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Tantra massage - meditation

A massage is one of the most pleasant and natural ways of bodily contact amongst people. It can relax you, calm you down and get rid of all the tension and stress of the working week. After a well done massage you can feel reborn. Nowadays hasty tempo is not very in favor of quality massages. A common massage parlor presents you a body cut into pieces usually back, neck, legs and hands; each one with a set price and time. Yet our body creates a total and if we are to relax during the massage, we certainly need more time to connect all our body. What is also important is tantra masseur or masseuse attitude. According to tantra teaching on energies feelings of the giver are transferred onto the receiver and so not only feelings but overall attitude is shared.

Tantra attitude is based on a full acceptance of what a man really is. Tantra perceives each man or a woman as a unique being; as an impersonation of the god Šiva or goddess Šakti. A man is perfect just the way he/she is. Tantra welcomes everything that happens in presence and does not push any further. It simply lets things flow. Only then a space for new experience opens up. When we feel no need to do anything, no pushing then comes a complete acceptance and safety of borders, that tantra massage gets by its ritual form. Then we can experience something new and different from whatever we have known so far.

What is a tantra massage really about?

There are a number of tantra massage techniques. Some originate in tantra only, other have Taoist tradition or try to connect various elements and traditions. A personality, attitude and knowledge of the massage giver matters much. Tantra massage I teach and practice myself connects elements of ancient tantra Tao techniques and a classical massage. It is a tender and sensual ritual supporting energy flow and fills the whole body with love and excitement. Loving and healing touches of a masseur or a masseuse help you to become complete and reach a loving self-acceptance of your body and excitement. A part of tantra massage is also a massage of joni and lingam, various types of touches from the tenderest to quite dynamic ones and it includes your head and ears, washing with hot towels, using special essential oils, smells and natural oils along with a sound of pleasant music. Thanks to tantra massage a human being can enjoy a whole body orgasm as a deep and fulfilling experience.

Tantra massage is free of love making or any erotic exchange. During a common sexual encounter we are used to caring about the well being of our partner but then we actually do two things at once and cannot sink deep into your own enjoyment. During tantra massage anyone can fully live the present moment and stop caring about anything else or sharing. That actually allows for a deep meditation.

Tantra massage - eye contact

Working with energy

Tantra massage also includes a conscious working with energy. Tantra teaches a man has seven main energy centres called chakras. Those places correspond to various levels of our life; on the primitive level of sexuality up to the highly spiritual level. During tantra massage sexuality connects with the heart and spirituality so that our sexuality is experienced not separately in the genitals but with our heart and spirit as well. Only then we can enjoy the feeling of completeness. We use body therapy, breathing and intention techniques done by a masseur or a masseuse but some techniques can be learned and practice at home to increase the experience.

What is the difference between a tantra massage and erotic massage?

The main difference is in the overall enjoyment. Tantra massage includes a real acceptance of sexuality and sacredness. In tantra sexuality is the means to self-healing and discovering new life and relationship dimensions. All that happens through touching, talking, acceptance and feeling. An important part of tantra massage praxis is a spiritual hygiene of the masseur or a masseuse. During the massage there is a energy exchange between a giver and a receiver and the practicing masseur or masseuse have to consider how many massages they can actually give per week so that the ritual doesn’t become a business. Tantra massage is primarily a beautiful and sacred act; on a symbolical level it is a service to god or goddess and that mission has to be preserved all the time.

Erotic massage works on the level of body and sensuality. There is no spiritual framework of much importance. What matters most are the motives of the masseuse and the fact she enjoys the massage or it is just a form of making living. That certainly reflects into the quality of massage and clients enjoyment. Another issue is a high number of clients as an erotic massage can easily become just sex for money or prostitution. In this case there is no tantra at all. The givers are often totally disconnected from their bodies. This kind of mechanism called dissociation allows giving your body to the customer as if you weren’t actually present in the moment at all. On the contrary tantra really cares for living the present moment and integration of all feelings and enjoyments.

Tantra massage effects

What you get in tantra massage is apart from immediate effect on your body and mind also an experience of what your sexuality could become. You can transform the experience into your own sexual life as a principle based on which you can start mutually discovering your partner. The massage also positively influences premature ejaculation, erection issues, stress accumulation and overall body tension due to overworking. It help to connect with your body and become whole again.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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