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Relaxation aroma massage is a perfect connection of selected massage techniques with use of essential oils and calming acupressure. There are healing elements of classical massage using relaxation techniques of Hawaii massage with forearm, deep relaxation techniques of acupressure head and feet massage with healing hot lava stones effects.

Relaxation aroma massage calms body and soul, removes tiredness and evokes feelings of calmness. It helps mainly with a long term stress, nervous exhaustion, depression, insomnia and other difficulties such as muscle pains, lymph flow and skin blood flow, helps detoxification by getting rid of metabolic waste. Due to its harmonising effects it belongs amongst the most popular massages in our centre.

How it works:

Relaxation aroma massage is always modified according to your wishes and actual needs. Its effects can be deeply relaxing and energizing according to massage techniques and procedures and mixture of aroma oils prepared especially for you. The massage is done on a futon and works with the whole body, acupressure points and important energy paths. In total the massage includes a lot of touching styles – by hands, forearms and hot lava stones.

Parts of the massage are the following:

  • Preparation of aroma therapeutic oils just for you
  • Massage with hot towels with smelly oils to relax and warm up the muscles
  • Whole body massage with hot oils
  • Anti-stress massage of head and face
  • Reflex feet massage
  • Lava stone massage

  • Relaxation aroma massage, 90 min
    2300 CZK100 Eur
  • Relaxation aroma massage, 120 min
    2700 CZK120 Eur

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Relaxing all body massage with original mixture of essential oils in combination with calming acupressure. A massage is added with fine effects of hot lava stones.

Aroma massage relaxes and gives energy, helps relieving stress and exhaustion.

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