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Tantra masseuse Michaela

Michel will take your breath away with her looks of a sensual goddess. She moves with grace and acts very womanly. Tantra massage from Michel is delightful intoxication.


Horses are my secret passion. Their tenderness and pride are fascinating. I also love walking in nature and beauty of semiprecious stones.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energies – it is something that makes me feel complete. It is something that helps us find a way to human nature. It shows how to accept and love ourselves. Tantra is spiritual road, where we can meet each other in mutual respect. Tantra massages attract me with the chance, that I can deeply affect not only the surface of human body, but also human heart and soul. I like to be surprised and fascinated by every new meeting.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Michel loves long massages, where she can express all her femininity and experience real sensuous mystic meeting with the client. Her favourite massages are “tantra massage De Luxe” and “Tantra massage for couples”.



Me and my wife had a luxury tantra couples massage with Michaela and Petr. We have nothing but positive things to say about the experience, especially the openness to discuss our needs and concerns before and during the massage. After some less positive past experiences in tantra, we can definitely say that Michaela and Petr exceeded our expectations and we'll definitely return in our next visit to Prague.
I wanted to write to express our appreciation for a wonderful experience.
Special thanks to Michaela and Petros for supporting us with our first Tantric massage. We were both a little nervous, but were immediately reassured by Michaela and Petros. They made us both feel at ease and provided us with all the information we needed.
The massage room was well prepared , beautifully designed and Michaela made sure we had everything we needed for a very relaxing massage. Both Michaela and Petros were very professional and also respectful, which we both appreciated.
It was truly a memorable experience and one we would like to repeat. We hope to be back to Prague next year and would love to visit you again.

Please pass on our thanks.
The English Couple
We have been to your massage center for the sixth time last Friday and we have always been very satisfied. My husband had the masseuse Michaela, and I chose the masseur Ondra. Their approach was very professional but also very human. We always leave the center happy, relaxed and with a completely new positive energy. We cannot wait for the next visit. Please keep going with same quality as we have always received, and we wish you a lot of successful massages.
Jana a Jarda
I received this massage as a birthday gift from my children. At the beginning, I knew just a little about what awaited me. On the website, I chose the beautiful masseuse Michaela. Words cannot describe what an experience it was. Before the massage, we had a small chat to get to know each other and gain some trust in each other. The massage was so beautiful, intimate, affectionate, and heartfelt, that I must recommend it to everyone. My wife will also celebrate her birthday next year and if she gets rid of her shyness, I will consider the Tantra massage as my gift for her. Thank you so much Michaela.
Klient 158
Thank you to the fantastic Michaela. She is a real professional and she made my day.
Thanks for the very beatiful massage with Michaela. Its good for body and ghost. When i can i come back. Bye bye
First, i want to thank you so much for your excellent support. This was my 2nd visit, and as always, you always deliver.

Second, my appreciation and my thanks go to Michaela. I never thought there are angels on Earth. Michaela is Angel of heaven sent from God to Earth. I never met a person like her. She is so so sincere and kind and care so much about people. I dont say this as a compliment, this is the truth. She is the type of a person you want to meet every day and spent every second with her. Thank you Michaela. You are engraved in my heart and my mind and my soul.

Thank you.
Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience last night, my wife and I thoughly enjoyed ourselves and the ladies went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and make sure we had the best experience possible.
Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience last night, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the ladies went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and make sure we had the best experience possible!
Heath and Becky
I'm a little shy to be leaving a public review, but I also thought, that not leaving any review at all would be unfair to my most amazing and professional masseuse with whom I had the session with. My session was with Michaela who was absolutely incredible and definitely a goddess of tantra. When I got there, the receptionist and I had a brief interaction after which she led me to the massage room. I was a little early so I waited for a few minutes until Misa came in. She was super friendly and enthusiastic, we chatted for a while and she explained me what to expect as well as offered me water & fruits. She also reminded me that I should leave all my worries behind and just be the receiver to fully enjoy the experience. After that she requested me to take a shower.

After the shower we had the tantric opening ritual. Misa had such a loving touch full of attention and presence, she gave from her heart. It shows how much she loves what she does and how deeply she cares about the recipients well-being. I also tried to stay in the moment and fully immerse myself into the experience. The massage was fantastic and I'm surprised how the time fled. I felt so relaxed and confident. First time in my life I understood what a full body orgasm meant and that too without any actual release, I even didn’t want to after this experience. My whole body was in such a state of ecstasy that I didn’t care about any physical release. I felt so loved and cared about, which is what I have been craving for a while. Each part of my body and mind was energized & engaged as all my stresses & worries reduced (of course years of stress won’t go away in one session).

After the massage, Misa really made me feel comfortable and gave me time to recuperate. We also had a parting chat before leaving when I promised that I'll visit again soon. She also gave me such nice words of encouragement to help me with my confidence and I also got a few hugs, Misa has such an open and loving heart.

