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Relations with others are our essential need from early childhood. A relation of a child and a parent determines its psychological development and issues it deals with in future. Quality relations give us the feeling of love, safety and coherence; they are a positive mirror reflecting who we are. They are a source of our basic self-confidence and life energy. Bad relations beat us down and frustrate us so that often we spend too much time trying to improve them. We read books, discuss them with our friends and sometimes seek various therapies… relations are our most essential need. During teen-age and later through maturing we put more and more energy into trying to find the right partner and have a relationship but when we finally manage what we wished for, almost half the population feels the urge to get out of it again. According to the statistics the other half of marriages are not better than the previously mentioned. Sexology research proves that half the marriages end up in divorce. Three quarters of women likes their husbands, but does not love them anymore. Three quarters of women also emotionally left their marriage and only stay there so called physically. Only 13 per cent of women still love their husbands even after two years of marriage. A modern marriage can be classified in several phases.

  • Phase of dreaming (lasts within two months)
  • Phase of disillusion (within two years)
  • Phase of desperation (within thirty years)
  • Phase of enlightment (after both partners stop accusing themselves and accept mutual responsibility)
  • Phase of mutual respect

Regardless of the validity of above mentioned statistic data in your environment, it is obvious that relations and marriage have their serious issues. We enter marriage as a magic relation that will last forever; then something happens and hurts us and we stay trapped in the relations as a lion in a cage licking our wounds from time to time to enter the stage with an interrupted stages of celibate and loneliness.

Relation is a kind of game with energy, where we try to connect into one. You can create fusion with energy or disintegration. During disintegration energy moves out from the centre and gets lost. Fusion directs energy towards unity. Because no one taught us how to treat our mutual relation and energy we often lose our own energy and suffer the same as our relation. It is obvious that men and women are different creations and some say we come from different planets to illustrate how large the differences actually are. Men have negative energy in their heart contrary to women. In relation women prefer romance and long for intimacy and sex is the fulfilment of all those values. For men romance is often acceptable just at the beginning of the relation and sex can be the beginning of everything. Therefore in time a woman can find out she is lacking what she desired. A certain woman has told me recently that she´s been fulfilled physically thousand times but not once on energy level. For most women that is exactly how they describe their feelings regarding sex and it is sad make loving without heart connecting. Sex becomes boring and women begin to avoid it with or without being conscious. They feel headache or tired. Men are frustrated and stop being interested in sex and relationship suffers. Who did you learnt from about sex? From the masters? Obviously not. Still if you want to learn and become an expert in a field it is necessary to ask someone who mastered a certain level. Unfortunately most of us have none such training or education hence we remain blinded, which is sadly not just a metaphor.

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Our education is suppressed already in teenage as we are ashamed to talk about sex being told it is not appropriate. Most people make love in a dark and with their eyes closed and any noise is not acceptable for them. Tantra is a deliberating ancient art changing sexual and spiritual life that can be connected and love making becomes a sacred temple. Tantra allows us to express all internal feelings in a natural way; it brings acceptance, understanding and harmony with own body. The body becomes an instrument of respecting the divinity that we can reach by connecting male and female powers; seeming anti poles that are in reality perfectly connected. In order a man starts learning tantra again, it is necessary to throw away everything known about sex and change the way of thinking about sex. It is necessary to open your mind to a completely new way of perceiving.

Tantra does not understand orgasm the goal of sex. It is one of the steps to ecstasy. Tantra teaches men to enjoy multi-orgasm without ejaculating. Just imagine men that can take you up to the heights of ecstasy without fearing they might ejaculate earlier than you enjoy yours? How often were you close to orgasm to feel it disappear again? Tantra teaches men that the key to female sexual energy lies in the heart and its connection is the beginning of any love making. Tantra also teaches that sex does not necessarily requite erection. Same as Michelangelo created his best art work with the softest brushes; we can similarly proceed in love making. Essence of tantra is complete mutual acceptance. A man you love is always worth your loving look and eye contact is the grounds of any tantra love making. There is no better start than sitting down looking into each other´s eyes and connecting your hearts and breath. That way female energy is awaken and starts flowing into sacred places. Tantra is a loving dance that is sometimes fast, other times slow; tender or even rougher. The most important part is breathing and breathing harmony due to which we get close and intimate. When energy settles you can start breathing in turns and it grows again. Tantra teaches men to become healers and women to respect their sexual Shakti powers. A man learns that in his hands and his lingam there is the power to heal even the deepest wounds of a woman´s past. That awareness is a huge honour and support for a man. They can give any pleasure and gain more for themselves at the same time. Both partners can understand the full power of their sexual energy. Tantra discovers vibrations of partners´ energy that can take them to a new unknown level of ecstasy.

Tantra heals relations bringing love and passion back. Both are happier and reflect the feeling into their whole life and their children. Due to tantra the relation get the depth it never had before and teaches both partners to combine sexuality with everyday love and mutuality. Men can make their women goddess and she awakes his intimate energy in the heart so that they create the perfect harmonic couple together.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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