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Tantra is an ancient philosophical stream and practical art of satisfied life. It brings us a new and in the West unusual view of relations, sexuality and partnership life. Our relations are often controlled by stereotypes coming from our parents and bound by Christian dogmas over centuries. Lately tantra has been enjoying a renaissance because people are no happier in their relations and seek paradigms that would bring them closer to human nature.

Our tantra counselling is created for everyone seeking new inspiration in problem solving in personal and partner life. We welcome any questions regarding the area of sexuality and physicality. Your questions are answered by a therapist and tantra lecturer, Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

What can you recommend to couples where one of the partners has issues with touching and petting (does not like them much) and the couple would like to improve in the area? Can tantra help too?

If one of the partners loves long petting and mutual touching while the other is not into it much, the couple has a real issue that can eventually lead to breaking up. Both partners should seek a solution where they both are happy. It is possible to work with less tenderness and touching; it is a natural part of relationship and it lets us feel a partner loves us and we are attractive and desirable. Continual touching builds up sexual tension, strengthens intimacy and cohesion. Petting during foreplay is often a necessary precursor to a female orgasm. Insufficient attention towards touching a partner can originate in childhood where we missed much touching hence later created a defensive crust beyond which we don’t let even our partner. A solution for such partners can be individual and therapeutic course of tantra massage where partners learn how to touch each other and seek for mutually pleasant touching. In more advanced phase they search touching that causes a partner satisfaction and erotic pleasure. A lecturer comes out of the requirements and dynamics of a concrete couple during the course. Partners learn not only the art of touching but also techniques of working with energy, for example harmonising breaths and connecting on energy level. During this course there are often unresolved conflicts between partners or unspoken desires or needs that are very beneficial for the couple. In this case a lecturer can help the couple work with the issue and move forward. A therapeutic course of tantra massage can also revive passion in relationship and help healing some old wounds that prevented each other from touching.

Recently we tried anal sex with my partner. He was excited but for me the whole act was unpleasant and even painful. My partner is persuading me to give it a chance but I am scared. What shall we do?

Tantra teaches us respect and sensitivity forwards our body. Experimenting is desirable but we should never go beyond the limit of pain or what we perceive as humiliating. If you have no psychological issue with anal sex, then I recommend a careful experimenting such as tender massage of bottom and anus or using various toys in the moment you are highly excited. The muscles around anus need to relax first. When you see the touching is pleasant you will know the moment to try out anal sex again. Remain patient and rather hold on for a moment. A sufficient lubrication is essential with a silicon lubricant as well as slow and sensitive approach from your partner. Also tantra massage with a “new dimension” part could also help you sensitively relax the area.

I am 32 and have been married for 6 years already. Lately I have desired a sex with another man. I have never been unfaithful to my husband. Should I find a lover?

To desire another man can indicate something is missing in your relationship. It can be “just” physical touching, but the issue can be also more profound. Think about whether you still love your partner and if you are getting what you desire from him. Sometimes the issue is just communication; you might be afraid to tell your partner your wishes as you expect to be refused. But if you really desire touching by another man you can suggest a common tantra massage for a start. Tantra massage offers safe borders where you can enjoy exciting touches of another man or a woman without trespassing the given framework and intimacy of the couple remains untouched. Tantra massage open communication on mutual needs and often fires a new flame because your partner perceives you attractive and desirable through touching of another man you enjoy. Tantra teaches us it is natural to long for intimate touching from another people and offers a path that is unusual in our culture; a completely open and intimate communication between partners. At the moment you share your desires and experiences you strengthen the bond between yourselves. Tantra couples often share intimate moments with other tantra couples; mostly without sexual exchange of partners but coming from the need of petting, caressing, contact and closeness. When this is allowed in a relationship, there is no jealousy and instead a deep trust and a feeling of complete acceptance by our partner. Infidelity breaks any intimacy and brings partners apart.

I would like to ask how to satisfy a woman best and increase your partner´s sex drive?

Kvery woman is different and therefore there is no universal recipe how to satisfy a woman. Generally speaking a woman needs to enjoy intimacy and a feeling of mutual closeness to feel like making love. It is important to stroke and pet her continuously, give her a hug, a passionate kiss on a neck during the day... All these things build up erotic tension that transforms into desire to make love. Some women are more submissive and they get excited if you act dominantly and authoritatively; others prefer being dominant themselves. Tantra teaches playfulness and experimenting hence I recommend to try various approaches to see how your partner reacts. Do not rush and play around. Most women don’t like a man getting straight down to the point too fast. Excitement builds up more slowly and they like enjoying it longer. If you want to devote more attention to touching, give your partner a tantra massage from a man or a woman and agree you will be present at the ritual or even help a masseur or a masseuse. Tantra masseurs and masseuses have been dealing with the art of touching for many yours and you can learn a lot from them. Also individual course of tantra massage is beneficial, where you can focus on the themes you are most interested in.

My sister suffers from lack of self-confidence and is very ashamed. Do you think a tantra massage could help her somehow?

Tantra massage makes a woman feel what it really is to be a woman. She learns to accept her body and get more attentive to what it offers. It allows her to enjoy herself as a beautiful goddess worthy of love and respect. Self-acceptance is healing to lack of self-confidence and shame, so I think tantra massage can definitely help your sister. Still it is very important to move on slowly and sensitively so that your sister does not close up and withdraw inside her. Tantra teaches us to approach our body with respect and accept what it allows us; there is no pressure to go beyond limits but to relax gradually and get rid of psychological blocks. At the same time it matters the receiver can enjoy the massage „without any purpose; only then the massage is truly healing. It is better your sister comes to the massage more than one time. The first one should be shorter, only introductory massage; gradually there will be more time and intimacy involved. A woman is more appropriate and safer guide for her at the beginning. If the masseuse will suit your sister, I recommend she makes her a permanent guide because tantra massage is specific for it is an encounter of two concrete people, where one is a guide and the other is being led. The more trust the more your sister will be able to open and get maximum healing benefits offered.

Would you recommend tantra massage after birth-giving? If so, then why?

Men often complain about lack of sex after a child is born. Partially due to much tiredness of a woman and constant care for the enfant; also a woman concentrates on the new member of family and puts herself behind becoming a full-time mother and stops perceiving her female part. It would be sad to give up on sex life after becoming a mother. Tantra massage relaxes your body and lets you forget all worries and enjoy the feeling someone cares for you again. Smelly aromas, hot towels and tender care can help you feel like a woman and a lover. Satisfied women are much better mothers then stressed your and frustrated ones who don’t find time to care for themselves.

Ask your questions via email:m.torstenova@tantramasaze.com

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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