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Are you interested in what you can enjoy during tantra massage but afraid to ask? Blesk for women brings you an open interview from a tantra massage, which discloses a veil of exciting secrets of tantra massage (not only) for women.

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Blesk.cz tried tantra massage! All the way to an orgasm!

REPORTÁŽ: You might have already heard about tantra massage. A friend of mine told me about it so I decided to try it out and made an appointment in one of many Prague tantra parlours. A masseuse showed me a man should love own body, take care of it and mainly – get spoilt shamelessly! Lastly there was a bonus – a divine orgasm, I haven’t dreamt in my wildest dreams!

Just a friend of mine told me about tantra massage so it was a male perspective. I decided to find out my own. A masseuse took me and my photographer into a warm room with pleasant music. She explained it is necessary I don’t feel cold during massage because I will be completely naked. Her frankness was simply disarming.

We sat down to have a cup of tea and a bowl of fruit and started talking while a photographer was taking pictures of environment where we were to enjoy ourselves for another two hours.

Masseuse Anička gave me a short overall explanation of tantra. Amongst other things I learnt that tantra massage is not an erotic massage and it is often confused for one.

„Tantra respects human body in a holistic way; it is perceived as an integral complete and massaged completely including intimate parts,“ masseuse explained.

But as everything, even tantra massage has its cost. De luxe massage I tried costs quite a lot; four thousand CZK for two and half hours in hands of an experienced masseuse or a masseur.

Entering intimate zone from the beginning

After initial information Anička and my photographer went to massaging room and I took a shower in a bath in a heart shape and rang a bell to point out I am ready for a massage. I have to admit it felt strange. The photographer and a strange girl behind the door, feeling hot in a room and warm water made me feel all a bit dizzy. Anyway I covered myself in a white scarf and gave a signal they can enter.

Meanwhile Anička changed her clothes. She didn’t wear her etheric green clothes but a red scarf tied behind her neck. And then it all began. She came close to me, hugged me tight and I could smell her nice breath. I don’t know what kind of smell it was; it didn’t seem like a chewing gum or a fruit candy. It was pleasant anyway. She entered my intimate zone and I started to feel nervous and confused. The lights of a photo camera on top of it all... I preferred to close my eyes.

The masseuse used long moves to caress my hands and legs while breathing loudly and deeply and I began to feel like sinking into myself and getting connected with her energetically. After a while Anička put my scarf off and continued massaging my naked body. A photographer understood her sign and turned away. At least I hope he did...

I started to perceive my body quite differently.

We moved on to a futon. She covered me again and the photographing continued. After a head massage during which she breathed into my ear and caused me get goose pimples and almost reach orgasm, there was stroking with furs and feathers and hot towel application on my forehead, neck, belly, underbelly and each leg separately up to my feet. I was quite uncovered and without a photographer who silently left the room by then. In a state of trance I was in I heard him saying goodbye.

Anička lightly opened my legs and massaged me further while she touched my crotch by the way and kept very close to me all the time so I could have contact with her body. I felt a complete intimate connection.

I felt ashamed for being nude only to start with and after a while the nerves were gone. I started to perceive myself only the way I was. I accepted my body as a natural part of me; as something belonging to me undeniably and needn’t feel ashamed of however I look and whatever complexes I bear as most of us women usually do. Then I felt hot oil from hands and breasts all the way down to my toes. I was still lying on my back. After a proper warming up Anička whispered in my ear to turn on my belly and massaged my back with oil too.

Unexpected orgasm

Following lava stone massage was quite strange. Anička was sliding the stones along my back, bottom and thighs. She had to move fast otherwise she´d burn my skin. I felt a lot of heat but no pain at all. When she got to lumbar area I felt a kind of shivering and strange vibrations. Maybe chakras were connecting or kundalini energy as she tried to explain at the beginning.

After that a masseuse massaged my intimate parts and whispered in my ear to turn round onto my back and I knew what´s going on but I obeyed her. I kept my legs closely tight together but Anička spread them apart tenderly. I felt hot and excited. I tried breathing deeply to relax as much as I could.

Anička gradually touched the most intimate parts including clitoris and G point but everything felt so natural and non-intrusive I completely gave in to her! And then it came and I suddenly reached a very strong orgasm! I felt ants-like shivering in my hands and a strong need to cuddle. I woke up from my confusion only when she massaged my head again.

Then she whispered I could take a shower, get dressed again, ring a bell and have a chat again. Sincerely, I could not get up for a while. I felt really good and tired at the same time. As I made myself stand up, my legs were shaking as if I just finished a marathon. I had to take a shower sitting down and my legs didn’t want to obey my commands. Anička and I talked for a few minutes about my feelings and I left to take a tram with my knees still shaking. I was thinking of my experience all the way home and had to get a glass of wine and a bloody beefsteak to get an appetite orgasm too. The feeling of inner bliss lasted for several days. Tantra massage is worth it!

Author: Bc. Michaela Vraná

Source: http://prozeny.blesk.cz/clanek/pro-zeny-laska-a-vztahy-sex/162899/blesk-cz-vyzkousel-tantrickou-masaz-az-k-orgasmu.html

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