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In the studio:

Moderator: And we just laugh here telling ourselves we´re two cool fifty-year-olds. I had my share and Jirka did too.

Jiří X. Doležal: Laughing.

Moderator: Of course we got Jiří X. Doležal here because it today it´s Thursday and he´s got a super coverage for us with a super guest; and a very visually interesting on. Jirka, where did you shoot the coverage? Actually, what´s it all about?

Jiří X. Doležal: This time I stayed away from flogging social vices and because it is spring we shot a report on something pleasant and nice that is tantra.

Moderator: Ou jéééé, I am going to like that!

Jiří X. Doležal: And our invitation accepted Anna, a tantra masseuse, who will now tell you, if tantra is a psychotherapy or religion. And before all that you will see a coverage right from a tantra centre.

Moderator: So I will stop lazing about here because we have here the top of today´s program; coverage on tantra massage and a beautiful Anna.


Jiří X. Doležal: It is spring and people get instinctive. So we also set off to a tantra parlour to find out what tantra and tantra massage are all about.

Doc. PhDr. Z. Vojtíšek: Tantra is a spiritual way of contemporary religiousness and I got to admit probably one of the most popular ones together with shamanism; that is very popular indeed. An old Indian teaching came to our modern age that made it more European which was quite easy. Tantra talks about power a lot, about Shakti, overcoming dualism also through sex and energy. And that is actually the power so the transition from an Indian tradition was pretty smooth.

Igor Samotný: It is a kind of gestalt system work with a human, when intimate touching along with emotional techniques are used, and also tantra and intimate massages. So we work with the overall human being.

Jiří X. Doležal: So how did you think of founding a tantra centre in an unspiritualised Prague?

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: Firstly, I disagree with Prague being unspiritualised. According to surveys most Praguers don’t belong to a specific religion but the necessity of spirituality, or unity, a transformation or a deeper meaning is well rooted in all of us no matter if you´re Praguer, Spaniard or Chinese. The need is wide-spectral so I think that is the reason tantra is successful in Prague as it responds to a deeper human desire.

Ondřej Havel: I feel lucky to have a great woman and my future wife at home who came to me one day suggesting trying tantra. Well and we found out that there is something to it and I began to be interested, reading literature and even joined a training and now I am here.

Igor Samotný: The first basic task is to get in close contact with your body. The second objective of tantra massage, tantra training or meditations is relaxation; getting out of your head to stop thinking and start living. And the last is to open intimacy.

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: My first and essential meeting with tantra happened at a training with John Hawken that lasted two years. It was a process of personal maturation and seeking relation to tantra teaching. Then I visited Tao seminars of Maitrey D. Piontek, who came to Czechia, and a shamanic training with John Hawken again and began to feel I would like to become a tantra lecturer. Right then I got an offer to assist at courses to current practising lecturers and then I led my own seminars of mixed and female groups together with a psychologist, Katka Kramolišová, and felt certain tantra has a great therapeutic potential. And I wanted to have therapeutic education, so I took a drama therapeutic course and now I am participating in gestalt training.

Ondřej Havel: I perceive tantra as something coming out of me. And I don’t feel like putting it in a box or specifying it as something firmly limited; every massage is different and each experience unique, unrepeatable and that is the way I want to let it be.

Igor Samotný: Tantra offers a chance to work on your instincts in the most natural, kind and loving way; an accepting one.

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: Masseuses and masseurs come to us from various places; in our centre we have a religionist, a theatre science graduate, psychologists and anthropologists. What connects them is their interest in a human, in the question what is a human in fact and how far can a man go beyond him or herself. And it is most inspiring to hear new points of view, new angles and opinions.

Igor Samotný: Tantra and experience it offers, releases everything that´s hidden inside the mind as if everything that was unexpressed is now expressed clearly.

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: Whatever we do with our clients we try to take in account what an individual brings in. We try to work individually with every couple and think of what the two people want in fact.

