Tantra and modern man’s needs

Tantra, an art originating in the ancient India, is almost thousand years old and still much sought for. What is its magic? Why is it that tempting for a modern man? And what does it actually offer? How should we approach the old tantra rituals if we have in a different religion? Can tantra be of importance for atheists, Christians and Buddhist?

Tantra and modern times

Modern times are fast, dynamic, highly demanding and ambitious; it wants a lot and also offers much in return. Sometimes a man gets lost in the flood of offers and possibilities. For example you can choose a flat and how to cover the windows from curious eyes of your neighbors. You can get window blinds, horizontal or vertical, metal or wooden, inner of external. Or do you prefer textile? There are fifty single color tones on offer or do you prefer patterns? Or not the blinds? How about a louver? Or curtains and drapery? Long or short? Or just a three-quarter ones?

And this is how it goes with pretty much everything. Travel agencies, insurance companies, high schools, self-growth courses provide tons and tons of information and options. A man has every right to get confused not knowing what he/she wants; maybe just a bit of calm and simplicity to realize where he/she stands amongst all the chaos. Sometimes it has to come; a man longs for something simple, clear, nearby and making sense; to actually express him or her self in the world.

What does tantra got to do with it? Tantra worships body and seeks for its connection with mind. So what could actually be closer than our own body? It gives us ability to understand where we stand and who we are. Our body as a walking symbol. Through illnesses it tells us it does not like the way we treat it; through our tastes it communicated what it needs; through our joy it shows us the path; through our hands it allows us to confine and caress someone; through our genitals it lets us connect with another person and enjoy almost mystical unity and closeness. Tantra improves our orientation in the world and ourselves. It respects individuality of each man and its task in the world and helps revealing it. It respects what a man experience and as a loving parent tells us we´ll be all right. It makes us aware of what you experience because it is You. And if anything gives you trouble, tantra seeks other paths and bridges towards others.

Need to touch

Tantra also teaches us to work with touching. A touch is something everyone needs and longs for but not all the touching we share is nice and pleasant. It might be for we are not sensitive to ourselves or cannot protect our own borders or simply because no one taught us yet. Touching is art as well that has been shared for example in form of massage for thousands of years. Tantra art includes more than just touching that we learn and apply. We can understand things that are pleasant and discover what makes us and others feel good and most importantly discover inspiration within ourselves. To become an original author of our touches for someone else. Tantra teaches us empathy and respect; to consciously touch each other to please and further bring joy and lust. But still it does not end here. Touching offers much more; to consciously work with energy and to heal. The only thing we need to learn to perceive soft signals, feelings, harmonizing and atmosphere. To accept and give in. To yourselves and the new things that are just being created; to give in to the present moment. Tantra teaches us not to fear anything unknown; to have courage to live in the moment and keep seeking. And that is what makes us alive and causes us much pleasure.

Notice what happens with your energy as soon as you get out of stereotype and do things differently. And smile for yourself because it heals and supports more positive things like that happening in your life.

Tantra and religion

The advantage of tantra is the fact it is useful to all and can be approached in many ways. As a believer, a man who seeks for spirituality in tantra as well as belief and who meditates his/her own fruitfulness above the alter of god Shiva; it can also be understood symbolically. The god of Shiva as a symbol of ancient manliness and Shakti as full and rich origins of femininity. And this way we can resource from tantra.

Tantra does not make you believe anything. It tells you to live, experiment and reflect your experience. And then you decide what you really enjoy!

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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