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Tantra masseuse Joan

We introduce to you the true guide from the Tantra realm of experiences. She herself wants to try and learn, so that is why her playfulness and curiosity will immediately draw you to her too. She is an adventurous protector on your path. Accept her offer to experience well-known things in a new way, or start a new chapter of your life. She does not complicate the world around her, she unwinds its old stories and teaches you how to live it to the full.


I’ve always been interested in people’s stories, personal relationships and related experiences, passions, desires, needs and love. Tantra shows me the depth of all this and teaches me to perceive it with greater enjoyment. I love the depth of life, I like to learn new skills and to improve my life that way.

Why the tantra massage?

My first Tantra massage changed me; it was the most beautiful massage, it affected me in many different ways and I decided to teach it and pass on this wonderful experience. Tantra massage has totally captured me and has given me a meaning for life. It is a beautiful and sensual way of relaxation, both for the body and soul. Tantra massage enables energy to flow in the body, it removes accumulated stress and tension and it provides an important influx of positive energy. Try the sensual Tantra touch which can gently stroke and at the same time, with added pressure, it can release body tensions. Experience the ritual which will guide you to a loving self-acceptance, to an embracement of your body and excitement. Be kind to yourself, come and relax and be pampered.



For our 20th wedding anniversary, my wife and I agreed that we could try something completely different. And so it happened that on Saturday we were welcomed by Andrea and Johanka from Tantra massage Prague. After a pleasant welcome and a friendly chat about what awaits us, we also said to ourselves that maybe this could be the first step on a new path - in addition to this couples massage, we also considered the possibility of going to a course and take it from the beginning and learn it straight away. But we chose this variant of "initiation" and it was a bit of a test for us, whether it is our path. We were given the task to just breathe properly and enjoy what comes. That's what you say when the head keeps going, right? But both ladies were absolutely amazing and despite the fact that we tried not to expect anything, we were both surprised by what a seemingly ordinary procedure like a massage can bring on many levels. Three hours flew by and we didn't want to get out of the fragrant bath at all. In the pleasant final conversation, we have not yet confirmed our new joint hobby, but my "I'm flying" as I left probably indicated to the ladies that everything was a great success and we are very much looking forward to our new adventures while flying on the wings of tantra! Thank you very much, Johanka and Andrea, and hopefully see you soon!
Zdeněk a Rady
The 4-hands massage was just incredibly good. The location was nice (even though a bit too warm with clothes on) and the ladies were brilliant.
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