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In cooperation with Glanc magazine we organised reader´s competition for luxury tantra massage for couples lasting for two hours added with a romantic rose bath with red rose and Champaign. A sympathetic young couple, Markéta and Lukáš, were the lucky winners and they tested the massage in our centre and shared their experience.

Glanc 04/2013

Tantra massage – Double pleasure

Tantra massage for couples is a sensual experience that revives sexual life of not just couple in love, lovers and married couples.

My partner and I have never had a similar massage beforehand so we were very curious what lies ahead of us. I chose Marek as my masseur although I was worried of my reactions to a stranger´s touching. My partner chose a masseuse Anička.

Only after entering the massage centre all stress had disappeared and I felt like entering a different world full of colours, smells, candles and lights. As we were sitting in the massage room listening to Anička´s and Mark´s talking about expectations, I felt nicely relaxed and began looking forward. The massage started with a ritual, that happened in a vertical position and took all the „masks“ away from me and my partner too. During tantra massage it is important to follow the level of meeting a man and a woman and let everything else you brought in disappear. Marek also taught me to breath correctly and without any critique and judging pay attention to my thinking processes. When I was lying down on a futon, I was fully ready to let everything flow and open myself to the massage; I felt complete trust in him.

It is hard to describe what happened with me during the three hour massage. The procedure included body-therapeutic massage of head and feet without any oil and a hot towel massage smelling of lavender that beautifully warmed up my body. Then came furs and feathers and of course light touching. Following oil massage with the most expensive natural oils and hot lava stones relaxed us awaking natural vital energy. Tantra massage includes also intimate part massage and it is completely up to you how far you let the masseur go.

When I opened my eyes after the massage I felt just like a different person. Tantra massage for me was a purifying ritual, a new beginning I can build on. And it was not even the ending! After the massage we took a bath with Lukáš in a shape of a heart and let all our feelings grow holding hands and enjoying romantic light of candles.

We left the centre enchanted and feeling the experience brought us closer together. Suddenly I feel I know what I want and can ask for it. Our sex became more intimate, fuller, sensitive and a lot more passionate all the same.

How long it lasts: 90 minutes up to 3 hours; a price of tantra massage for couples: 5500,- to 8000,- CZK.
Contact: Tantra massage Prague Ltd., Na Čečeličce 5, 150 00 Prague - 5, www.tantramasaze.com

Prize: Tantra massage for couples

Společná tantrická masáž je smyslným, intimním zážitkem, který podporuje vzájemnou důvěru, přináší oživení a inspiraci a otevírá komunikaci o intimních tématech i vzájemných potřebách. Je to nezapomenutelný, hluboký a sbližující zážitek, vhodný pro všechny dvojice, které chtějí umocnit svou sexuální energii a objevovat jeden druhého.

Length: 2.5 hours


Tantra massage is not impersonal or mechanical procedure, but a real meeting. Massage starts with an interview, during which a masseur and/or a masseuse explain the clients how it happens and what are the limits. Of course clients can express their wishes and requirements of clients. After the interview clients get a shower and put on tantra clothing called sarong. The ritual can begin.

Introduction ritual

Massage begins with introductory ritual in upright position so establish basal trust between the receivers and givers. A ritual is an entry into another time perception where the receivers can put off all masks and structures and discover just their bodies; intimacy and natural expressions. It is a space for honouring, care and supremely pleasant feelings.


The massage happens in horizontal position on a comfortable futon and includes a relaxing body-therapeutic head and foot massage without any oil. It helps switching off from stress and releasing tensions and potential worries. Then a hot towel massage with lavender smells nicely warms up bodies of receivers that are sensitised by furs and feathers and pleasant touching. Oil massage is done with high quality essential oils and hot lava stones including dynamic touching. It aims at relaxing receivers and awake their natural vital energy led all through the body. Tantra massage includes also intimate parts massage that always abides by clients wishes and limits.


Tantra massage gets rid of any shame and teaches us to accept our body the way it is. It leads us to deep intimacy and tenderness, awakes sexual energy that is enjoyed all though the body in a deep and fulfilling way. It brings pleasant feelings and relaxation from stress and long lasting fulfilment and energy even after the end of massage. With couples it opens communication on intimate issues and teaches partners to include new intimacy and mutual proximity in sexuality. Tantra massage also heals a number of psychologically conditioned sexual illnesses and dysfunction.

The prize was given by Tantra massage centre Prague Ltd.

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