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Listen to an engaging conversation with the founder of Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd., Michaela L. Torstenová, in a live radio broadcast SeeJay, show Sex, Drugs, Dance.

Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. - Michaela Torstenová on SeeJay radio
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Transcription of the interview:

Lukas: It´s 3 minutes after 10 p.m. and this is Disclosure Voices on SeeJay radio. Today´s Sex, Drugs, Dance show is a little bit different as we have a very special guest here. Veronica, would you introduce our guest?

Veronica: Absolutely, we are happy to welcome Ms. Michaela Torstenová from Tantra Massage Prague Studio located in the Anděl district of Prague. Good evening, Michaela.

Michaela: Good evening.

Veronica: Well, to give you a bit more of a clue why Michaela is here – she will initiate us into the art of Tantra. I'm excited. So let's go. Michaela, tell us please what tantra actually is. What should we think when we hear the word tantra and what does this word cover?

Michaela: Originally, tantra is a thousand year old philosophy from India related to work with the body, sexuality, openness and a way of living together. Nowadays, we think of tantra mostly as tantra sex or tantra massage, both of which are quite popular these days. In fact, people who have never encountered the tantra experience can actually get familiar with this philosophy through massage.

Lukas: And what about the tantra experience – is it, shall we say, just physical or does it touch the soul as well?

Michaela: Tantra is mainly about connection. In tantra massage, one can experience a sense of acceptance, safety, and authentic contact with other human beings through physical touch. It is not only about taking care of the body, but can also open very intimate and personal themes which can be worked on during the massage.

Veronica: Personally, I would like to know the difference between classical sex and tantra sex. Because, you know, one imagines tantra sex as something different, maybe with some special techniques. Tell us, what is so important or so different, or maybe not so different... but... perhaps better with tantra sex? I mean some physical techniques...

Michaela: Well, there are some tricks you can learn and use during sex but the most important thing is working with the pelvic muscles, which increases sensitivity and blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Lukas: So, this is mostly for women, right..?

Michaela: Yes, it is mostly for women. You can enjoy it more than…

Veronica: I've always been interested in learning these techniques. These are exercised during birth as well, right? How does it work or how long does it take to learn? Because I think it is very nice for the guy especially when a woman knows how to work with the pelvic area during sex. How long would it take to learn this? If someone, for example, wants to visit your studio and learn it, how long would it take?

Michaela: It is mostly about regular practice for the woman, so that she knows how to use these muscles during love making. Though, it is about the individual woman. Getting familiar with these techniques can be very fast, maybe an hour or so, but then it is all about her, whether she has the time to practice. It is the same as any another physical exercise.

Veronica: So it's like a sport…

Lukas: Exactly…

Michaela: And a very nice one…

Lukas: Sounds like something to practice at home. Well, we will get into other topics in a moment. You are listening to Sex, Drugs and Dance…

Lukas: And today, we have Michaela here with us, a specialist in tantra massage. Let's move on to something a little bit different. What about when someone doesn't really have a problem or dysfunction, but needs to find their way, so to speak. Mostly, I'm thinking of young people. Actually, about the sex…when people begin to find their sexual identity, it might be good to contact a tantra practitioner, because I think many young people really misjudge sex by looking at porno films, etc. So, how can we help young people who proceed in this direction?

Michaela: Thank you for the question. These days, many young people begin their sexual life with ideas based on porn and they are disappointed with the actual experience because their ideas are based on the internet porn recipe. We teach these people to listen to themselves, to use their fantasy and to open up to the fact that sex is not only a mechanical procedure but that it really is about meeting someone and exchanging something with a partner. It needs some time, of course. In tantra, we also teach that sometimes it is necessary to give up reaching for some goal or result. Because in our culture it is often about the result, the orgasm, and the fact that people want to experience it and want to give it to their partner – and this race can lead to unnecessary pressure. And then, people end up just practicing sex for the sake of the orgasmic goal. Tantra is about giving up this hunt, and simply enjoying the process itself. In fact, when you can do this, new horizons open up for you and you will enjoy sex so much more. But it is really very difficult because people are not used to this and our culture is rather based on performance and results.

Lukas: This is so interesting. Let´s talk more about it in a moment, because I think this would be interesting for everybody. So, how is it with “the finale” in tantra because it is said to be very pleasant, with the “happy ending”. Or is it not like that? We'll get to that in a moment with Michaela.

Veronica: Yes, and as you mentioned Luke, we will discuss orgasm little bit now. Is it important to end a tantra massage with an orgasm? When someone goes for a tantra massage, does he/she expect an orgasm or is it more about letting go? I mean, can we imagine it from the beginning? So, I am a client, I just entered your studio to have a massage and you tell me what to expect. And, please, explain it to from start to finish.

