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Tantra masseuse Isra

Isra is a very playful and self-confident guide who never hesitates in her role. She will be your support and a solid point during every journey through the tantric massage. She is perfectly oriented in technology and perceives your feelings. Meeting her is an extremely inspiring and wonderful experience.


I am interested in the human mind and its processes - how we make decisions, what motivates us to do so. I like to discuss my thoughts and think back on my choices. Where could the roads that I decided not to go lead? Questions of curiosity and introspection are an essential part of my philosophy and myself. However, I do not allow my analysis to drag me down to negative feelings. In fact, I do the opposite. I let myself be motivated by the analysis and learn through it. I am also fascinated by music, which allows me to lose myself in space and time. In my free moments, I devote myself to painting - both my own work and analyzing the works of other artists. It is music and art that are beautiful windows into the lives of people from different places and periods.

Why the tantra massage?

Like any philosophy, Tantra has a different meaning for everyone. It brings me the closeness and mindfulness that I lack as well as the tenderness, sympathy and understanding, which we do not perceive so intensely in everyday life. Tantra is about accepting not only others, but also yourself. We often look at others neutrally, even rather positively, but we often perceive ourselves in the worst light. We blame ourselves for our shortcomings and mistakes, which often seem more serious than they really are. We lack the objectivity and impartiality of another point of view. And it is my role as a guide that helps people break out of their normal perception of themselves, helps them to start looking for acceptance and satisfaction from their reality. Through conscious touch that helps to establish what we need at that moment. Whether it's healing, relaxation, reverence, humility, or sensuality.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Tantra is a complicated and complex process that can be very sensitive and very intimate. Therefore, it is important not to rush it. We let a stranger get closer to us than we usually allow, and that is why it is necessary to establish trust between us, which will establish the right degree of openness and acceptance. That's why I like longer massages. However, I also really enjoy multi-hand massages, which offer a completely different level of experience. I am happy to massage not only men, but also couples or women. Anyone who requires understanding above all.


I found out about the tantric massage/ritual relatively recently, so it was more of a familiarization for me. What I can say for sure is that it really is an experience that I would definitely try again sometime. Masseuse Isra was my guide, a very nice young woman who made it an unforgettable experience. Definitely recommend!
It was delightful experience. Isra was very professional and guided me through out, the whole process. In the end I was transported to another planet. The experience was surreal. Also, great rooms and place!!!
We would like to share our nice experience with the couple's tantra massage, which my partner and I attended with masseuses Andrea and Isra. The atmosphere was very nicely built with touches that were changing in their intensity and depth. It was a poem lived first hand in a very relaxing spirit. A different passage spoke to each of us, and many things became clear to us again. The approach from Andrea and Isra was considerate and open. We are very happy we could share this experience together.
Lukas a Jarmila
I was very pleased by your center, atmosphere, and services you offer. I will gladly visit again. Isra is very kind and skilled. She knows her work and 4 hours in her company felt like a moment.
I would like to thank masseuse Isra for an indescribable experience. Isra explained everything nicely and answered all my questions and wishes. I can't describe the massage itself in words because it was incredible. I would like to recommend masseuse Isra to everyone, because I know that no one will regret it, and I would like to thank you once again for the breathtaking massage.
I had a wonderful moment with Isra's technique. she is very talented and knows how to take you to a spiritual trip in your mind. she is the best.
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