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Prostate is one of the most important endocrines in the male body. It is sometimes called male G-point and it is located inside the pelvis and its massage brings deep and intense sexual feelings unknown for most men. Its stimulation has also healing effects. It helps prevent prostate cancer and its hypertrophy and any relater erection issues. It brings men a deep physical and mental relaxation and ability to develop accepting roles. Despite all benefiting effect of the massage, only a few men have ever tried it. What are the taboos related to the prostate massage, how it works and why is it also difficult to ask you partner to do it for you? Read more below.

Prostate massage in detail

Prostate massage begins on the outside as a massage of a perineum (located between the scrotum and anus) and continues with a direct massage through anal hole using a soft massage oil or a lubricant. For hygienic reasons an elastic latex glove is used for the internal part of the massage. Prostate massage obviously does not happen quite on its own; a part of it is a sensual tantra full body massage during which the body relaxes perfectly and gets ready to accept more. During the massage there is an intimate and trustful atmosphere without any embarrassment or shame. Prostate massage should never be painful because the masseuse works carefully and slowly and gets the whole bottom and anus ready at the beginning. Only when the whole area is nicely relaxed the masseuse continues with a direct stimulation. Within „De Luxe“ tantra massage she uses hot lava stones especially for the bottom and lower back. Prostate massage is best received in a vertical position belly down but it can be also be a part of a massage more than one time, for example together with an intimate massage of lingam also in position on your back. Prostate massage is unique by the fact a masseuse takes on an active role and gives you the feeling you can fully rely on her hands and forget everything else. It is advisable to let your body lead the massage and express yourself orally if you like. For example there are individual cases of people preferring to get on their knees for a while or move their bottom.

Prostate massage and its taboos

A number of men is worried the fact they like prostate massage indicates they have homosexual tendencies. Actually the two fact do not have anything in common. As men are often a lot more dominant in sex, a prostate massage can be a way to switch the roles. Also men like the feelings from time to time to succumb to the woman who would do as she pleases. Such needs are completely legitimate and indeed indicate you are completely normal and enjoy different roles in your life!

For some men a prostate massage is their secret desire they are ashamed to share with their partner. The taboo is based on the feeling of dirtiness and worrying they would make their partner disgusted. Hence a hygiene is very important with the massage (a latex glove); usually no special preparation is needed unless your body operates in irregular purification rhythms. It is not recommended to eat food causing any gases. Another problem might be the fact your partner will not know how to do the massage practically. If you are new to prostate massage it is advised to try it first with an experienced woman for example as part of a tantra massage and then tell your partner in detail what you expect her to do. Being completely open is much recommended in this case!

If it doesn’t work the first time …

As with all the good things in life it sometimes happens that we are simply not prepared yet and our experience is quite what we expected. In response we often close up and are no more ready to try again. Subconsciously we try to prevent any more disappointment. A prostate massage is a highly sensitive issue and sometimes it happens that the first experience is not what it could have been. You can blame many fears and unconscious taboos and so it is necessary to learn to accept the massage properly. In some cases it works right from the start and in others small steps are needed to proceed to gain trust with your masseuse and get rid of any worries and give your body space to accept new feelings. If you persist a prostate massage becomes and ecstatic and deeply relaxing experience. Experiences of many men confirm that the windy road is definitely worth it. A good prostate massage is a healing way to accepting and deeply hidden parts in you.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

Prostate massage as an issue!

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