Before the visit I was afraid of how it would be like or what to expect but after the visit I regret about not booking a session earlier. I will definitely visit again and am also thinking of joining the tantra school. This massage has made me realize that there’s so much I don’t know about my body, mind and spirituality which I would definitely be exploring next.

Lastly I'd like to commend you for maintaining such an excellent and professional establishment. I would give 5/5 stars and would recommend to all. Thank you very much for this amazing experience, I'll see you soon again.
Super pleasant gentle care from beautiful woman! Her magic hands and open loving energy takes you up in to higher atmospheres. I enjoyed every part of tantra Deluxe massage from Michaela. I will come back one day soon!
Much Love and magic Wesley from the Netherlands
Wess, 33
I was a bit apprehensive before the session: this was going to be my first experience of tantra after all. Micheala was immediately very welcoming and made me feel at ease: curious and patient we chatted for a good while before even talking about the massage! After our 15 mins conversation all my worries were gone and I was eager to start the experience. I went for the 3 hours Deluxe tantra massage and I was very happy I did, it went by so fast, it was definitely the right choice. As to how I felt during the massage - it's hard to describe. I think it was close to therapy for me: I have been in a bit of bad place in both my personal and work life. After the massage it felt like I had found myself again, my energy and good humor is back and I feel fantastic now! I can't wait to come back, now that I have experienced tantra, I truly believe it will be a part of my life forever. Thank you Michaela for such a wonderful evening!
Oliver, 28
So beautiful, so perfect. You touched my body, my soul and my heart to tears! Hope to be able to come back.
Thank you!
Martin, Sweden
I have been using your services for over two years and can honestly say that I’ve had really positive experiences with different masseurs both female and male. I had never tried or experienced Tantra before I first came to your studio. I had a massage with Michaela. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was keen to find someone that I connect with and see on a regular basis, like I did with Katerina. Michaela exceeded my expectations. She is clearly a very experienced and skilled masseuse. From the moment we met she made me feel comfortable and confident. We spoke for a while before the massage so she understood what my expectations were and I felt that we had a strong connection before we started. During the breathing ritual I felt incredible sexual energy between us and felt waves of pleasure throughout the massage. I will definitely arrange another session with Michaela!!
A Sunday evening 3.5 hours tantra Deluxe with a bath with Michaela is for sure the best way to close the week and be ready for the upcoming one with a full replenishment of good energy. Thanks to you Michaela for your care and for my new experience of hot lava stones! I’m looking forward to coming back soon.
I have experienced a tantra massage of two hours from Michaela today. Michaela is very tender, and her massage very sensual. She made me feel energized in whole of my body, from fingers to toes. It has been totally relaxing. Thank you, Michaela; you're a really wonderful person! It has been my first time at this studio, but I will certainly come back.
Michael, 42, Germany
I really enjoyed the experience of tantra massage at your studio. The guy at the reception was friendly and professional. The place is very clean and has a magical atmosphere. The masseuse Michaela was wonderful; I enjoyed the massage a lot and will be happy to come back. Kind regards.
Thank You so much for the wonderful session! It was a big pleasure to be covered by Your bright charisma, Your careful empathy and Your amazing skills. What an unforgettable journey! All the best and good luck!
Busy times, lots of stress. There is only one cure for this and that’s Tantra massage provided by massage therapist Michaela. Whether a newcomer or an experienced Tantra recipient, you will find a great guide in Michaela. Thank you.
Slavek, 42
My tantra massage experience with Michaela was truly magical. It was a very first time when I had such a charming and skillful masseuse. She shows empathy which I really appreciated. I am looking forward to my next visit.
O.M., 39, Switzerland
I’d like to describe my experience with Tantra massage by Michaela. I was given Tantra massage as a gift from my wife (she is an enlightened woman). On the web page, I chose the most friendly-looking therapist Michaela and it was a good decision. All the massage therapists are good-looking, I still fancy some of them more and some a little less. Out of the five “finalists” I chose Michaela because of her lovely smile :-) She seemed really nice which proved to be true. I don’t like pathos so I don’t want to exaggerate, but I must say that I was very content with the whole environment, her approach and the massage itself. It was my first Tantra massage and I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid of lasciviousness, but I must say that it was nothing like that. The environment is nice, clean and pleasant. There is a private toilet, a shower, drinks and little refreshments. Great. Regarding the actual massage – the opening talk is nice. Michaela is a very empathetic and kind lady. We had a nice chat, I was informed about the massage and we could start. The whole massage takes place with only candle light and calming music so it is very intimate and peaceful. Everything felt very nice and at the same time very top quality. I can’t compare, but Michaela’s massage felt very professional, wonderful and absolutely 100%. It was clear she was putting all her effort into it. At the same time everything felt very natural and relaxed. I don’t have to stress the fact that it was very pleasant and nice. Michaela was great. I was a little nervous, but soon my nerves relaxed. It was a very nice experience. If you expect “erotic physical service”, don’t expect it here. Sure, there is intimacy and intimate massage (I also had prostate massage), but it felt much better than the average saucy massage. It was much more than that and a much deeper feeling. Michaela was great. If you want maximum professional approach, a perfect performance without compromises, but at the same time a very kind, empathetic and natural person with a fascinating smile, Michaela is the right choice.
