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During times of praising the goddess Aphrodite rosemary was devoted to her not only for its intense aromatic smell but also for its stimulating effects. Rosemary bath releases and warms tight muscles, gives energy and life will. Young leaves and branches of green rosemary have pale blue flowers which give out a beautiful smell in the sun of the Mediterranean and grow up to three metres in height; they are processed into intensively smelling spicy oil which is part of this wellness bath.


  • The bath consists of the Dead sea salts, rosemary essential oil and luxury bath highest quality oils in a comfortable bath in a heart shape.
  • In a soft candle light with rose smells from an aromatic lamp.
  • Refreshment with fresh fruit and beverages.
  • Whole atmosphere is complex with a special selection of music.
  • Final relax on a futon.

  • Energising rosemary bath
    1200 CZK50 Eur

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Dead Sea salt bath added with aroma therapeutic effects of natural essential oils of the highest quality is the real relaxation prior to accepting tantra massage. A bath suits men, women and couples too!

Choose any of our eight aroma baths and get carried away into the dreamland.

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