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Bali is one of the exotic Indonesian islands where massages are a part of daily body care and a favourite way of relaxation. Bali culture has been influenced by Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Malaysian cultures over centuries resulting in an exotic procedure known also as a royal massage of Indonesian princesses because it rejuvenates, enhances beauty and heals.

Bali massage includes traditionally a flower bath, smelly peeling and all body massage done with essential oils nourishing women velvety skin. It is mainly a harmonising and relaxing massage yet all the muscles are properly stretched. A massage brings positive energy and harmonises the body and soul. A deep relaxation is an obvious part of a procedure.

How it works:

During a royal Bali massage all senses are gradually awaken and cared about so that you feel like a real princess. A massage room is decorated by wall paintings; silk curtains and exotic woods and the atmosphere is enhanced with essential oils smells and a presence of a bath in shape of a heart.

The massage is done on a comfortable futon with a relaxing music. The whole procedure starts with pressure massage through a soft hot towel or sarong, while the body is stretched and pushed until the blockades are released and a person gets in closer relation with own body. Then there is oil massage of legs, back and neck through smelly oil of passionflower or granadilla. The moves are long, smooth and relaxing for overall body. After massage comes all body peeling with coconut oil and cane sugar which gets rid of dead skin and gives a smell of oriental flowers. A massage finishes with a twenty minute bath with rose flowers and Dead Sea salt. Also you can get refreshed with fresh fruits and drinks.

  • Royal Bali massage, 120 min
    3000 CZK140 Eur

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Bali massage is a luxury gift for all women who want to get spoiled. All body massage is done with most quality oils, flower bath with leaves of roses and all body peeling will caress your body and mind.

Bali massage is traditional beautifying procedure of Indonesian princesses.

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