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St. Valentine, the day of all lovers inspired the chief-editor or Vlasta magazine, Lenka Jindrlová, to try out a tantra pair massage in our centre. She shares her own experience in the article below.

Vlasta 2/2013

Tantra massage in person

Text by Lenka Jindrlová

We planned trying out the ritual before Christmas, because we felt it is a nice recommendation for an unusual gift. During the cleaning and baking pre-feast havoc we simply didn’t make it. And now, just before Saint Valentine, the issue´s came up again.

But hey, all colleagues are looking away. They either don’t have a partner or guess this kind of a business trip would not pass approval at home. So I am the one left to do the job. I tried a tantra massage twice already, once done by a masseur, another time by a masseuse. But a pair massage is a new challenge for me and my partner is simply given an order to participate.

A serpent sleeping on his tail

Tantra is an ancient Indian art of sacred sexuality and life philosophy. According to tantra tradition the world was created through a love dance of the god Shiva and goddess Shakti. All people are their impersonation and completely equal. Tantra releases kundalini energy, so called serpent power, which is usually pictured as a snake lying at the bottom of spine. As it awakes and develops energy rises up through all seven energy centres (chakras) and connects sexuality with spirituality. Kundalini can be awaken also through healthy life style, special breathing exercises, erotic positions and tantra massage itself. If we let sexual energy channel, it can become a source of creativity and releasing personal potential.

Hot issues

On www.tantramasaze.com we can read that prior to pair tantra massage it is recommended for a couple to discuss three essential questions:

  • 1. Do you/I prefer a masseur or a masseuse?
  • 2. Shall we have a massage in one or two or even separate rooms?
  • 3. Shall we include a massage of genitals as well?

I didn’t even ask my partner the last question. I anticipated he´d decline anyway. We agree to share the experience side by side and discuss the first question in length. It is quite obvious my partner chooses a masseuse. But how about me?

Let me explain. When I had my tantra massage in a different parlour the year before last, I chose a masseuse according to my ethics. But I felt really cold for the whole two hours though she used an extra heater. Energy between two of us simply didn’t work. Next time I tried a “fix” with a male and it worked great! The male-female polarity created wonderful dynamics. But now I am afraid my partner would be jealous. Actually I wish not to be confronted with any feelings of guilt of making him feel that way. Just to keep our domestic equilibrium in good balance I also chose a woman in the end.

How about gender?

Couples that are jealous of each other or tend to control partner´s likings are recommended to enjoy the massage in separate rooms. Then they can have a bath together or rest together in one room.

Deciding between choosing a man and a woman or two women, apart from considering any feelings of jealousy, is influenced by female´s feelings: whether she feels comfortable being touched by another woman or needs a male to arouse her. You can feel a masseuse understands your body better; yet with a masseur you can experience interesting dynamics obviously with firm limits that is an absence of sex and erotic exchange.

Intimate part massage can be included in a tantra massage though not necessarily. You might know from Kama sutra poetic expressions such as the gate of life, lotus flower, Garden of Aphrodite, Venus pearl or Nephrite temple. All of them define female genitals called yoni in sanskrt. Male gender is called lingam or vajra. Regarding yoni and lingam massage it should be made clear how far a massaging person can go while the limits are set according to the less adventurous partner.

Talking as foreplay

Young Petra leads us to massage room sank into a pleasant semi-darkness with smelling herbs. We drink tea, snack on fruits and just chat. Then Petra with her colleague Jana both come and we all try to move the wheels of communication: why have you come, what do you expect, what are you experiences etc. I suddenly find out my boyfriend has never been to any massage. Has he never? I cannot believe what I am hearing and the fact I haven’t known about that. And I dare to take him to a tantra place, dear me! As we refused intimate massage in advance, so called sensual ritual of body worshiping is a kind of introduction to tantra massage for us. Ok, let’s go for it. Masseuses leave us in intimate atmosphere; we take a shower, cover ourselves in silky blankets and ring a bell when we are ready to start.

Orgasm allowed

Tantra pair massage is actually a safe form of experiment as both partners can find out what touching by a “strange” person does to them without causing any danger to their relationship. The limits are firmly pre-set. A masseur or a masseuse always have to play the role of guides. During the massage, a client has a receiving role without giving anything back.

The feelings during tantra massage ritual can be quite intense and even orgasmic. If that is an issue for any of the partners, it is necessary to inform the massaging person so that he or she can lead energy all through the body intensely from the start.

And we also talk later

We are lying alongside each other, our naked bodies covered with oil. „Just don’t try to cuddle now, you are terribly oily,“ I warn my boyfriend. He remains calm and relaxing happily. Usually during the massage I get to sleep in ten minutes, but this time it is the other way around.

I cannot tell you much about the initial ritual dancing the masseuse has done as my eyes were obligatory closed. But warming with hot towels was wonderful. We agree that caressing with furs and feathers (you recall the movie Conspirators of Pleasure, right?) felt a bit weird and didn’t work for us much. But the massage itself was super; lava stones never let me down and tantra even adds more to it.

