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A modern woman

Tantra massage for woman

Being a successful woman today means having a beautiful body, nice nails, soft, smooth and tanned skin and of course brand clothing, high heels, original perfume and interesting jewellery. She ought to speak perfect English and understand another widely spoken language, preferably French. She travels a lot on business, goes to the seaside in summer, enjoys skiing in the Alps in winter and doesn’t miss exotic countries either. She excels in some sports activity, is well informed on the world news, visits theatre, dances and cooks including exotic food. And on top she is pretty classy in bed. She prefers sex at least twice a day on various places, likes oral sex, changes positions quickly and is multi-orgasmic. She has orgasm often and loudly so that her partner knows he is a good lover. In case she has children then she goes to maternity centre and to swimming courses to keep fit. Of course she handles household flawlessly. Her maternity leave does not last too long so that she manages her carrier. Her children should become self-sufficient as soon as possible, get used to society and go to creches early. An ideal bringing up is bilingual and includes many hobbies such as ballet, singing, playing piano or a modern pentathlon. If a woman wants her child to grow up to a perspective individual, the process has to start early. And while doing all that the woman has to smile constantly, look self-confident and balanced. She can only complain once in a blue moon in a company of a similar friend also well looked after and over a bottle of quality wine.

Modern woman and tantra

One day she learns from her friend that tantra is now in. She remembers reading ELLE ten tips and tricks on how to be a fine lover and thinks she could really refresh her repertoire as her partner might be undergoing a middle age crisis and leave her alone, which scares her. She simple has to be IN. Now she´s a bit short of money because facial treatments and brand clothing for kids are costly, but luckily her cool friend buys her a voucher for a tantra massage and hands it to her in a pink envelope with a conspiratorial wink saying she expects her to report about it later.

A woman comes to a tantra centre wishing she becomes a better lover and her husband therefore a more satisfied partner. A stereotype crept into their relationship already and she has been getting quite tired lately. Although she eats minerals and vitamins daily, regularly meditates and exercises power yoga, life is getting down on her. She fears her husband finds another younger woman if she is not IN anymore. Lately she also has been forcing herself into sex. And moreover tantra is modern so she is supposed to maintain in a picture.

Modern woman and herself

Massage with caress

A tantra masseuse explains how the massage works. She talks about intimacy, trust and mutual connection. They agree on a sign if her bodily limits are crossed to stop or interrupt the massage. She advices her not to think of anything and just live in the moment, sink in and let the tenderness surround her. She should let all feelings surface without any filtering and be herself. She is with herself and within herself. She understands the meaning of the words and feels as if she was a child again; before all the social requirements were put on her. She can experience whatever she likes; whatever happens is all right.

She forgets why she came round and looks into the masseuse´s eyes feeling the warmth around her body. Her figure is not perfect but just natural. There is a lot of life and energy in her. She feels kind of excited and eager expectations.

A session of tantra massage begins. A masseuse approaches her with the sound of temple music; she puts her hands over her head as if taking the heavy weight off her body with long moves. Gradually she hugs her and cradles in her arms, caresses and massages her tight feet, head and neck muscles putting hot towels on her body. She puts rose oil on her breasts, caresses her bottom and thighs. There is no hurry. She plays with every piece of her body as if respecting it in a religious way. The same with hips, hands, face and intimate places. She enters her sacred temple respectfully and her touching heals. She has to do nothing at all and the feeling is liberating. She relaxes, the touching is all so pleasant ... In a while there is an endless pleasure through her body. She cries and laughs… She finds out her masseuse is holding her and caresses her cheeks and hands. How does she feel? She wants to cry out she never experienced anything alike. She finally feels like a woman. She is sensual and beautiful goddess but cannot speak so just holds the masseuse´s hand tightly.

A masseuse prepares a bath for her with flowers and essential oils. She encourages her to relax, meditate and let everything go. A woman enters the bath and every cell of her body feels alive. She feels a lovely water temperature, smell of jasmine, taste of orange. She is lying with her eyes closed and all she has to do is to be herself. She hesitates whether to laugh or cry; her feelings are kind of mixed. She has always been pursuing something but it was all here. Just to touch and take it.

A wild woman

The first thing she does is buying comfortable clothes. She is sick of all the heels. She calls in and takes a week off; she cannot attend a meeting as she´s busy. She spends the second day just relaxing with a good book. Has it really been so long she read anything good? Four years? She feels amazing as she greets her husband with no make-up on dressed just in a shirt. She takes his suit and a tie off… She is in a mood to make love but in her way with a long foreplay and slowly. She wants to feel her husband and enjoy to bits. She hears his saying: You have changed. He cannot believe it and hugs her.

Tantra massage for two

She would like him to enjoy it with her; get connected the same way as never before, not just physically but also mentally. Same way she felt with her masseuse. He is not a believer or spiritual person but feels that it is possible. They come to tantra centre together. He is looking around nervously, she smiles. This time she enjoys a tantra massage done by a man and chose a masseuse for him. She feels butterflies in her stomach and hopes he´ll like it. It seems that her masseur is a boyfriend of his masseuse. Her husband relaxes and feels no jealousy anymore; he smiles nervously and is visibly not in his skin. They talk on tantra relation and tantra as such for a long time. A masseur or a masseuse do not hurry anywhere, they give them enough time. Gradually the ices are broken and their first common tantra begins. The music is different this time; more energetic and shamanic. She closes her eyes and gets carried away with a rhythm. Touches of her masseur are different; firm, exciting and safe providing borders and loving hugs. When she lies on a futon after a while she winks at her husband. She sees he´s relaxed and almost in a trans. She smiles and only concentrates on herself floating away into relaxation. She wakes up by her screaming and her partner´s sighs. A masseur and a masseuse put their hands together and calmly leave the room. They make love passionately, wildly and naturally. There is no effort or target to reach. It is just here and now; the two of them in a rhythm of the drums. She feels tears dropping down her cheeks.

Few final words

Today when sexuality is still more distant from intimacy less men and women enjoy a real mystical connection. Sex becomes mechanical full of efforts, partners get estranged and seek new fulfilment in love affairs. The times when women can learn how to pretend orgasm from magazines, are kind of twisted and strange.

On contrary tantra massage is deeply therapeutic way of working with sexuality, intimacy and spirituality. It includes all human dimensions and connects him with his essence. It teaches to live authentically without pushing yourself anywhere and let go which is the path to a real connection with your own body and feelings and connecting with partner.

Tantra path is demanding because it requires a lot of patience that today people lack. A man cannot expect a miracle instantly. The essence of the path is based in purposelessness that was typical for all Zen masters. Yet the reward is permanent because as soon as a man sees Eden, there is no way to give it up again knowing the safe path.

Tantra massage is not self-saving on its own but it can influence life of many people in a major way. It is a life changing experience and all it requires from you is to be open.

Tantra massage is a part of wider teaching called tantra and often an entry gate towards it.

Written For Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. by: Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

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