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Roots of reflexology foot massage go back 4500 years ago when a traditional Chinese medicine discovered a connection between acupressure stimulation of reflex points on feet and a proper function of internal body organs. Reflexology points are connected by nervous paths with all internal organs and a reflexology massage influences correct functions of the whole system. Foot reflexology gets rid of stress, brings energy, calmness and deep relaxation and positively influences blocked spine, headaches, supports detoxification and lymph system, unblocks stiff points in feet, ankles and removes the feeling of heavy feet.

How it works:

During foot reflexology pressure stimulation is used on reflex zones of human feet. The zones respond to body organs and each point is finishing of a nerve path beginning in the brain and goes through certain organs and ends in feet. A stimulation of a concrete point positively influences organ functions and natural regeneration is started.

Reflexology foot massage begins with a hot foot bath with Dead Sea salts using stimulating essential oils. The feet are then treated with a peeling removing rough skin and enhancing blood flow. While your feet are massaged and caressed a quality tea is served. The feet are dried and a massage continues on a comfortable futon. Then there is a pressure acupressure foot massage bringing a maximum relaxation. The part of massage evokes a reflexive stimulation of the overall and relaxation. Then a massage with quality aroma oils that finishes the procedure with overall muscle, little bones and foot joint relaxation. On request the reflexology massage can also include anti-stress massage of the head, neck and shoulders.

  • Reflexology foot massage, 30 min
    650 CZK30 Eur
  • Reflexology foot massage, 60 min
    1150 CZK50 Eur
  • Reflexology foot massage, 90 min
    1550 CZK70 Eur

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Acupressure foot massage affects positively internal organ function, relieves tension and induces feelings calm and relaxation. The massage includes also foot peeling in herbal bath with Dead Sea salt.

90 minutes option includes also anti-stress head, shoulder and neck massage on request.

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