Jiří X. Doležal: What goes through a masseur´s mind if a nice well developed girl in her twenties comes in and you offer her a massage? Is there any sexual arousal and if so, how do you deal with it?

Ondřej Havel: I love this question, it is wonderful. I cannot speak on behalf of other masseurs as I personally never aroused anyone else, but as for me I got no problem at all. It never happened to me. Actually everything, all the energy that´s there during the tantra ritual stays here (pointing at his head) and there (pointing at his heart).

Igor Samotný: I would call it deep relaxation leading a man to finishing the process of experiencing no matter what it is.

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: Tantra is not a sexual service offering sex or sexual service. Those kinds of centres providing such service ought to stop calling themselves tantra centres. We try to establish a tantra centre association and started setting up quality standards for tantra massage. We wrote a code of ethics and made it available on our website for public to make their own mind what is tantra truly about.

Doc. PhDr. Z. Vojtíšek: Sex has been used with spiritual practise ever since and we also know the phenomenon of sacral prostitution in the area of religion; it is nothing too far away. I would never call tantra practitioners prostitutes; they are simply women who use their bodies for spiritual experience, no matter what we think of it or judge it by moral standards. I believe we should officially, on the outside, remain with this single statement.

Igor Samotný: Self-expression is essential to tantra. Ideology supresses anything like that; it simply wants us to satisfy the system regardless person´s own feelings. But tantra really cares about self-expression. Show me all of you; if it comes to memories, just express them. And same with sexual energy; it needs to be expressed as well.

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová: What it brought me primarily, is that my hobby actually became my job.

Ondřej Havel: I feel pleasure helping people. I enjoy giving and feel happy when my energy gets back to me; in case of tantra massages it is a positive one, a positive feedback or a reference, or just a smile, a few kind words, simply anything. All that creates energy I resource from and it is essential to my work.

Jiří X. Doležal: Do you consider tantra a regular way towards god?

Doc. PhDr. Z. Vojtíšek: I would say no to god as we understand the concept here in the western culture that is a personal god of an individual. I reckon it is definitely a way to divinity; a way that uses human body as an advantage. Today we cannot really work with our bodies and it is not accidental that even Christianity today tries to incorporate human body into the ritual of a holy mass. Tantra can work with human body very well so I believe a man can have an experience of divinity and divine proximity or even confluence with god.

Jiří X. Doležal: I doesn’t matter what we think of tantra really because religionists claim it is a spiritual path. With my own personal experience I believe it is one of the fastest ways towards spirituality offered nowadays. For Metropol TV, Jiří X. Doležal, Reflex magazine.

In the studio:

Jiří X. Doležal: What I really like is when there is nothing to be said after the report because a docent Vojtíšek spoke the way that needn’t further comments. So let me greet Anna in the studio, and I will ask for a question that was not spoken out in the coverage as it was thoroughly positive. A dramaturge Vojta Lavička and I are both quite ugly men and imagine someone as ugly as two of us together comes in for a massage. How do you resolve such situation?

Masseuse Anna: Your self-reflection is truly stunning, nevertheless one of the corner stones a tantra massage works with is an authentic experience of complete acceptance. In case a tantra masseuse is not able or mature enough to accept a client, whether he´s violet, small, fat, dotty or whatever, there is no place for her in the field as she cannot provide a real acceptance coming from within as something she believes in completely.

Jiří X. Doležal: But we are getting very close to the same criteria applied for example in psychotherapy.

Masseuse Anna: Well of course.

Jiří X. Doležal: In the coverage I didn’t have enough space as it lasts only ten minutes to ask whether what you practise is psychotherapy, religion or both at the same time.

Masseuse Anna: It can be both and needn’t be either. Beware of the difference that psychotherapy can be practised by someone with a complete psychotherapeutic education and university degree, and a self-experience training on top. Nevertheless tantra massage as such can be and it is very therapeutic and healing. Obviously it depends on how you deal with it, what qualifications you have. And accordingly you can go deeper or hold within safe limitations depending on own experience.

