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„Male G-point secret“

Prostate is one of the most important endocrines in a male body and it is sometimes called the male G-point. It is located inside the pelvis and its massage brings deep and intense feelings unknown to most men. Its regular massage helps healthy issues and is beneficial in case of acute problems. It is also recommended during irregular sexual life.

Prostate massage starts from outside as a massage of perineum, a place between the scrotum and anal and goes on to a direct massage through an anal hole. Naturally masseuses have a sensitive approach using tender massage oil or a lubricant.

The unique and deep massage awakens energy of the first chakra and the feelings of bliss and internal fulfilling. Prostate massage can be ordered with a classical or luxury tantra massage.

What is beneficial of prostate massage?

  • Brings deep, intense and undiscovered feelings.
  • Helps discover a new (accepting) sexuality side.
  • It has medically proven beneficial health effects (helps prevent prostate cancer, erection issues caused by hypertrophied prostate, and it heals haemorrhoids).
  • Interconnects energy of our first chakra with our goals and visions (more info on interview with a masseuse).

  • Tantric massage "Classic" + Massage of prostate, 105 min
    4250 CZK180 Eur

The massage can be ordered only in combination with another massage:

Classical tantra massage

30 EUR (massage is 15 minutes longer)

“Deluxe” tantra massage

FREE (on request – please let us know at ordering)

Classical tantra massage for couples

60 EUR (massage is 15 minutes longer)

Luxury tantra massage for couples

FREE (on request – please let us know at ordering)

Tip for unusual gift!

Gift voucher: Classical tantra massage with prostate massage

Classic tantra massage in combination with prostate massage is unforgettable gift for all men who want to enjoy an accepting role and give in to completely new feelings.

Prostate massage is included in tantra massages Deluxe on request.

Article Prostate massage, detailed description and hidden taboos you can read here. You find answers to frequent questions regarding prostate massage.

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