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Past forty years brought many changes regarding quality of people’s sex life. It promised a personal independency, prosperity and more variable and sophisticated sex. More or less everything is covered and informed on through mass media and through traveling we can learn a lot more than our grandparents ever could. Along with the personal growth books and seminars and quality tutors in the field we also know more about ourselves. We admit our bodies need a lot of care, starting with healthy diet and ending with ban on smoking and alcohol that damage us.

Yet modern time requirements make us pay a tax that in comparison with previous generations is a lot harder. Accentuating a carrier growth, attaining material security, expressive individualism and other modern factors are time consuming as well as decreasing our chances to sustain long term relationships.

A relationship between two people usually begins with a burning passion that comes with physical symptoms such as week knees, increased heart rate and butterflies in stomach due to which we sleep less and feel better. People in love shine it out. Excitement is quick and easy and both partners also feel they want to make love all the time. A breakthrough comes when the initial falling in love is over. A stereotype slowly creeps into sex and it become more rare; there is an increasing tension and arguments, a natural energy flow is disappearing and the relationship looses its potential of being a source of pleasant and fulfilling feelings. We begin considering if we would feel better with someone else. We long to feel those ecstatic feelings of connection and inner fulfillment again. The fact we could enjoy those with our current partner again does not occur to us. Let’s have a closer look at the issue.

In the western world we grew up in, sex talk was mostly done behind our parents backs. Sexual education, if there even was any, stressed out an existence of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact a woman can get pregnant through an intercourse so it is advisable to use condoms and hormonal contraceptives. Contrary to common beliefs, films and novels, we really are not very good at relationships or sex. We are labeled with a value system since our childhood in the words of „don’t touch yourself“, „that is bad“ etc. that left much guilt and fear deep within ourselves. Therefore many of us cannot celebrate own sexuality or enjoy sex with another person. As a result many pairs get lost on their way to the core of total ecstasy, pleasure and joy.

Sexual needs and urges are totally natural so what can we do about it? As we grow up and become teenagers we usually haven’t got a clue what is happening with us; our bodies are changing quickly and a strange kind of energy flows through. Infected by social prejudice we masturbate secretly and without enjoying the energy flow that gets hidden deeper into our cells with the experienced guilt. Try to imagine how a teenage knowledge implemented into your own sex life.

Formerly there was more sex in the cinemas audience than on screen. Our fathers and granddads used to advise their sons to „chase a boar through beech wood“, while with girls it was presumed they remain virgins until wedding. Wouldn’t you wonder with whom the boys were supposed to do it? It is illogical but certainly a part of our education. And then you began a relationship and all the energy hidden all those years can suddenly easily and painlessly flow. As if you has a twenty years old tape recording and try playing it out again. What happens? The flow gets stuck, it is dark and dirty and it takes ages for it to become fluent and smooth.

There are million things that can go wrong in sex. An orgasm like a volcano can loose its power; a man wants too much too fast, while a woman longs for tenderness and understanding. No wonder a marriage looses all passion that started it over the years and often sexual drive of a woman disappears. And why? Because sex becomes boring, generally more likely for women than men.

It is obvious that in respect of high divorce rate in Western countries a new radical solution to partnership and their sex life is necessary. We need a way to keep love and passion all through our being. For many tantra becomes the solution. We heard of it, we read about it and possibly sought a teacher that shares our philosophy and teaches us what we actually desire. Analogically tantra is like going to school all life. We begin at kindergarten, then go to elementary school, most of us gets a school leaving certificate and a minor part of us continues to university, where only few get a PhD degree. Tantra also offers many levels of understanding and requires many years before achieving mastership. It requires training. It is as if you become an artist of its kind, you got to train for years to obtain all the skills and get quite satisfied with the results.

A certain survey states that most human couples make love the same way after twenty years of cohabitation as at the beginning of their relationship. Nothing changes. It is sad many people claim they don’t want to learn more about sex. When they keep doing it for so many years, what could be that challenging? Sex is mainly about genitals while tantra is about intimacy and that is what women want. There is a strange kind of closeness and understanding deeper than sex, with your heart and on deeply spiritual level. Of course as soon as the connection is done passion and excitement follows. In tantra we say you can be tired to make love but never to love as such. As soon as intimacy gets lost and sex is just a genital connection, especially women get unsatisfied on the basic level. With tantra a unity and joy comes to life with your loving counterpart. Tantra is an ancient art that changes sexual and spiritual life and its connection sacrifices sex life. Tantra is sometimes called the missing part of the puzzle many of us keep seeking for. Tantra connection is sacred; we mentally, spiritually and energetically bless each other. It changes the base of sexual experience and brings spiritual aspect into our daily life. Making love is transformed into love mediation.

There are many tantra forms. Two basic ones have Tao and Buddhist roots. Taoism of the ancient China looked at sex as a mean to enlightment which allowed proper utilizing all sexual needs. In the tenth century a Japanese physician worked out a bed monography for Japanese rulers that were supposed to harmonically regulate their sex life. He based it around ancient Taoism. The text was written long before the Western civilization knew anything about sexology at all. Taoistic tantra uses expression such as „cranes with tressed necks“ and talks about ways of love making in detail such as „six tender moves right and two strong ones left”. Hindu method is less interesting regarding amount and frequency of sexual act but focuses on power of your heart to create intimacy. The origins are in esoteric Hindu books that are over two thousand years old describing certain disciplines and mediations. They refer to Shiva, an energetic power that flows through everything, and Shakti, female creative power.

Tantra has its own language originating in Sanskrit. A partner is the loved one; a penis is called lingam or the light; a vagina is yoni or a sacred space. Making love begins with looking in the eyes and connection with your hearts. It is indeed the opposite of common sex. Tantra does not care for moving until it is over but staying in the moment and feeling the vibrations in your own body and enjoying energies through chakras. A liberated energy from your genitals goes into your heart and crown chakra and making love and orgasm becomes quite different and more experiential. It is the moving power or a relationship and it allows women access to depth of their femininity and Shakti powers and for men it gives them access to power and health that is deep inside everyone so the couple becomes a sexual connection of a total made of intimacy and heart connection.

Tantra open the way to a new level of communication and allows for a deep healing of psychic blocks and physical issues. Tantra works best for the couples that together get deeper into life and relationship. Sanctity of sex cannot be found by no stranger but yourselves. To create intimacy amongst two people who love each other is a difficult task that requires trust within yourself as well as towards a partner to which you give your body in the name of ecstasy tantra can bring. It creates a relation that is heaven on earth that is something very much needed in this world.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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