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You may be surprised by this article. Only a few things can be more further from Tantra than ecology, but if you read more, you will find, that it is only for the first sight. Look behind the marketing strategies, which you are not interested in any more, look at the essence of things and get maximum for you and your body.

Focused on ecology

The main idea of ecology products is comeback to nature and environment protection. Nowadays, it may look only like a phrase for most of you, but there are companies, for which this approach is the main philosophy. Just like there is a boom of bio-foodstuff, an ecology cleaning and washing products are starting to gain ground. They are the same quality as common products, but have several advantages. They do not cause allergies, are gentle to our body and nature. Our skin is permanently in contact with clothes, which after washing in common laundry detergent stimulate the skin. We do not recognize it, but our body does. It loses its natural sensitivity and susceptibility, because it must adapt itself for aggressive environment. It is the same with fabric conditioners, soaps and dish powder. We take them daily to our hands, we put it to our dish or floor, on which we walk. Our body is in permanent contact with them.

The magic of detail

In Tantra massage, we are trying to get back to natural state of our being. We search and get over the borders of our excitement and open our body to new experiences. When we get once open by Tantra massage, we want to save this wonderful feeling as long as possible. So we cannot just get up, run out to the street and expect that it will come automatically. It is necessary to take care about ourselves. To palm our skin with natural shower gel with your favorite smell (beautiful is rose, ylang-ylang or goat milk) during the morning shower, to dry up with the quality towel, to wrap up to soft, scented clothes, which gentle smell you will feel during the long day in the city and with the parcel of good, healthy and fancy food get out to the streets, maybe for work-out or to work or to get spoiled in massage centre.

Tantra massage is not only beautiful experience. It is a philosophy of accepting your body, philosophy of discovering and knowledgeable creating of your life. We may find the magic of Tantra massage in details. Masseuse or masseur discovers each part of your body. They stroke and spoil you with affectionate attention and lead you to the edge of passion. They feel your every breath. Should not be the food which you eat and things which you are surrounded by in the same center of your attention?

Try for only one day to observe, whether the things you buy fulfill demanding conditions of your body. Read the composition of the food on the labels and look to your shopping basket through the microscope. It does not have required quality? It is not good enough for your body? Throw it away.

Pamper yourself and your body will return it to you. You will not only change things, which you put into yourself and which you are surrounded by. The change of your thinking will gradually reform also your approach to yourself. In a while, you will not settle for your unsatisfactory sexual life, but you will feel, that you want more. It will be your body, who will tell it to you.

Discontent of people comes often from the fact, that they stop occupy themselves with the details of their life. We release our desires and dreams, but we wonder where our joy got lost. We just take, what is accessible. Tantra teaches us to want more, leads us to get back to details and because it is Tantra (sexual-spiritual art) it brings diversity mostly to our sexuality. But if we go further, we can promote it to life philosophy, so it will not be only single-shot experience, but something, what enrich you for longer time.

Comfort of your home

You may be discouraged from this care by the insufficient line of big hypermarkets. Despite of that, you do not need to search the most of Bio or Eco products in specialized shops, but you can buy it from the comfort of your home, through internet. Heavy washing powders will be brought by the courier to your home. If I would write the advertising lobby, there would not be missing the sentence “let´s make things easy”?. However, this article was inspired by my own experiences after a long experiment process. It is only up to you, whether you will get inspired by that!

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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