I am looking forward to have another shower to wash away the oily cover. Then ringing a bell again and talking about what happened. We try to cut down on time and almost run away as we got pretty hungry and we set off to an Indian restaurant.

What does an expert say?

Tantra masseuse Petra

Tantra masseuse

What happens between a client and a massaging person during the massage?

„It is hard to put in words actually. Because communication happens on a more basic level than verbal. We can talk about connection, sharing and joy… between a man and a woman there is a different polarity, just like magnetic, there is always a certain power coming from opposite sex. Male and female relationship is based on worshiping the beauty of female body; there can be a strong feeling of sisterhood, femineity and floating on this sort of wave. But during the massage I got to watch out not to take from my own resources too much. So that works does not intervene my privacy. Even now it is hard to find a partner open enough and confident to be able to deal with my working with other people´s sexuality, and also the fact many men see a goddess in me. Actually it is a great touchstone.“

„Sometimes a tantra pair massage turns into a pair therapy session.“

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová
A tantra lecturer, a founder and a manager of Integrity Centre and Tantra massage Prague Ltd.

Tantra pair massage is not done in all parlors. Why is it more complicated than the individual one?

Partners bring their personal issues into the massage such as worries, shame or bad sexual experience, but also relationship themes. What happens sometimes is that one of the partners is enjoying it while the other is jealous and instead of enjoy “now and here” is angry with the partner that „may be enjoy it a way too much.” Motivation is also important. Sometimes one of the partners literarily drags the other one here, because their sex life is stagnating and seeks a solution in massage while the partner is actually not very interested or worried with the issue. Sometimes tantra massage turns into a pair therapy, which requires a quality team with a lot of experience.

What kind of couples do you recommend a pair massage?

If partners can freely communicate and be tolerant with each other, they have a certain advantage. They come to relax here, resource energy and inspiration and enjoy a pleasant romantic evening spiced up with an ancient art. With couples troubled with relationship issues tantra massage works as a catalyser in a safe and sheltered environment.

On contrary, when do you discourage a pair from tantra massage?

Only in case of the partners does not agree with the massage or is too scared of it. But we can also work with fear. In such case I recommend one or two preliminary sessions during which we can discover potential worries and process them.

What sort of relationship issues does tantra positively influence?

Some people cannot communicate their intimate needs and live a frustrating and unsatisfying life for a long time. Some feel little attractive, don’t know how to touch their partner, rush things too much or lack fantasy. Others don’t feel fine in their own bodies or have issues reaching orgasm or erection.

What „pair effects“ happen at the first tantra massage? Or are more sessions necessary?

The first tantra couple massage can be a very strong experience. For most people their perception of intimacy and sexuality changes; the relationship is revived and communication more fluent even on intimate issues and mutual needs. Tantra experience often lights a spark that has not been burning for a long time; a man understands better what is required and necessary. Of course sometimes issues are of deeper and complicated nature. A long-term work is necessary for example in cases of sexual abuse of a single partner, erection disorders or lack of sex drive.

This kind of massage includes a massage of genitals. That is not done in a number of parlours.

During tantra massage we approach a man in complexity as whole beings and want him/her to enjoy all the body parts including intimate ones; to understand everything is connected and worth loving and tenderness without any shame. Another reason for intimate massage is awaking sexual energy tantra perceives as moving power – it activates us and brings new life force. A receiver learns giving up and accepting own body and its expressions. Of course intimate massage is not obligatory so if a client wishes so it can be left out. But otherwise it is a natural part of a massage. The reason why some centres do not include it obviously can be worrying of keeping the limits and a massage becomes of erotic nature.

But if I don’t allow for genital massage, what happens with awaken energy?

In western culture people often approach sexuality purposely. First they try awaking sexual energy, and then simply get rid of it through orgasm. In tantra sexual energy is led all over the body through touching and breathing. If an orgasm comes is not essential. In tantra we speak about inner orgasm during which there is no ejaculation and related loss of energy. If we learn how to maintain a high level of energy, this state is not perceived frustrating, but a certain fullness and happiness.

How to choose the correct tantra parlour?

Beware of the centres offering about 60 minute massages including an intimate part. Tantra massage requires at least 90 minutes. Obviously there is also an interview prior and after the massage. Girls photographed in erotic underwear or sexually explicit positions are also suspicious. If you want to be sure, ask about oral sex extra. If the answer is yes, then avoid the place from distance as it actually offers hidden erotic service.

How to best choose a masseur?

Apart from a massage course accredited by MŠMT the right massaging person ought to be tantra educated, that is at least 50 hour course or training with a qualified lecturer. Psychological and therapeutic skills are also an advantage. And of course mutual sympathies are also important.

How much does it cost me?

In Tantra massage Prague center the basic tantra massage costs about 2000 CZK. The most beautiful three hour massage with a bath and hot shells massage you pay 5700 CZK. Pair massages start from 5500 CZK. It is worth following discounts offered for example at St. Valentines around 10 to 20 % according to procedure. You find more info on www.tantramasaze.com.

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