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Sharing Tantra massage with your partner is great whether you have just fallen in love with each other or you have lived together for many years. The shared intimate experience will intensify your trust and intimacy and your relationship will open up to a new level of communication. If you seek inspiration and want to rediscover your and your partner’s sexuality and energy, Tantra massage for couples will give you a profound experience, a new spark and the opportunity to start seeing and sensing things differently.

Tantra massage for couples can have various forms and it is all up to you how you want to experience this wonderful ritual. For this reason, before the actual massage you can try to imagine how you would like your massage. There can be two masseuses or a masseur and a masseuse. The massage can be shared or in two separate rooms after which you get to meet your partner during the final relaxation or in bath. Please, let us know what you would like when you make your reservation.

There is an interview with your massage therapist before the massage in which you can ask any questions and voice any wishes. You have extra 30 minutes that do not count into the length of the massage for this interview and the final relaxation.

Recommended massages for couples:

Classic Tantra Massage for Couples

Relax during the sensual ritual of Tantra massage for couples, which will open you relationship to a new level of trust, communication and inspiration. It will release your and your partner’s stress, awaken your sexual energy and open your heart to a greater understanding and love.Read more

Discounted price: 230 EUR / 90 min

Deluxe Tantra Massage for Couples

Treat yourself and your partner to an exceptionally beautiful experience of sensual, loving care at the hands of our experienced massage therapists and have ecstasy and exciting care flood your whole body. The luxury Tantra massage will give your senses and body enough time for a deep, exciting, transformative experience that will vibrate your whole body with excitement and energy. Read more

Discounted price: 320 EUR / 120 min

Tailored Tantra Massage for Couples

Do you want an exceptional experience based on your wishes and fantasies? If you want you can choose a combination of any two massage types we have on the list, only the length of the two massages must be the same. While your partner is enjoying the Pretty Woman Luxury Tantra Massage, you can let yourself be pampered by one of our Tantra priestesses.Multiple-Hands Massage for Couples is also full of wonderful experience.

Create your own combination of couple massage with 10% discount.

You don’t have to enjoy the wonderful moments with Tanta only in our center! If you come to us for a Tantra massage for often, you can soon learn the right Tantra breathing and energy working. You can enrich your intimate life and potential with all that. You will learn how to accept more easily and how to connect with your partner not only on physical, but also on energetic level. You will find out how curative and meditative conscious sexuality can be.
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Tantra Massage for Couples.

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