Michaela: Well during a tantra massage it is important…

Lukas: Sorry to interrupt you, the massage usually takes 2 hours or so, right? We don't have this info here.

Michaela: It starts at 90 minutes and the longest massage we have lasts 5 hours. The most popular are about 3-3,5 hours long , people like these massages a lot.

Lukas: Can you imagine someone taking care of you for 5 hours?

Veronica: Mmmm… sounds enticing. OK, let ´s start with the beginning of your beautiful massage. What should I expect?

Michaela: The process starts with a short interview, then the actual massage starts with a standing ritual in which the masseuse touches the receiving person, the client, for the very first time and she slowly enters into contact with him. She hugs him, lays gently on top of him and starts to breathe with him. This leads him to trust her and to give himself up to her slowly. After this ritual, she invites the client to lay on a futon. Then there are a series of fairly firm physical touches to release stress and tension from the body. Because people usually come with some sort of nervousness and fear, it is not easy for them to open up to a new person. That is why we offer a head massage, and a foot massage focused on total relaxation and the release of body and mind. And then, when all this is successfully done, there might be room to approach more gentle and sensual parts of the massage using various small furs and feathers and to, you know, spoil the client a bit. The masseuse uses oils in a very sensual way, focused on the whole body – the bottom, thighs, back and head. Slowly we continue on to the intimate parts of the body. These are perceived as a natural part of the person in tantra. There is nothing left out and we try to let the client experience tantra as a sexual experience. In real life, when we start to make love or to excite each other, it is usually supposed to end with an orgasm and there is a clear beginning and clear end. However, in tantra massage the intimate part takes about 30 to 40 minutes and it goes in waves. The excitement goes up and falls a bit then goes up again a bit more. One should experience no pressure at all in trying to reach a goal, you just let your body react naturally as it goes on. Sometimes, the body is not in the right state for an orgasm and wants to enjoy the excitement as such and sometimes there are intimate feelings present and the orgasm just comes. We do not try to reach for anything specifically. In tantra massage, we really let things flow freely, because that is the tantra way. You do not want to reach a final goal, instead the goal is to enjoy the process itself.

Veronica: It is so wonderful that you should let your body decide whether it wants the orgasm or not because some days are not ideal for orgasm as you said before. But there are moments in your sexual life when the focus is on orgasm only and it just does not happen at all. So this seems like a very important thing. I sometimes feel that occasionally the body is just not ready and there is no point in forcing it. You put it really well Michaela. Next, we'll be talking about how tantra massage helps to improve health and partnerships.

Lukas: Michaela, I understand that tantra can give not only pleasure, but can help your health as well, not just on a physical level, but psychically too. What can tantra heal and where can it help?

Michaela: Well, when it is real tantra, it can help a lot. On one level, it can be psychic – for example someone might have trouble opening up, with trusting a partner or is bored in the relationship and does not harmonize with the partner on a psychical level. This could be helped by couple tantra massage which enables two people to inspire one another, to learn how to touch, how to excite the partner and it can definitely bring a certain sparkle into the relationship. Moreover, there is also the physical level, where some men might suffer from erection problems or premature ejaculation. Women might experience pain during sex or might not be interested in sex at all. With women, it can be related to some previous bad sexual experiences or even rape. With these situations, it may be useful to experience a safe, respectful and slow touch, without any stresses put on the woman so that she can experience a real, correct experience leading to a renewal of her relation not only to sex specifically but to her own body in general. To sum up, people might come to us with various issues and there are many ways to work with them in tantra.

Veronica: I'd like to talk about long-term relationships where people are together for some 30-40 years and, let´s be honest, the sex life can be a little low then. Those people may be together because of routine and of course, they might love each other and accept the fact that sex is not a part of their relationship anymore. However, I don't think these people should give up. Can you help renew that hot and fresh erotic sex they had experienced years ago? Is it possible?

Michaela: It is possible. Sometimes, it just helps to see your partner being touched by someone else and suddenly, you see the person you have been waking up next to for some 40 years as really sexy and desirable once again. Suddenly, through the touch of someone else the sparkle is back. Actually, it is quite healthy to experience touching by some other person than your partner because it can give you some new inspiration in your relationship. Having lived together for 30 years, you know sure and quick ways to reach the goal of orgasm and so once a week you just go for it. During tantra massage, people can learn some new techniques, transfer them into their everyday lives, and really benefit themselves.

Lukas: Wow! I can see how this might work in a relationship. It seems like a kind of “relationship refreshment”.

Veronica: Sure, I really think the most important thing in a relationship is well-functioning sex. I consider this the priority.

