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„It was almost a kind of a mysterious experience. Accidentally a tantra course offer caught my curious attention. I had to make a decision even on the same day as another similar course was opening more than half a year later. I had little time to think about that and knew I am in for it. A sympathetic young man came to pick me up and on our way to Křivoklát kept explaining all about tantra. I remember he said: Remember this moment well as nothing will be the same in your life ever again.

I arrived full of expectations and truly the first tantra course was completely capturing. I got in a group of people who all desired to explore themselves and believed that life is not just about work and family but there is more to it,“ remembers the founder of the Integrity Centre, a tantra lecturer and an author of the Inner wave technique, Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová.

What was most interesting for you?

I was fascinated by people taking off all their masks. Suddenly it was clear who they actually are; no more lawyers, neither programmers nor accountants. They were just for themselves, ordinary people singing, dancing and playing games. It was nice to observe that even around 40 years olds ceased to feel uptight and just played as little kids; the way we would discover the world and used to be enthusiastic about it. I feel that is the quality we lose through life. And tantra is all about a man rediscovering his playful and spontaneous self.

And you found it within?

I believe I did. The first course initiated a process. Then I joined another one and after that came a long-term tantra training done in a closed group where people explore themselves. For me it brought a great feeling of liberation and getting closer to my inner self.

How was the idea of founding Centrum Tantra massage Prague Ltd. born?

Before I discovered tantra, well actually in a period between secondary and high school, I took a requalification massage course. I liked massaging and touching people. But I kept thinking about improvements and doing the whole thing differently. At that time common practise in the Czech Republic was to offer you a back, neck or foot massage. I certainly didn’t want to work that way. During my fist massage practice I offered massages where a man could define his troubles and pains and I started working with those issues. I included smelly oils and music in the massage; I felt overall atmosphere was very important.

That must be quite physically demanding.

Not at all. You need to apply a certain technique and work with your own body and its own weight. If you learn how to use your body it is no hard work anymore. You simply need to relax into it.

I always felt more demanding that anyone would come and say: I got half an hour for a back and neck massage. I much preferred having three people a day and working two hours with each of them. I would take a nice break in between clients. I believe a human body needs to relax complexly and that surely lasts more than half an hour.

Are tantra massages tempting for people now?

I believe the interest has been gradually growing. I started working as an independent masseuse and developed my technique. There was a huge interest and I could not manage all the clients so I decided to teach several tantra masseuses. I chose four women I found interesting and taught them my own technique. First we worked shifts in a small massage room and after half a year I decided to launch my own tantra massage centre. We spent two years in a small room of 42 m2 in Žižkov, which was just temporary but nice and full of experience. Now in July 2011 I fulfilled my dream about a tantra temple. We are opening a real tantra centre with a sauna and herbal bath with an overall area of 180 m2 and in future we plan to expand it for seminars and teaching courses. I wish to create an atmosphere of a tantra temple where you enjoy not only massages, but statues, pictures or books. You simply enter another dimension!

What potential do tantra masseuses have?

For me a mature character is most important. Tantra is also about the need to open up, talk about sexuality and relaxation. Some people are very uptight, in respect of excitement or accepting tenderness. Tantra massages should help opening up and giving something out hence expanding perception. Our masseuses work with all those aspects while they need to explore themselves to be able to experiment and enjoy the pleasures they offer our clients as well.

A masseuse has to be energetic and has her own dynamics because tantra massage is about awaking a person. It is about the sparkle a masseuse ought to help lighting up within; it is up to a client if that works and changes his or her life or continues with the previous way. I believe for many people a tantra massage is kind of milestone.

How is it different?

Probably it is a different attitude towards sexuality. The whole Western society is oriented on achieving results and us being efficient and effective. Yet sexuality needs completely the opposite; relaxing, go with a flow and not think about satisfying a partner or yourself. That is what people often seek in tantra as such. They feel that sexuality is deeper and more interesting. During tantra massage a man ought to let go of any expectations and relax in the moment – now and here. Tantra is experiencing a boom all over Europe and it is interesting to us. It creates a kind of anti-pole to the way we commonly live. The society forces us to perform and we cannot life a double life.

You developed a new approach in tantra massage – where do you seek inspiration?

I resourced from tantra group most. The basics are not the technique but attitude towards people, observing and listening to other people´s stories.

You got to give out a lot of energy during practical massage – how do you regain it back?

I started singing and last year I became a student of an acting school. I still learn something new and keep working on myself. That is my way to recharge. Singing and acting are just hobbies for joy. I like it that way and recommend the same to my masseuses, who work for me four days a week. They need to live their own lives, paint, sing and go to theatre. They need to keep balanced and interesting to be interesting and resourceful for others.

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