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Relaxation Massage "The Treasure of the Orient" is based on traditional Ayurvedic treatments such as Indian head massage, deep tissue full-body warm sesame oil massage and foot reflexology. This massage system works with major energy centers and most stressed parts of the body, where everyday tension and stress accumulatews. There the massage provides quick relief from pain, stiff muscles and is the right medicine for your nervous system. After a busy day, this massage relieves fatigue, relaxes your body and mind and brings tranguility back to your personal life.

"Treasure of the Orient" procedure:

Massage begins in a sitting position, first with a non-oil massage of your your head, neck and shoulders, which will unblock you for coming experience of non-violent "here and now" feeling. The massage is pleasantly relaxing and energizing and lasts approximately 20-25 minutes. After, your masseuse or masseur will let you lay on the futon, where warm sesame oil massage, to relieve the tension throughout your body, will continue. The length of this section shall be governed by the chosen length of the entire massage and masseuse or masseur will focus on the most problematic and aching places. A nice reward at the end of your procedure will be the reflexology feet massage with a length of 10 -15 min, which will harmonize your energy and close the procedure. For longer massage masseuse uses the thermal effect of hot lava stones to keep your muscles and joints comfortable.

  • Treasure of the Orient massage, 60 min
    1600 CZK70 Eur
  • Treasure of the Orient massage, 90 min
    2200 CZK90 Eur
  • Treasure of the Orient massage, 120 min
    2700 CZK110 Eur

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A massage also called Oriental Treasure comes from traditional Ayurveda healing procedures and brings a quick and effective relief from tension and painful muscles. It includes all body oil massage and much more.

The massage also includes a relaxation head massage and reflexology foot massage.

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