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Tantra masseuse Martina

If you are looking for warmth, gentleness, and kindness in your guide, then Martina is the best possible choice for you. Her approach resembles motherly care full of femininity and conscious touch. You do not need to fear stepping into the unknown because she will be by your side the whole time.


She prefers to spend her free time in nature where she finds her inner peace. She loves evening walks, cycling, running, and swimming. During the winter months, she enjoys attending plays and musicals. To calm her body and mind, she practices yoga, engages in meditation, and opens a book. She strengthens her body through regular cold exposure and sauna sessions.

Why the tantra massage?

After trying her first massage, her feelings were indescribable. Her mind and body were liberated, relaxed, and she felt absolutely great. With each subsequent massage, her perception and feelings deepened, always encountering something new, beautiful, and previously undiscovered. The effects of the massages impressed her so much that she decided to pass them on. There is nothing more pleasant than fully immersing oneself in one's own body and enjoying every touch.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

The greatest joy for her comes from performing the Deluxe massage, which is in a longer time frame, allowing for mutual connection, relaxation, and merging of souls.

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