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Tantra masseuse Aneta

Aneta is extremely gentle and empathetic. She intuitively understands the needs and emotions of others in all situations. She puts her whole heart into the massage, with a caring and inquisitive touch that caresses not only the body but also the soul.


I love life and all that it entails, such as spontaneous dancing or touching. I find joy in learning from nature, appreciating its spontaneity and cyclicality, including trees and herbs. I enjoy engaging in circle communication, singing, and drumming. Deep conversations and getting to know a person on a profound level are things I cherish. My passion lies in self-discovery, personal growth, and cultivating conscious relationships. I delight in strolling around Prague, relaxing in a cozy café or teahouse, wrapping myself in a blanket, savoring the aroma of the surroundings, sipping warm tea, reading a book, painting, or journaling.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra has been a profound calling from deep within my soul for a long time. The tantric path beckoned me, and I wholeheartedly embraced it. I chose tantra massages because I enjoy purposefully touching people, listening to their stories, and because it is a journey of self-awareness and understanding others.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I prefer longer massages that allow ample time and space to connect deeply with each other. My favorite massages include Deluxe massages lasting 2 hours or more. I appreciate the diversity of massages where each session is unique within the established framework.

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