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Tantra masseuse Venus

Venus is a sensual, ethereal and open woman with a warm heart and lots of understanding. With her, tantra massages are gentle and sensual. She is a wonderful guide through the tantric adventure, full of surprises, happiness and the experience of your inner self.


I like life in all its colors. I love everything that brings knowledge and happiness, harmony and beauty. I practice music and dance. I like to sing, draw and to do other artistic activities. I like water to swim in, nature to walk in, people to hug and animals running around. I love the Earth and I enjoy traveling in order to meet the beautiful and secluded places of the world. For me, the touch of nature is also very important in a massage where I like to use healing crystals and stones.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is a natural part of myself. I have been practicing massages for several years, however, Tantra is a special connection of deep touch, senses, tenderness as well as energy leading to a “recharge” through catharsis and relaxation. It enables you to perceive your body, emotions and feelings in order to understand your inner self better. It is my true nature to touch other people as well as to be in real closeness with them. Respect and love for others is my mission. I put these feelings into my tantra massage practice.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Tantra is a trip to your deep soul. Therefore, for a massage to have its real effect, it is necessary to have a plenty of time to experience deep relaxation and strong feelings. It is also important to have a space for mutual trust building. Thus, I like the Deluxe tantra massages where you can let your mind go and relax your body through breathing. I love tantric rituals and tantric baths with a massage in a bath tub. I think the connection with water is a wonderful and relaxing experience.



Venus was a great guide through the landscape of sexual energy and I really liked her approach, thank you.
Your massage was cleansing for both body and soul, all the stress and fatigue from work left me with the lightness of a feather, and I really like your kind and honest approach, thanks to the conversation with you I learned a little more about myself.
Thank you very much Venus!
Hello, it has been couple of days since I had my second Tantra massage. I chose Venus and honestly, I could have not picked better. She is a very beautiful woman with an unbelievably gentle approach where you get lost in time, moment, or whatever else that reminds you of reality.

Amazing moments with a very nice music, atmosphere, masseuse, and energy. You stop being shy after a short period of time and thanks to Venus's approach you will feel very natural and comfortable. You will not feel time during your 3-hour long session where there was no past, present, nor future. It was only HERE AND NOW! Thank you so much. I am already looking forward my next massage.
Thank you for helping us coordinate an unforgettable experience! We love your space and loved our massages and the sweet energy of Venus and Alena. They felt like old friends! They have a lot of wisdom in their hands and minds and we are so grateful for them to introducing tantra to us. Thank you for fitting us in in short notice.
Our already fabulous relationship is just a little sweeter now with a renewed understanding of what we enjoy to be able to share with one another.
We live in California, let us know if you have any visiting masseuses or great connections out here.
Unfortunately, the options out here in California are not quite the same as many are not legitimate tantric masseuses. Thank you.
Katie and Ryan

Thank you for a wonderful experience and a great service. I will certainly visit your center every time I visit Prague. It was a great start to my tantra journey - excelent tantra massage. Thank you Venus!
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