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Tantra massage Deluxe Tantra massage Deluxe

Luxury Tantra massage offers plenty of time to really delve into the deep, transformational experience that helps to nourish and heal on both levels – physical and mental. Give in to the present moment and discover new possibilities of experiencing the excitement along with a feeling of connection of sexuality and spirituality. After Mutual attunement ritual, you can expect a relaxing body massage with hot towels to relax your muscles, pampering, tender massage with fur and feathers, followed by warm rose infused oil or sensual oriental oils, soothing massage with lava stones and last but not least - prolonged intimate massage of yoni and pelvic area, which takes you into a state of deep bliss. For longer massage (2.5 hours or more), you can also optionally extend your DeLuxe massage with new dimensions massage or bath.


175 euro / 120 min 260 euro / 210 min
210 euro / 150 min 300 euro / 4 hours
240 euro / 180 min 380 euro / 5 hours


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