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What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is a combination of ancient tantra-tao techniques and classic massage. This gentle and luxurious ritual will stir your energy up and will fill all your body of excitement and gentleness. If you wish, massage of joni and lingam can be included. Thanks to tantra massage, you will not feel your orgasm only in genitals, but you will be able to extend it, as deep and rich feeling, to whole your body.

Our tantra massage:

Sensuous ritual

Sensuous ritual Sensuous, relaxing massage of body, recomended as first expirience with tantra massage or as gift.

Classical tantra massage

Classical tantra massageClassical tantra massage includes meeating ritual, using of hot towels..

Tantra massage DeLuxe

Tantra massage DeLuxeLuxurious massage - you can enjoy the best of tantra massage..

Luxury tantra massage for women

Luxury tantra massage for womenSensual, luxurious tantra massage designed especially for women..

Tantra massage for partners

Tantra massage for partnersYou can share the massage also with your partner...

Four hand tantra massage

Four hand tantra massageEnjoy experience of sophisticated harmony of Four hand tantra massage..

Tantra massage for men by men

Tantra massage for men by menProcess of tantra massage is governed by your energy and feelings: you can experience it like a gentle and sensual ritual, or like a massage with a firm masculine touch.

Massage of Prostate (for men)

Massage of Prostate (for men)Massage starts from outside, as a massage of the place between testicles and anal foramen..

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