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Tantra masseuse Lenka

Lenka is like a sun that never sets. In her presence, rays of calm and positive energy shine on you. She is very calm, experienced, balanced, and has an amazingly caring touch.


I enjoy dancing through life with lightness and joy despite the obstacles. I seek harmony and happiness in simple things. I focus on developing femininity and womanhood through both yoga and making herbal tinctures. I seek wisdom in nature and in books that I love. I like to find my own approaches and paths in life, take care of my body with good food that I enjoy preparing, and pleasant experiences. Loving relationships nourish me. I enjoy movement, good wine, quality chocolate, and working in the garden.

Why the tantra massage?

I do tantric massages because I see the sense in gentle touch, and in being without judgment of our physical shells. I do them because massages can go deep, release old blockages and emotions, all while creating a feeling of safety and acceptance of our inner truth. I do them because it is thanks to them that we can feel and experience a long-term, large amount of positive energy and they allow us to experience our body and sexuality on many unexplored levels.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

From my life experience, I know that sometimes it is necessary to slow down, stop, and let whatever may come, come. That's why I prefer longer massages so that I can play with my body, caress it, and nurture it with caring touches. Stopping could be the hardest thing for us. I believe it can be a challenge or just a call to playfulness. Besides the Deluxe massage, my favorite is the four-handed massage, which goes deep and allows for experiencing an intoxicating and nourishing feeling from multiple types of care.


I’m happy, with the treatment with Ms Lenka so satisfied with the feeling difference between before the session and after totally positive in all different ways.
For my fourth Tantra massage, I chose Miss Lenka. Her approach and professionalism were absolutely perfect. The initial chat, where we discussed what I was looking for, what I expected, where the massage would lead us, went wonderfully, relaxed, and in a friendly spirit. The massage in the tub was amazing. When we went to the tub together and I laid down in Lenka's lovely arms where she started to gently massage me, I felt like I was in paradise. The next part of the massage was a continuation of a wonderful journey into a different dimension of perception. Lenka's hands evoked incredible vibrations in my body and she amazingly managed to relax my body while perceiving every touch. She brought my whole body to full-body energetic orgasms. And the final prostate massage, which I experienced for the first time, just tripled my experience. During the massage, I completely erased the rest of the world from my mind. It was just me, Miss Lenka, and the space where the massage took place. For those three hours, it was only our kingdom and our time and space.
Absolutely breathtaking, both the journey itself and the approach with which the masseuse Lenka guides you were... breathtaking.
Mr. T
I had my first tantric massage and therefore I struggled with being shy and not knowing what to expect.
Lenka took the time to ask what brings me here and how I currently feel. She explained to me what to expect. She created an environment where I felt safe and trusted to be taken care of. I warmly recommend her to everyone.
The salon is a beautiful space where it is a joy to relax.
Thank you
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