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Hot lava stones massage from Hawaii is sometimes called the Hawaiian hot stone massage too. Rhythmic massage with hands and forearms is complimented with beneficial effects of slowly released heat of pre-heated lava stones . This typical feature of lava stones is being used for overall warming of the organism to help to distribute the energy. Massage with hot stones are among the most popular and most visited massage, especially during colder part of the year or during states of profound fatigue when we need to gather energy.

As massage is:

Hawaiian hot stone massage use basalt stones of natural origin, heated to a temperature of 55-60 ° C in combination with warm exotic oils according to the client's choice. Durint the assage, palms and forearms are used to use full weight of your masseuse or masseur, same as in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. The emphasis is on stretching all the muscles, releasing spasms and overall deep relaxation of the client. Since the stones are capable to hold the heat for a long time, the heat then can penetrate through the muscles as deep as to joints and relax deeply stiff and sore places. Recommended for back and joint pain after exercise and sports or as a pleasant relaxation.

  • Hot lava stones massage, 60 min
    2000 CZK80 Eur
  • Hot lava stones massage, 90 min
    2500 CZK100 Eur
  • Hot lava stones massage, 120 min
    3000 CZK130 Eur

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Hot lava stones massage is a real gift during winter months. Lava stones beautifully warm up and relax tight and painful muscles and give all body reviving life power.

The massage is suitable with back pain and overall exhaustion.

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