Michaela: Certainly, it is important. When people do not understand each other on a physical level, they can get distant on the psychical level as well. And then, they may solve it via cheating because we need sexuality and we cannot ignore it so easily. Therefore, it is important that people do not give up their sexual life but try to work on it somehow. They may experiment a bit and find their sparkle again…

Veronica: So, if you want to visit Tantra Massages Prague, have a look at, there you will find descriptions of all kinds of massages and you can choose one. So, have a look and we will be back soon with Michaela and tantra massage.

Lukas: So, tantra will be back soon and in the meantime, have a look at our Facebook page to comment on this Sex, Drugs, Dance program. Just to remind you, the funniest comment will be awarded with an AXE pack so it is definitely worth a look. And now, we're back with tantra. Michaela will tell us how to practice tantra not only in her studio with specialists, but also at home with a partner. Where can we get some education on this?

Michaela: I think the best option is probably to sign up for a tantra massage class…

Veronica: Sorry to interrupt, but are you currently holding these classes at your studio?

Michaela: Yes, we do have courses. We work with couples and with individuals too. It is an individual choice so you can just pop in and ask for what you need to focus on and tell us what you are interested in, how many hours you would like to spent with tantra education. Then, we'll try to teach you as much as we can and provide for your needs.

Lukas: Is the course mostly theoretical or practical?

Michaela: The course is very practical. Of course, there might be some theory if the client wishes. There might be breathing techniques, work with pelvic muscles and the massage techniques themselves. In fact, the client can try everything and leave our studio with the knowledge of how to touch his/her partner, how to make him/her relaxed, and much more.

Veronica: Going back to the contrast between classical sex and tantra sex, what should people imagine under the term tantra sex? How does it work and what is it all about?

Michaela: At the very beginning, it is all about a change in your thinking and approach. If you wish to enjoy tantra sex, you cannot be in a hurry. You should not push your partner and you really have to open yourself to the fact that it may last an indeterminately long time without any result. After accepting this, you can go on to a higher level in which you can try real physical experiences such as meditation and breathing techniques. At first, people learn how to connect with the breath as a preliminary step toward real interconnection. And then, when it comes, you should be very relaxed. This can involve working with the pelvic muscles, connecting with the partner through breathing, changing the rhythm from a very dynamic to a slow one or maybe even stopping altogether to breathe and feel the experience and the partner as one. It is about a great connection with your partner. That is the very fulfilling thing. People experience real closeness during tantra sex.

Lukas: Michaela, you just mentioned pelvic muscle movements. We'll discuss that in a moment. You are listening to Sex, Drugs, Dance with Veronica, Lukas and Michaela and tantra.

Veronica: I would like to remind you that we have a special guest today – Michaela Lynnette Torstenová from Tantra Massage Prague Studio located at Anděl. Michaela is a drama therapist, tantra lecturer and has been studying tantra for some 11 years already.

Lukas: So here we are with Michaela and tantra. Let´s turn now to the pelvic area. Can a woman control those muscles?

Michaela: Yes, pelvic muscles are muscles like any other

Veronica: Then tell us, why is it good to know this technique and can this be taught? Why women should go to see you with this request and is it for women only?

Michaela: No, it is not for women only. Men can certainly learn these techniques as well. It helps to postpone ejaculation so that men can make love with their partner longer. He delays ejaculation for a while and after that they can continue again. For a woman, working with the pelvic muscles helps blood to circulate through the pelvic and vaginal region so that the sex is more intense and more sensitive. Moreover, it makes the whole process even more exciting for the man, if the woman knows these techniques.

Lukas: So, it's like massage during sex…

Michaela: Yes, exactly…it is very intense. We do teach this, and every woman can learn it. It is not really so difficult. It must be explained well and then practiced often since it is related to pelvic movement and breathing. Once a woman learns this, she can become an incredible and unforgettable lover.

Veronica: Michaela, I'll be in your studio next week! (Laughing) I'm convinced that every woman should learn this technique. In case you are interested in this, have a look at, you can find this service there.

Veronica: So, on to another issue. Michaela, tell me, did it ever happen that partners became jealous during tantra massage? Is it better to come separately or together?

Michaela: Well, there are benefits to both ways. When you come alone, you do not have to worry about what your partner might be thinking and you can enjoy the experience without any restraints. When you come together, it is more about your relationship, whether you can relax in front of each other, whether you can speak freely about the goals of the massage, and of course, the limits of the massage. There are many things to deal with. And this is where we try to help partners and we address important things during the introduction interview before the massage itself. And of course, should the partners get feelings of jealousy, there is the possibility to experience a separate tantra massage.