Always in a hurry and tired from work, we constantly try to have things under control and we often move too far away from our nature. Tantra at Michaela’s hands led me to fascinating sensations that I can’t describe in words.
John, 38
It was my second Tantra massage session at your centre. Just like the first one, it was full of energy and sensations. I was nervous at the beginning, but Michaela was great and calm. I appreciate her theoretical knowledge and her ability to listen.
Dear Mr. Torstenová,
I’d like to thank Michaela in this way for a fantastic four-hour Tantra massage. Thank you for everything you’ve created. Best regards,
I was fortunate to receive a tantra massage deluxe from Misa this week. It is not easy to describe the fantastic outcome of the massage. Meeting Misa and receiving a massage from her gave me hope for a better tomorrow. I had a few tantra massages before but this one was by far the best. Actually I can’t think it gets any better! Thank you Misa.
Tantra massage with Michaela is unbelievable and beautiful and every time I can’t wait for another session. After the massage, I feel great not only during the rest of the day, but the feeling stays with me for several days. Michaela is a beautiful, professional massage therapist, I can tell she has a personal approach, which is very important for me in Tantra massage. Thank you very much for a fantastic experience and I’m looking forward to another session.
Yesterday I had a fantastic experience with Míša. It was absolutely the best massage of my life.
Let me give sincere thanks for unbelievable and beautiful experience I had during a tantra massage with Míša. It has been a new trip into the wonderful unknown. I admit not expecting such an influence in respect of my body and soul. I can even say my perception of sexuality totally changed after experiencing tantra massage. It was truly unusual and beautiful; I enjoyed the moments a lot!
I have been spending many satisfied hours at your parlour and I would like to thank you for all the pleasant moment. I was pleased by your professional and discrete approach, wonderful rooms and magical welcoming ladies, Míša in particular. Everyone perceives massage and all around it differently; from my perspective I can say that especially with Míša I experienced a direct transfer into heaven (literarily :)), intense happiness and excitement of the whole being, opening energy channels and spiritual awakening and recharging. I am looking forward to visit you again sometime in future. I wish you good luck, success and prosperity.
I’d like to thank you for yesterday’s great experience with Michaela and Anna. I haven’t recovered yet. I tried Tantra massage for the first time and I know for sure that it wasn’t the last time. It wasn’t easy for me to relax at the beginning, but the whole experience was nevertheless fantastic, especially thanks to the lovely approach of your gorgeous and fascinating massage therapists. I couldn’t find the right words yesterday and I couldn’t think of any words today either, until I thought of the English expression “heavenly”. I have already found an answer to the question “What would you do if tomorrow was to be the end of the world”, my answer is: I’d go to your centre ;-). Thank you for a very professional and at the same time hearty approach.
Misa is a goddess! She has a pure positive energy and magical hands. It was my first experience with tantra massage and I can barely find some words to describe it. It was like a dream, which I hoped would never end. I hope I will have the privilege to repeat this wonderful experience with angel named Michaela.
Namaste, thanks for your existence!
Michaela is a beautiful, kind and extremely positive woman. On top of it, she has golden hands. It was an amazing tantra massage. I give 10/10.
David, 35
One word - Amazing!
I went for a tantra massage, not knowing what to expect. What I found was a beautiful human being, who gave me the most amazing sensual experience. I left feeling love. Thank you, Michaela.
I want to express my deepest appreciation for the tantra massage from Michaela. Her massage was the most delightful tantra massage I have ever had. Her warmth, tenderness and attention gave me a soothing and blissful time! She made me feel comfortable and at ease all the time. She patiently explained everything I was interested in at beginning of the massage session. During the massage and afterwards she helped me unwind in her gentle way, I found the feeling I had indescribable. I do want to come to Prague again, and soon, and have another extended massage session with Michaela. She is so heavenly!
I would like to commend Michaela for the attentive and immensely enjoyable massage, and I can say that I'm still feeling rejuvenated more than 24 hours after my Tantra Deluxe Massage with her. I definitely felt a connection with her during the entire massage. I truly appreciated the subtle little things she did that I believe enhanced the massage. Her sunny and energetic personality also could be felt through her skillful and instinctive touch. If you give Michaela enough time, she will make you forget all your worries in life. Please thank her for a fantastic massage experience that I can honestly describe as a heavenly treat.
Hi, my friend sent me to your place because he thought I needed to try something new. And I did. Masseuse Michaela was lovely and sweet. The time flied quickly and next time I will definitely go for a longer option of the massage because 90 minutes is nothing and I even think I will have two masseuses next time :).
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