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Nowadays prostate diseases are a matter of any men, not just older ones. The first sign of prostate hypertrophy is obvious under the microscope with even thirty years old men. Another stadium is a hypertrophy you can feel by touching. Sixty per cent of men beyond forty years of age suffer from prostate hypertrophy due to lack of awareness and care. And a half of men don’t feel any discomfort. But this is a completely abnormal state; there is no reason for prostate to fail at older age. On contrary it is normal to care about prostate to remain healthy. That is what tantra yoga for men is designed for as well as Tao exercise, herbs and prostate massage.

Prostate controls sexual like of a man. It is created by fifty minor glands and soft muscles. Prostate is closed up in a firm cover. It is found in a pelvis cavity under the urinary bladder around the urinary tube. You can imagine it as a nut sitting low in a pelvis floor on a perineum. Its main task is ejaculate production.

Ejaculate is a very important liquid containing many nutrients for the sperms and prostaglandins. Prostaglandins stimulate erection and relax the cervix so that the sperms can get to the uterus and a impregnate the woman. Imagine ejaculate as a live fusion due to which the sperms can survive in a hostile environment. A boy´s prostate develops already in the womb and at birth it weighs about five grams; an adult man has a prostate of twenty grams. In youth it is as big as a chestnut; in older age it gets bigger and sometimes up to the size of a peach!

Hypertrophic prostate - symptoms

What are the symptoms of a hypertrophic prostate? There are obvious in two areas; that is during urinating and love making.

Prostate hypertrophy slows down urine flow and later also keeping urine so an infection occurs and kidneys get damaged. The first signs of problems are weak urination, interrupted urine flow and urinating at night. It is caused by enlarged prostate supressing urine tube or irritation of bladder by its hypertrophy. Or it can even push the bladder from below causing a change of nervous regulation.

Other signs of beginning prostate problems we can see in a sexual life of men. As the prostate ages and its function decreases, erection, ejaculation or impotence issues can appear. Most issues are more or less triggered by weak or ill prostate.

We can easily diagnose ourselves by observing ejaculation and semen to find out if a prostate is ill and to what extent. There is no shame in doing that. Making love and sexuality is a part of life same as caring about our own health. Prostate influences ejaculation to a major extent. The first symptom of weakening is the fact the semen is not shot too far and cannot ensure impregnation of a female egg. Prostate is functional but weak and cannot contract as much anymore. Instead of usual fifteen contractions there are only two or three left. We can often observe it with men around forty years of age. It is a very sad condition indeed.

Another symptom of weakening is if the semen is less. A usual amount is about one spoonful. Thin semen is transparent and healthy semen is thick. Digesting problems cause thin semen too. Weak stomach or lien or pancreas, stress and weak penis function can be also causing the symptom. .

Healthy semen tastes of a B vitamin; it slightly smells of yeast and ought to taste a bit sweet. Too sweet or too salty semen is an abnormality (it is a sign of a venereal disease) or bitter (that is a sign of a body contaminated with toxins). If semen (or a vagina) really reeks of a dead fish, it means a liver is an issue; it does not replace the toxins from body and release them this way. Properly semen should shoot about a meter ahead (with young men almost two metres). If semen just shoots a bit or even drops it is necessary to think of your health; either a prostate is very ill or there is a malfunction of adrenal glands, kidneys and arthritis.


It is a further and more serious condition. Impotence means that a man is not able to reach or/and sustain erection mostly a due to a malfunction of prostate. Furthermore there can be mental stress and insufficiently long relaxation, typical for managers and also physical tension. If the prostate is not treated appropriately, a man loses any interest in sexuality and love making. Nowadays men about 35-45 years of age suffer from this issue. Western medicine prejudice leads to a conclusion men need to learn to accept it or use produce such as Viagra. Yet that is completely false presumption. There are many ways to treat impotence such as exercise, herbs, prostate massage, tantra yoga for men or traditional Tao exercise. An impotent man cannot be proud of himself as the condition strongly affects psyche and overall mental wellbeing. The way back to health is quite simple; regular care is most important! Temporary impotence can relate to kidney energy low levels. It is a very unpleasant situation because even a single negative experience with impotence can lead to the same thing happening again. A man worries about failing again and not fulfilling expectations of a “normal man”. The issue gets complicated with growing fear.