Jiří X. Doležal: Ok, now to the safe limits. As I experienced your massage and I got a psychology diploma, can evaluate it the way you put me in a deep regression, really quite brutal one, natal or pre-natal, including the effects of hot towels.

Masseuse Anna: Indeed there is certain regression.

Jiří X. Doležal: That feels very intense. And then you assured me that even in this moment of brutal vulnerability you will not endanger my body. To say it bluntly, you told me this world is essentially safe. That is the basic information a man gets here. And I believe that for many of your clients, especially if they got a kind of a gold-digger at home, work as managers and she keeps them under their neck with her vagina, this kind of experience can be completely life-changing and they break down and come apart. So what do you do if a man wants to hold your hand crying after the massage?

Masseuse Anna: This kind of situation does happen quite often and I personally am glad to have crisis intervention course; on the other hand even if I wasn’t trained, I would know that the most important thing I can do for a client, although it sounds completely blunt, is to stay with him physically, in a human way and authentically just be there. Even hold his hand and be there for him.

Jiří X. Doležal: Well if you say it this way, it sounds like just be with him.

Masseuse Anna: As if I would just sit down, hold hands and said everything is going to be all right...

Jiří X. Doležal: That is a very demanding job.

Masseuse Anna: It really is a very demanding job.

Jiří X. Doležal: Do you have similar mechanisms to psychotherapeutic centres?

Masseuse Anna: We are supervised by a well experienced psychotherapist who also has supervision training. That means a long-lasting praxis and a lot of qualification to give feedback and advice to others. Regularly each month we got a session with a psychotherapist who also does body therapy, so has a lot to say. That is all good for our psychological hygiene and safety and further education; to know how to deal with it.

Jiří X. Doležal: Well that is quite necessary.

Masseuse Anna: Definitely.

Jiří X. Doležal: So if two or three clients a day mentally throw up with you, you obviously leave work quite exhausted as anyone would do. But you haven’t actually answered my question; how do you feel about religion or is tantra actually one?

Masseuse Anna: I guess it can be religion for some people because if comes from Hindu tradition but I would not actually say it is a straight religion; for me personally it is more of a philosophy, a lifestyle or an attitude. But for someone seeking a spiritual path it may lead towards own religionism or spirituality, something beyond us. For some it is easier to digest or actually the first step towards deeper understanding of your inner self in the context of I don’t know – universe – god – anything.

Jiří X. Doležal: The world.

Masseuse Anna: Yes, the world as an essence.

Jiří X. Doležal: Well we needn´t argue about that, the world is all around us. How often does it end in a situation a client crumbles down offering you to come with him, cook for him and have his babies?

Masseuse Anna: Indeed it happens that our clients fall in love with us, which is quite understandable, because despite its sadness, for some it really is the first experience with someone who cares for them totally without expectations and reciprocating. It is a huge shock for many people and it is good we got space to talk it over after the massage and get some reflection, to work it through with my feedback, work with symbols and other issues psychologically.

Jiří X. Doležal: I have been warned ahead as I got the massage for my birthday and a cynical chief deputy editor of the Reflex magazine, Viliam Buchert, told me to get ready for getting a cheap offer of sex for sale in the end. I really don’t like brothels but truly this opinion is not rare, so tell me please what you do about it. I can prove that the Centrum Integrity is simply not this kind of business.

Masseuse Anna: Thank you.

Jiří X. Doležal: Still many people think otherwise. Is it about time to do something about it?

