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Tantra masseur Petr

Petr is a very charismatic gentleman with long experience in the art of massage. His touch, inner peace and deep tantra approach, full of tenderness, sensuality, touches, acceptance as well as passion will bring you to your knees. Let him be your guide and experience the male touch you have only dreamed of.


For the last few years I have been constantly focusing on relaxation, flowing and I have searched for mutual connection that can be called energy. At first, I tried it intuitively through dance. Later on, I focused on a touch that has lead me, finally, to the practice of tantra massage. I love Argentinian tango, bachas, souk, improvisational dance as well as inspiring walks through nature. I do cross-country skiing in winter and I love to surf in summer.

Why the tantra massage?

I can still feel the wonderful feeling and peace I experienced after my first tantra massage. I recollect the astonishment over the depth of relaxation I encountered as well as the intimacy level which touched my heart. I have been influenced, changed and transformed by tantra so much that it slowly became my life style, philosophy and an instrument of my personal growth. Tantra was the logical next step, founded on the joy I felt from dance, touch, connection and ecstatic experience. I am fond of sharing this feeling and passing on the tantra experience and this wonderful philosophy on and on.
In fact, tantra represents a huge personal challenge. It can change your approach to your own body, sexuality and how you perceive them. Through tantra, you can cross borders, challenge intimacy issues and find inner freedom. On the way to achieving freedom, openness and deep self-acceptance, tantra operates with a few nice methods such as nudity and sexuality.
For women, this unique massage can be such a longed for experience of acceptance and care. This care does not have to be given back but can be enjoyed the way one needs, without any prejudices, expectations and judgments. Tantra massage is not only about a physical touch on the body, it is more like the touching of two hearts, communication without words, and common commitment to the flow of energy.
I really enjoy the happiness I see when my female client leaves. I fancy each change of perception, thinking, feeling and experience, especially if perceived on the physical level, be it a change of posture or facial expression.
Simply put, tantra leads me to think about deeper questions of love, partnership, human nature and freedom as well as the depths of human existence in general.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Most of the women I have had the honor to meet needed enough time and space to be able to feel the joy of commitment and to experience total physical and mental relaxation. That is why I prefer the longer Deluxe Tantra Massages or the nurturing Pretty Woman Massage as they enable the receiving woman to get lost in those wonderful touches all over her body and to experience the awakening of her sexuality. I also like the unique Birth of Venus Tantra Massage performed right in a bath tub or the Multi-handed Tantra Massage that helps the client lose control and to experience a connection between three hearts in a ritual full of closeness and tenderness.



Me and my wife had a luxury tantra couples massage with Michaela and Petr. We have nothing but positive things to say about the experience, especially the openness to discuss our needs and concerns before and during the massage. After some less positive past experiences in tantra, we can definitely say that Michaela and Petr exceeded our expectations and we'll definitely return in our next visit to Prague. Joao
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