inner relaxation and tune from work life to the intimate life with your partner.

Recommended massage types for problems in sex life: tantra massage, Taoist massage, holistic massage, Indian anti-stress massage, reflexology foot massage, chocolate massage.

Massage as a support of detox

Just as we clean our complexion, teeth, skin and hair, the inside of our body needs regular cleaning from toxins and waste substances that make especially our liver, intestines and other organs suffer. The signs that our body is clogged with toxins include regular fatigue and weakness, skin problems and rashes, recurring headaches, unpleasant breath, constipation, flatulence, digestive problems etc. Cleansing treatment which is intended to clean our body from the inside is called detoxification. It usually includes at least a day of fasting with the consumption of only fruit juices and herbal teas, followed by a few-day cleansing during which we consume only fresh fruit and vegetables, later we add rice and pulses, but avoid meat, alcohol, coffee, processed food etc. Detoxification treatment should be accompanied by lymphatic massage in the form of a treatment of 6 to 10 sessions. Lymphatic massage supports the flow of lymph and thus removes excess water and waste substances. Lymphatic massage and detox treatment have a positive effect on the body’s immunity.

Recommended massage for detoxification of body: Anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic massage.

Harmonisation effect of massage

According to tantric theory, our energy body creates a system of the so-called seven chakras each of which symbolises a different area of our life. The first chakra represents our sexual and instinctive side, it is connected to survival and material provision for our existence, its colour is red and it is located on the perineum and in the pelvic area. The second chakra is located under the belly button, it is depicted as orange and even this chakra is connected to sexuality, but in its gentler, more subtle form. It represents our sexual playfulness and creativity. The third chakra is called Solar plexus, its colour is yellow and we can find it in the centre of our body, under the breast bone. This chakra represents our self-confidence and charisma. The fourth chakra is located in the area of our heart, it is depicted as green or light pink and represents our feelings and our ability to love. The fifth chakra is the chakra of communication, its colour is blue and it represents our ability to express our inner truth and our needs. The sixth chakra, sometimes called “the third eye” is the chakra of intuition, it lies at the root of the nose between our eyebrows and it’s purple. This chakra is responsible for our non-sensory perception and the ability to read between the lines. The last, seventh chakra is located on the crown of the head, its colour is white and symbolises our connection to the Universe and the ability to perceive the so-called higher meaning of things. We don’t normally notice our chakras, but we can sense them during meditation for example or if we have a problem in the given area. A blocked heart chakra can manifest as a pain and contraction around our heart, the inability to communicate often manifests itself as tonsillitis or sore throat. Arguments with our partner, conflicts at work, problems in the family, all that negatively affects the state of our energy body. Some types of massage help open up these energy channels of our body so that energy can flow freely and the person receives new life strength. The final objective of massage is the harmonisation of body, mind and soul of a person.

Recommended massage types for harmonisation of body and soul: holistic massage, tantra massage, Taoist massage.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more


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