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Tantric massage for women

Tantra massage for women is quite a specific issue hence I decided to devote the article to answer questions and many dilemmas of women who decided to try it out or consider doing so. The most frequent question women deal with is for example whether to choose a male or female giver, what to expect, how to open up to enjoy the massage and whether they experience orgasm. So what is it women need from tantra massage?

Female soul and intimacy care

A woman is like a flower with many leaves protecting her centre. It develops and opens only under the right conditions. Enough sun, warmth and moisture. Similarly a woman needs the right conditions; intimacy is essential, a feeling she is not pushed anywhere and has enough time. The time after massage plays an important role too. She needs to know nothing stressing awaits her. Only that allows her to switch her head and thinking off and fully give into the present moment. If you want to enjoy your massage, devote enough time to preparation and planning. Allow yourself time before the massage and plan a calmer, more pleasant program that will please you and let your experience sink in. Body and soul both need time to realise how tantra massage changed them.

Sexual cycle of a woman

Coming up with an answer whether tantra massage brings you the orgasm you have been dreaming about for ages, is difficult. Women are quite different from men in the world of sexuality. While men are ready to get excited almost any time and mostly give into the feeling, a woman is a tougher issue. She is influenced by her mental state and intimacy needs, mutual sympathies and last but not least hormones. Indeed she is like a moon that waxes and wanes in turns. During some phases of her cycle a woman longs for orgasm and is ready for it; other times she needs firm hugs and cuddling or just to feel a man inside. Women usually don’t know which phase of her cycle they are in and finds out right during the sexual act. Accepting the above mentioned facts can help a woman stop pushing herself into feeling passion every time. Tantra massage is an analogy of love making in this respect. Give in to your bodily needs fully and let it guide you through the massage. Do whatever is pleasant and follow your inner impulses that lead you to deeper breath, pelvis relaxation and sighing. Anything is allowed! Don’t question anything you want to do. A masseur and or a masseuse accept you and respect totally. Not just what you look like but also what you do and feel. They help you relax physically and mentally. And then your body will show you what you feel. If your giver suits you fine then it is good to try a massage repeatedly with the same person to create a deeper trust that also allows you go deeper in your feelings.

Tantra massage from a woman to a woman

Tantra massage from a woman

A woman who decided to try out tantra massage asks herself a question whether to choose a woman or a man as a guide. She might have considered what it would be like if a woman would touch her in an erotic and sensual way. Many women have erotic fantasies or dreams about another woman; but only a few share that with anyone. Usually they fear such fantasies are a proof of their lesbian or bisexual orientation. Such direct conclusion is wrong though. A human soul is a complex organism where no linear explanations work. According to Jung´s psychology women and men have also male and female part of their psyche (soul) called animus and anima. The pre-images of femininity and masculinity were created by gathering experience with men and women throughout generations of individual families. They are our inner pictures of a woman and a man that we project onto our partners and search them in real world so that we can cope with them in one way or another. Female erotic fantasies about women usually are an expression of seeking a loving relationship towards their own femininity and a way of discovering their feminine sexuality. Therefore if you choose a woman as a giver for your tantra massage you probably experience a journey of discovering your own femininity, tenderness and acceptance.

Tantra massage from a man to a woman

Between men and women there is a natural erotic tension; the dynamics of sexual attractiveness and curiosity. If a woman has a bad or insensitive experience with men she can fear choosing a male giver. Tantra massage offers a healing experience; its framework is safe and has set limits. A man who gives the massage has a deep experience with women´s needs so a woman can experience a massage that will be truly healing for her sexuality and her perception of men. She can also enjoy seducing and eroticism in a safe environment and how it affects men knowing a man will never cross the limits of tantra massage. A new healing experience helps her to accept her body as it is and realise her sexual behaviour towards men and situations when everything is firmly in her own hands. A man offers sensitive hands and a firm, safe and hugging arms. He is glad to listen and understand your needs you can share without any shame.

How far can tantra massage go?

The limits of tantra massage are set ahead which helps keeping the framework and guarantees safety to the receiver. Tantra masseuse not masseur can overcome the limits of the massage. In the first phase of tantra massage the trust is built between a giver and a receiver; a woman as a receiver gets a feeling she can fully give in and get supported and the feeling can never be disturbed by for example a male giver thinking he wants more than a receiving woman he is massaging. A giver is a sensitive guide during the whole time of a massage leading a receiver through the intimacy of her own body.

Tantra massage has many levels and as your trust grows with a giver, the massage can develop as well. At the beginning it can take a form of body worshiping where your joni is the limit and a giver will not touch it more than lightly. So you will be getting used to sensual touches and a lot of loving care. You can then choose a massage including intimate massage and give into it and discover how long, rush less and sensitive touching all over you and wherever you feel like touching, is affecting you. Another step is a new dimension massage that focuses on bottom, relaxes the pelvis and awakens the first chakra energy. In combination with intimate joni massage it is usually a new and intense experience that totally overwhelms a person and gives tons of new energy still present for many days after the massage.

Tantra massage can be unbelievably erotic and deeply healing, often combining both characteristics. We hope this article helps you realise what you want to experience during tantra massage and which levels of tantra you wish to explore.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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