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A very first tantra massage through the eyes of a man. Why did he decide to go for it, what was he thinking during the procedure and how did he feel during the massage? Read the following authentic experience of a very first Tantra massage adventure written by our client David.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a place in your life you don't like very much. For quite a long time, I had been disappointed with my job, I was not dating anybody and I spent lot of time alone. I just felt stuck and felt the need for change. I sensed that I needed some understanding from someone close to me. I longed to be pampered and taken care of gently. I needed some care for my soul and my body as well. At some point, I bumped into a friend who had just returned from a Tantra course. She talked to me about it with great enthusiasm and she said I should give it a try. I thought about it for about a week or so, searched for some information and then I decided to order a tantra massage at Tantra Massages Prague studio. I called the place and relied on the help of a friendly receptionist who helped me pick a masseuse for my very first tantric experience.

When I came to the Centre, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the beautiful decor of the whole place. A receptionist took care of me and she lead me into the room where the massage was supposed to take place. After a while, the masseuse entered and we chatted nicely for some thirty minutes about what I imagined Tantra to be, and what I expected from the massage, and so on. Of course, before I entered the Centre I had read some info about Tantra but I couldn't really imagine what to expect, what the process would be like, how I would feel and what my experience might be. The masseuse described the upcoming three-hour experience. I was looking forward to it, although I did feel a bit nervous. It's not like I'm laying there naked experiencing a three-hour massage every day. After the chat, the masseuse left me alone for as long as I needed to. I showered and laid down on a mat to relax a bit. Feeling ready, I rang a small bell and the masseuse came in.

The massage started with both of us standing in some kind of introduction ritual. From the start I had the strong feeling of respect and safety, which was quite a new experience for me. I was taken care of with maximal respect. At each moment, I experienced deeper and deeper relaxation. I felt my muscles starting to release and my thoughts from the real world fading away. After the introduction ritual, the masseuse led me to a mat and I laid down on my back. I felt a strong, releasing energy flow and felt completely ready for the upcoming massage. The masseuse´s touches seemed to “tie” me to the floor. I laid without moving and enjoyed her art. For the very first time, I experienced a hot towel massage. It was incredibly nice. The hot towel made my energy circulate from head to toe. A hot towel on my forehead was totally disarming for me. The heat was just so nice and new to me. Moreover, I was introduced to feeling a soft pressure over the towel in the pelvic area. The combination of heat and pressure on certain parts of the body is indescribably exciting. At the end, the masseuse covered my feet with hot towels and with those last touches she sort of took out all the rest of the energy accumulated there. Again, I felt great release. Even though I was lying naked, I felt one more layer had been stripped from these parts of my body.

A massage with soft fuzzy things? Some might say it is not very macho. However, during this tantra massage, I was in such a mood that I did not care at all what other people might say or what is or is not masculine. In this massage, things just happen without any further opinions and judgments. And it all feels natural and nice.

When the masseuse started to perform the whole body oil massage, I slowly started to melt. I felt her hands all over me, relaxing my muscles with me having no control over the process. I was helpless and foolishly happy – time and space did not matter. The highlight of this relaxation was a hot stone massage. To be honest, I was just losing my mind then. It was such a strange feeling. I was present but unconsciously. Having experienced this kind of a deep relaxation, when I felt my energy could not be relaxed any more, something new happened and it blew my mind. The masseuse continued with an intimate body part massage and I experienced something unusual. I felt reborn. There was a strong energy wave increasing my energy more and more. I felt absolutely happy and in communion with everything. I felt the masseuse connected to me and that she knew how to direct energy throughout my body. There were moments I felt like the climax might come but then, the masseuse sort of took the accumulated energy and expanded it throughout my body. I would be lying if I said there were no moments when I wished for physical culmination (ejaculation) but at the same time, one part of me felt like I might lose the energy. This part of me wanted to preserve the energy as if those three hours of massage, relaxation and energy circulation meant more than just one mere ejaculation. At the end of the massage, the masseuse really expanded the energy all over my body and I held on to it. She laid down on my chest and I felt strong and respected. At the same time, I was thankful and humble. Those moments were incredible and the experience was timeless.

When the masseuse left, I laid down on the mat for a while and relaxed. Afterward, I had another shower and rang the bell again. When she entered, I felt deep respect for her and could not find any words. She looked at me honestly and shared this experience with me. It felt nice to have a chance to chat with her about the whole experience, share my feelings and thank her again for the beautiful time.

When leaving the Centre, I felt different, relaxed and respected at the same time. And this is a very special feeling that gave new meaning to my life. I felt my life style changing. I saw the world through different eyes, felt more understanding for other people and wished everybody had the chance to experience something similar. To that point, I had never experienced someone taking care of me, my body and soul so intensively for three hours. All that I had experienced during the tantric massage left strong feelings in me and I felt able to hold on to these feelings into the future. It is an unforgettable experience which integrates into your real life. I am sincerely thankful to Tantra Massages Prague and the masseuse who devoted her time and art to me.

Written For Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. by David

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