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Tantric embrace

These days are typical for openness and tolerance towards sexuality. People can now talk about sex without disturbing their environment and often it is considered weird a person does not talk about sex. Being satisfied with their sexuality, size of partner´s penis or concrete practises are the main issues people discuss but regarding sex itself, there is only little awareness.

Sexual awareness

Many people confuse promiscuity with sexual awareness. Yet they cannot be further from truth. The fact you have many partners does not make you a man that is sexually more aware or even modern and advanced. Through the eyes of many people tantra is connected with sexual liberty nevertheless many tantra followers are in fact defenders of monogamy and close relationships. The idea of tantra sex is to life the whole act for full physically and sensually so that both partners can create a much stronger bond resulting in endlessly better sex without a trace of bore even with a long-term partner. If you learn to enjoy sexual experience you won’t seek other partners to excite you. The desire for more sexual partners is fulfilled with emotional and spiritual aspects of sex.

Slowing down

In our fast world we tend to focus on fast satisfaction and purely physical sex. From a short term point of view is this kind of satisfaction all right; yet a person finds out quickly that there is more to it and starts being bored. By slowing down and focusing on creating firm spiritual relations a person gets a bond that is much more satisfying. Moreover tantra supports relaxation, mutual intimacy, creativity and playfulness. All these aspects are for today’s hard working people living in a stressful world very important and useful. By smelling a rose or the unique smell of your partner can be a perfect way to relax the tension and daily pressure.

Relaxing feelings

Awakening of senses

estern civilization emphasizes logics, reason and direct thinking. The East often inclines to intuition, belief and circular thinking. A certain wise man described the difference this way: „ the Western people see the world while people in the East rather sense it“.

In past logics were emphasised in the West and feelings gradually almost disappeared. Today people want to control their feelings more and more instead of letting go and learning to enjoy them. Thoughts of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions hint at the East being passive while the West is active. Yet if we study teaching of various tantra schools we find out that is not always the truth.

Statistics show that more and more people from the West want to enjoy spirituality and not only think about it. Experiential aspects of the Eastern spirituality confluence with the Western way of thinking. Tantra teaching aimed at experience, sensuality and perceiving is now increasingly favourable with men, women and couples. The first step and entry gate towards tantra itself is often tantra massage. Indeed what is tantra and what is the importance of tantra massage ritual?

Tantra – The greatest ancient teaching, not just a cover for sexual massage

The word “tantra” is a Sanskrit expression meaning „connection“ or „bond“. Sometimes it is translated also as „ to broaden“ or „to liberate“. It is a system of belief and traditions based on the art of consciousness originating back in the ancient times. The roots of tantra are unclear. It is said they go back thousands of years to the cult of a goddess. Tantra became popular in India sometime around the eighth and twelfth century when it came to towns and villages.

The expression “tantra” was used for years freely to define various pieces of belief based on Buddhist and Hindu traditions of celebrating of connecting seemingly antipodal parts; that is celebrating male and female, positive and negative so that mutual differences, duality, is overcome and the final unity of being is reached. Tantra also contains the idea of sexual connection of man and a woman as a sacred act. Some teachings understand the connection as a part towards god and higher spiritual world.

The essence of tantra philosophy is sanctity of all aspects of life, all living matters and creations. Simply it is the idea of heaven on earth where everyone is a god or goddess. Through tantra teaching people are mutually spiritually connected to everything around.

People who practise traditional art of tantra are called tantrics. In traditional tantra a tantric should spend many years learning from a guru and devote himself to deepening of his experience, practising and rituals in order to perfect his/her mind and sharpen mind and spirit.

One of many tantra rituals, a tantra massage, lies in awakening sexual energy through spine knot (chakra). Sexual energy is awoken by touching lingam and joni. The sense of theses massage procedures is to experience and perceive own sexual energy up to the last moment but not ejaculate. Tantra massage aims at building sexual energy, not letting it out of the system. The art of tantra massage is today devaluated by professed tantrics who only make erotic massages under the cover of tantra without any knowledge of breathing and meditation exercise and not being able to awake real life energy. A real tantra massage should leave a deep impression on you; the feeling of sacredness mixes with a feeling of own power, the body vibrates and fulfils with energy. You feel kind of indescribable. What you feel is awoken energy flowing through your body and bringing inspiration and reviving. In the West we often dont know what to do with such energy. Many men long to ejaculate during tantra massage because they don’t know what else to do with their new energy. Tantra teaches us to accept the energy and get filled with it. This state is very creative and loving. Energy clears out body and opens us to new ideas and visions. After tantra massage people get more sensitive and emphatic to themselves and their partners. If you can keep your energy inside the body you find out that even many days past you feel really well; you don’t get tired or exhausted but overflow with energy. Tantra teaches men to enjoy inner orgasm many tantrics compare to physical orgasm.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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