A man with a strong prostate reacts better to sexual stimulation, has a better erection and higher sexual desire. He is biologically younger than his real age. With a minor disease a prostate massage brings relief. But to actually start cancer, infection and hypertrophy prevention along with an overall stimulation we have to learn massaging prostate with fingers. A massage done by a partner is of course most desirable. It is advisable to get rid of any prejudice because a regular massage can not only highly increase sexual performance of a man but can protect his health and prevent prostate cancer.

Bio St. John´s wort oil is recommended to use for the massage. No other oils or vaselines currently on sale in drug stores are necessary. They usually contain residues such as acetone, carbolic acid, dibutyl phthalate, iron oxide, toluol and other additives. All those substances are carcinogenic. It is unpleasant that the intestine walls absorb very quickly and efficiently. Contaminating the substance in prostate can cause cancer. Therefore beware using other than cold pressed bio oils (St. John´s wort oil, sunflower and others). Prostate massage is healing the organ from inside; we can slowly enter the anus with a finger until you feel a soft structure of prostate and massage it very softly for about ten minutes. You should notice eventual changes. A hard and painful prostate can signify hypertrophy, disease or cancer and therefore it is necessary to seek urologist immediately. Ninety per cent of cases are harmless but the risk is not to be downgraded.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer today is sadly considered something obvious with men beyond the age of fifty. Men are usually ashamed to see a doctor and often the disease is diagnosed too late. The type of cancer is very aggressive and many cases are terminal. If the symptoms are taken in consideration early (usual one is a mild hypertrophy) a modern treatment can be successful. It really is mostly a matter of time. Not every kind of hypertrophy means cancer, but it ought to be checked. Also a starting cancer needs to have no symptoms at all. Yet we wish to deal with prevention of cancer which is a regular prostate massage at least twice a month. You also learn about the prostate structure and can find out about any little change shortly.

If the prostate causes you pain by touching, primarily you need to see urologist for examination for it can be caused by infection. You need to be careful as modern doctors can be trusted but also you should trust preventive processes of old Tao and tantra traditions. If you feel you ought to see a urologist, don’t hesitate not worry. You can simply make a direct appointment. The examination is not usually painful or demanding at all. The doctor asks you about your issues and gives you a special query. He takes a sample of urine and blood to diagnose any possible infections and examination of a prostatic specific antigen ( PSA). The antigen can successfully diagnose any prostate change. The examination is prostate is done by touching through anus and it is not painful either. You doctor can also give you ultrasound examination.

Stages of prostate malfunction

The following stages exist:

  • Weak contraction during ejaculation
  • Less ejaculate
  • Strange taste, smell or looks
  • Dripping semen
  • Impotence
  • Issues caused by hypertrophied prostate pushing bladder
  • Weak urine stream
  • Painful urination
  • Necessity to sit and wait prior to urination
  • Residue urine in bladder; shortly after urinating there is an urge to urinate again
  • Frequent urinating at night
  • Involuntary urine flow

Tantra yoga for men and prostate treatment

Exercise for men and basic tantra yoga for men is based on retraction and relaxing pelvis area. Retracting anus causes mild pressure same as a soft massage. During exercise prostate starts excreting hormones that are activated under mild pressure. Hormones of psychic euphoria, endorphins, get into bloodstream same as with endurance sports. During exercise a prostate can start twitching and a man experiences a small orgasm. Tantra yoga for men renews the spring of youth. It trains the muscles used during urinating, sustaining erection, training genital tissue in pelvis and gives it more blood and energy. It increases sexual potential and performance; a man can make love for indefinitely long time. After two months training of tantra yoga a man can achieve lower biological age that means he functions better than ten years ago due to strengthening and proper blood flow around prostate and reviving life energy.

Here are simple instructions for activation of pelvis floor and prostate; first of all you relax sitting on a chair and put both your hands on your scrotum. Then you inhale strongly through your nose, retract you floor inside and hold that for ten seconds while inhaling. Then slowly exhale by your mouth and relax pelvis area. Repeat twenty one times at first and then up to eighty times. You can do a similar exercise during love making, that is inhaling by your nose several times and the keep pelvis floor in. You are accumulating your life force back, strengthening erection and your partner will feel well too. Then you are able to make contractions and retracting pelvis floor just before ejaculation causes less loss of energy. Try it once and you get surprised.