Masseuse Anna: We sure try to do something about it that is also why we are here today to publically comment the issue, because no one who works in the business is flattered to be called a prostitute. When I try and explain about the nature of my profession, people listen, then usually ask me with a compassionate expression why I do the job having a high school degree. I defend myself not being a prostitute; never have been and never will become one. Apart from publically commenting in media we also established a tantra centre association where everyone who does a real tantra can connect and follow standards and our code of ethics specifying qualifications of tantra masseurs and masseuses in the sense of massage training, tantra courses and classical education. So now we are negotiating with real tantra centres, not brothels or alike.

Jiří X. Doležal: How many centres do you respect and regard real tantra centres here in Prague?

Masseuse Anna: Three.

Jiří X. Doležal: In that case you really should start protecting your business label.

Masseuse Anna: I think we should though I would not want to assume there are other local or private tantra practitioners apart from the three big centres I mentioned offering services that are truly tantra. On the other hand if they are private I don’t know where they advertise. I know a person from tantra course I did that has a private practise who is very individualistic and prefers working on his own which can sound rather suspicions.

Jiří X. Doležal: He may be practising as a hobby. Actually I would like to stress out especially for female viewers, that after my experience I discovered tantra dispositions in me and began to give a “trial version” of my own tantra massage to ladies with a similar feature. So if you are one of them, please write to my email you find on pages of Reflex magazine.

Masseuse Anna: Allow me to rather not comment this at all as I don’t know anything about your qualification.

Jiří X. Doležal: I meant it as a joke and hope the viewers had a laugh. But I presume that as a regular psychotherapeutic institution you can tell us who your clients are from a sociological perspective?

Masseuse Anna: Well of course they are higher middle class who can afford our services that are not cheap and not covered by any insurance company here which of course is a shame. Anyway these people have a certain tactile deprivation; they miss touching, or don’t really miss that but lack spirituality in their lives, they are curious or don’t really know what they want, but eager to try something new what is beyond themselves. They can be tired of the constant stress in life and seek relaxation, which is quite a legitimate reason to visit our centre too.

Jiří X. Doležal: Today people who cannot relax are dying from stress in contemporary society.

Masseuse Anna: Well this is quite a unique phenomenon. There are thirty years old clients with their bodies so badly blocked up the way I would expect in case of eighty year olds.

Jiří X. Doležal: I haven’t quite understood how you call the centre in Lažánky u Brna.

Masseuse Anna: Meditation centre Lažánky.

Jiří X. Doležal: And that ought to be a tantra temple?

Masseuse Anna: I certainly wouldn’t say it is a temple or ashram; people choose to call it many ways but it really is a meditation centre mediating various courses for example tantra yoga, mohenjo-daro yoga. That is a wonderful practise I can recommend to all women. You dance and practise tantra yoga, there is space for mediation, courses of massages for you only or your partner, private needs to be able to give quality massages. Simply it is a multi-functional centre; some people come just for recreational reasons to relax amongst those who share similar values and interests.

Jiří X. Doležal: As we are coming to an end of our program, may I ask a more intimate question?

Masseuse Anna: Ok, I´m curious.

Jiří X. Doležal: After the massage you got about eight men kneeling at your feet per day; men with a potential to work hard enough to have money to pay for quite an expensive service. So what does it do to your self-esteem? Doesn’t it ever feel like exploding?

Masseuse Anna: I feel quite cool about it all.

Jiří X. Doležal: But I mean it seriously. What does it do to a man who has to process such issues as part of work?

Masseuse Anna: Let me get back to what is an essential feature or a quality tantra practitioner; working with self-awareness and humbleness is totally essential. If anyone feels like being above others, a guru or semi-god then there is no place for him or her in the field as working on your self is extremely essential here.

Jiří X. Doležal: So let me thank you much and much for your visit and please tell the founder of your centre and Mr. Igor from Lažánky, an ideologist for tantra in the Czech Republic, that I am gladly offering my services as a spokesperson in my free time. Thanks for your time and visit.

Masseuse Anna: Thank you for inviting me, have a fine day.

Text was re-written according to coverage from Metropol TV (program “Pražení”)

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