Veronica: Which might actually be better sometimes. Why ruin your experience with jealousy?

Lukas: On the other hand, when you experience the massage separately, it can really stir the imagination. When he/she is in the next room, it is quite exciting, right..?

Michaela: Certainly after the massage, people think about it or speak about it together, but the massage is quite intense so that you focus mostly on yourself. For couples, there is an option to meet after the massage in a common room. We have a very nice bath tub in a shape of a heart to lie and relax in after the massage.

Veronica: That sounds great. Michaela, tell me, is it possible to choose my masseur? I believe I saw some choices on your web page. Are there both men and women masseurs? I wonder which the clients prefer. (Smiles)

Michaela: Of course, you can choose your masseur or masseuse. In fact, we recommend it because it is important to spend the massage with someone you like. On our website you will find profiles including photos of all our masseurs and masseuses so you can meet them even before your massage. The massages need not be performed by a different gender: a female client can certainly choose a masseuse if she feels better that way. There is nothing weird about it; about 60% of women choose this option. For the first time they might choose a masseuse and later they come back to receive a tantra massage from a masseur. Both ways have their pros and cons. With a masseur, there is man-woman energy, dynamics, and sparkle. With a masseuse, it is more about the feeling of safety, and security. The client won't feel any shame and will feel that a masseuse will understand her body better. It is all about your feelings and preferences. I strongly recommend people to follow their intuition, and choose according to their basic instincts and feelings before the massage.

Veronica: Has it ever happened that female clients wanted sex with a masseur after or during the massage?

Michaela: Yes, it has happened many times. However, I have to disappoint female clients who might go in this direction because the physical part of tantra massage ends with massage and there is no possibility of crossing the line. This is in order to protect the woman. Her safety is the most important thing here.

Veronica: That's good to hear. Do you offer any special massages? Can you tell us more about them?

Michaela: There is one called “Priestesses of the Tantra Temple” and it is based on the fact that each person going to a tantra massage may have very different needs and wishes. One person needs to be hugged, touched and pampered. Another wants to experience adventure, or perhaps needs a dominant, temperamental woman to take over, help him relax, and relieve him of having to take the leading role. So we have priestesses of the tantra temple categorized into 4 archetypes. There is the Mother, the Lover, the Femme Fatale, and the Virgin Priestess. Thanks to this, a client can choose the atmosphere and mood of the massage. Aside from the massage itself, there is also a bath ritual where one experiences a massage right in a bath tub, which is very relaxing, sensual and beautiful.

Veronica: I am so surprised by all the selections you have. Me and Lukas were also interested in one more thing: are the masseuses naked during the tantra massage? Lukas is looking forward to this very much because he is going there and he needs to know whether there is something he can look at or not. (Laughs)

Michaela: Tantra is mostly about naturalness and about the fact that nudity – your own and the other person's – is something natural and normal. So a tantra masseuse can be naked during the massage but it is all about her feelings towards the client, whether she trusts him and feels safe. That means the client will not touch her and want something more. If there is such a safe environment, masseuses generally prefer to give a massage in the nude because nudity is something that helps the atmosphere even more.

Veronica: I like that nudity is treated as something natural, as a human thing and that you can be yourself and not have to pretend anything. What fascinates me about it is the psychic preparation for the experience: feeling no embarrassment in a relaxing atmosphere.

Michaela: Certainly. It is a lot about the fact that you do not have to look like a model or a handsome body-builder. You can just be yourself and still be accepted and liked. That is the important thing about it all.

Veronica: We have a sort of a prevention question here: when something in your sexual life or relationships isn't working right, what kind of service can you offer to help?

Michaela: Should you have an problem with intimacy or you need to work on your relationship, do not hesitate to contact us. Aside from tantra massages and courses, we also offer individual and group therapy and consulting, so do not hesitate to come and visit us. We are happy to help.

Veronica: Great! To the people in the audience: do not keep your issues to yourselves, everything can be solved. When you need some help, go to Tantra Massage Prague Studio.


Veronica: That's the website. You can address your problems there and make your sexual relationships work better. Once again,, located in Andel, Prague.

Lukas: They provide a space to soothe and help you. Any issues with intimacy, sexual life or partnerships? Do not hesitate to contact them.

Veronica: Thank you very much for your visit, Michaela. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And I'm looking forward to meeting you again.

Lukas: It was marvelous, Michaela, thank you.

Michaela: And thank you too for your kind invitation. I enjoyed it very much. Also, I would like to thank you for the time and space and for the beautiful evening.

Lukas: Thank you too!

Radio SeeJay, show: Sex, Drogs, Dance, March 27, 2014

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