There are many exercises in the topic; I learnt about many schools teaching various combinations under different names. There is a German school (Master Chian Zettnersan), Mantak Chia as a representative of American-Chinese branch, also tantra yoga for men that originates in Indian tradition taught by Luděk Schlosser in our country. After plenty of consultations with experts I found out the basis is the same; that is a pelvis floor contractions, various kinds of working with breathing and body positions. It all depends on your long-term study and practise. For a daily use all you really need is the simple instruction I gave you.

Prostate massage

Prostate health closely relates to the number of ejaculations of a man. In Europe we misinterpret how often an average man ought to ejaculate. We tend to think “the more the better”, we consider ourselves machos able to make all the positions. In Eastern countries it is the complete opposite and man take the frequency of their orgasms quite seriously. A man with a weak kidney can feel just like a squeezed lemon after sex and that is a considerably bad sign. There is a well-known pattern of how often a man should ejaculate; multiply his age by two and divide by ten. Accordingly a thirty year old man should ejaculate about every six days. Meanwhile he should make love, the more the better, but should not rush with orgasm but keep his energy. It is a major change in experiencing sexual energy that is also taught in pair tantra. A man stops hurrying and is not pushed to orgasm and can learn to enjoy inner orgasm. It is a big skill certainly worth studying; not only all your senses are sharper, the world is more colourful, you satisfy more often and thoroughly your partner but mainly it is beneficial to your health because you don’t waste energy contained in ejaculate. It is a highly concentrated energy meant for reproduction and it is produced for about six weeks. You may guess that if you were dependant on sex and masturbate several times a day, it can lead to the very edge of your physical and mental exhaustion (with exception of a short teenage period where such things happen frequently and are not as damaging as during your maturity).

Prostate massage can be looked upon from a totally medical perspective (that is how Tao path understands it). Or you can create a sensual ritual and discover pleasures of a man the way tantra teaches. Personally I understand it so that as soon as a prostate is healed (Tao) you can enter another dimension of pleasure (tantra). Prostate corresponds to the G point with females because the tissue is identical. Prostate stimulation has a deep and profoundly sensual orgasm with man like females do. At the same time by stimulation of penis and prostate a man can experience inner multi same as a woman. It is a transforming experience in male sexuality. You can learn a ritual when a man takes prostate stimulation as a part of foreplay with little attention to penis. First you need to slowly and carefully discover and then experiment with passion. Pay attention to your inner limits and do not go beyond them using any violence. It is more desirable to stimulate prostate in excited state and avoid painful experience and fully respect your partner.

Here is a ritual you can follow before you figure out your own.

  • A partner lies down into the pillows with his legs apart. A woman sits in between his legs.
  • She caresses pelvis area by bio oil properly.
  • A man gets gradually excited by a woman touching his penis.
  • A pressure in between ovaries and perineum is made; the place is called outer prostate or sacred point.
  • A man should now be highly excited.
  • If we don’t wish the man to ejaculate, we slightly pull his ovaries.
  • It is best to approach inner prostate massage when the man is highly excited.
  • A woman ought to have short and clean nails.
  • A man should inhale deeply and distribute energy throughout his body.
  • A woman can massage the outer area of perineum and through anus touch a prostate and massage it lightly.
  • A man can retract and relax pelvis floor during strong feelings and extract energy back into his body.
  • Breathing, relaxation and mutual tuning and trust of both partners are essential.

Diseases and issues in connection with prostate needn’t exist even in more senior age, there is no rule and the opposite is actually true. Prostate can be healthy until old age. It only fails without an appropriate care and attention. Modern people, who we all are, kind of avoid the issue as if it was something forbidden to talk about. Old Chinese masters, the masters of tantra and Tao tradition, well knew and preached about healthy prostate being a cause of sexual happiness of a man. And we know that the happiness is not just sexual but also physical and mental too.

Written by MD. Monika Sičová

MD. Monika Sičová is the founder of Tantric Yoga for women - Mohendžodáro.

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