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Tantra masseuse Camelie

Camelie is a passionate, energetic woman who radiates playfulness and curiosity like a fire. A massage with her is an extraordinary journey full of sensual touches and discoveries. However, you don't need to fear that her flame will burn you. Its heat will warm you at the heart.


I love theater, dance, opulent costumes, and exaggeration. I am also interested in exploring human sexuality, and my favorite author in this field is sex coach Julie Gaia Poupětová. I have combined all these interests into my great passion, which is burlesque. Beauty, confidence, elegance, theatricality, loving one's body as it is, and sparkling sensuality all in one. Burlesque is my love, and once I step on stage, I become a Diva who celebrates beauty and a love for life. Another great inspiration for me is nature. I was raised in a scout troop. It gave me many deep friendships and a very close relationship with nature. I enjoy wandering lightly or for several days away from civilization, writing poetic texts in my diary, and conversing with the landscape. I took an aromatherapy course which worked with essential oils, and I enjoy working with them to this day. I even create custom perfumes.

Why the tantra massage?

I have been devoted to doing professional massage for many years. However, with classic rehabilitation massages, I always missed a more holistic view of the human body and the inclusion of the spiritual aspect. I found both in tantra. I prefer longer time allocations so that I can get to know the client better and create a deeper experience more tailored to them. Environment and atmosphere are also important to me. I shape them with specially blended essential oils and a sensitive attunement for each client.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favorites are the Deluxe massages, the Hawaiian Lomi - Lomi massage, and the shamanic elemental massage.

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