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Individual programs
for personal development

Choose one of our individual study programmes and learn the magic of Tantra Massage to the level useful for you and on dates suitable for you. Individual programmess are intended for everyone who wants to learn at their own pace and who prefers not to adapt to other people. They are suitable for individuals, couples as well as small groups.


Do you like surprises,do you want to meet new people and do you enjoy the atmosphere of a group? Then this form of study is the best for you. Meeting new people provides new inspiration. Learn the magic of Tantra massage in a small group through a supportive and kind approach. The lessons take place on dates set by us.

Tantra massage
in professional practice

Do you want to become a professional Tantra massage therapist? We will teach you not only the art of true Tantra massage, but also how to aproach clients therapeutically or how to deal with difficult areas that arise if Tantra massage is your profession. For Tantra massage centre owners we provide Tantra massage courses for massage therapists from their cetre, including the option od a specialist´s supervision, courses for receptionists and all-inclusive suport for establishing a new centre.

School of Tantric Sex

Do you sometimes feel that your sexual life lacks the spark and brings no longed-for inner fulfiment? Do you miss the feeling od mutual closseness in lovemaking? Do you make love much less than you would like to? Do you dream of experiencing something unusual, but you don´t know what exactly? Forget everything you have ever heard about sex and discover the seacret od ancient Tantra techniques that will transfer your sexual life far beyond the boundaries of your current experience.

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About our school of Tantra

The school of traditional Tantra massage, Tantra Massage Prague, opened back in 2004. Since then, our courses have been attended by many happy clients including professional Tantra massage therapists as well as average men and women who wanted to learn to massage their partner and enrich their life with this wonderful, ancient art. Our teaching takes place in small groups (up to six people) exclusively so we can provide a truly individual approach and ensure the courses are of the highest quality.

Our lecturers have had a long Tantra training and several years of practice in the field of professional Tantra massage. Of course, they have extensive experience with teaching adults and a therapeutic approach to your feelings. Most of our lecturers are also professional therapists or they are going through therapeutic training. All of them speak fluent English.

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Professional guarantee

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

Michaela L.
Torstenová, BA, MBA

Psychotherapist, Tantra teacher and founder of the Tantra Massage Prague centre, more than nine years of massage experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. Read more




Lecturer of tantric massages and conscious experience. He has been involved in Tantra for many years and successfully leads group courses and individual programs. It focuses on the path of self-knowledge and pure tantra. Its strengths are gentle leadership, linking knowledge and an emphasis on self-development. Read more



A lecturer of Tantra massage courses and Tantra sex school, an experienced Tantra massage therapist and guide. Primarily, she provides lessons of Tantra massage for individuals and couples, but she also guides you through personal Tantra issues. Read more

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