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Tantra masseuse Alena

A muse, that’s what we could call her. Whether you are looking for joy, inspiration or just understanding and acceptance, she is here for you. You will never feel disoriented with this woman. Her warmth and smile will help you relax and her mystery will awaken your curiosity. She will be a patient and passionate guide to the places where you’ve probably never been. Come and encounter your destiny and immerse yourself in the new chapter of your life.


I like to look beyond the normally perceived reality of the everyday. I dive into far-reaching depths of conscience, I admire the ungraspable beauty and wisdom of nature and I love to discover the immensity of human potential. Movement and progress are important for me in life. I let myself be carried away by its current, I learn to flow along its rapids and I pamper and praise my boat in the ports of beauty before further voyages. On board I enjoy doing art, yoga, music and last but not least studying life and beauty in any form.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra has opened up the map of my inner cosmos, it has relaxed my body and soul from the shackles of my mind and it has given structure to my spirituality. It is a path of self-knowledge, feelings and integration of my whole being for me. I see Tantra massage as a ritual of life and sensuality and an initiation into the depths of ecstatic experience. It is a fated encounter with oneself, a return to one’s own core. It is an uninhibited dance of life in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

The magic of touch can only be fully revealed during the three-hour or longer Tantra Massage Deluxe, in which you can delve deep into your experiences and get lost in the ocean of emotions vibrating in your perfectly relaxed body and tranquil, calm mind. Tantra massage for couples is a challenge, a mystery and a meeting of hearts, all of which represent the essence of Tantra teaching for me.



Dear Alenka and Ondra, thank you for the care you gave us. It was amazing as always. We left rested and full of energy. We will be very happy to come again.
Jana and Jarda
Thank you for helping us coordinate an unforgettable experience! We love your space and loved our massages and the sweet energy of Venus and Alena. They felt like old friends! They have a lot of wisdom in their hands and minds and we are so grateful for them to introducing tantra to us. Thank you for fitting us in in short notice.
Our already fabulous relationship is just a little sweeter now with a renewed understanding of what we enjoy to be able to share with one another.
We live in California, let us know if you have any visiting masseuses or great connections out here.
Unfortunately, the options out here in California are not quite the same as many are not legitimate tantric masseuses. Thank you.
Katie and Ryan
We had a session with Mona and Alena and we'd like to leave some comments. We did the Luxury Couples massage. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we were thrilled. It was our first tantra massage experience and we absolutely loved it. The place was magical and the girls were very nice and they helped us relax and enjoy the whole experience to the maximum. When we visit Prague again definetely we will book an appointment. Thank you!"
Katerina & George
We had a beautiful moment with 2 masseuses for our couple tantra massage. A true and genuine Tantra Massage with professionalism and real breathing together. If you want to discover what Tantra really is, you can book there.Please show some respect when you enter and you will be treated such as the best moment in your life. We will definitely book a massage with Alena and Bea if we come by Prague again. The place is just perfect, with a very nice Feng Shui and good energy, of course, hygiene is not a question to ask, everything is perfect about it.
Roy, 42, France
We had a wonderful first visit to your place. Had a couple massage with Alena and Jacob. They were so easy to communicate with and made us feel very comfortable. If we are ever in Prague again we will definitely come to visit again!
We are very happy about the friendly welcome, the nice atmosphere and the informative talk about the possibilities, which we can select for our tantra massage and course program. We came as foreigners and we are leaving as friends. We have had a wonderful time in your massage studio with Alena and Innes, and if we are in Praha, we are coming again. Many kind regards
Ruth and Werner, Germany
This past weekend I had a massage with Alena. When we met, she came into the room all smiles, and she seemed as eager to play her part in the massage to come as I was to play mine. We did not talk for long: I am fairly experienced in massages and I take seriously the spiritual aspect of tantra. But what's more, I felt we had an instant connection and therefore did not *need* to talk for long: we would dive in and let our energies connect. We started with a warm, relaxing, bath that opened up our bodies and minds for the massage to come. The massage was very skilled, and in fact seemed to be focused on relaxing the body's muscles as much as the body's energy; in my experience, tantra masseuses tend to focus almost only on the latter. Throughout all of it, we maintained a deep connection, and ended with an almost loving sense from her. Bravo Alena, I hope to meet with you again!
Matt, 26
This was my third visit to your massage center, and as always I came away extremely pleased. This time I selected Alena, which turned out to be an excellent decision. When I arrived at your always clean and stylish center and we finally met, she was very positive and seemed happy to be there. We did not feel the need to talk long, because I felt an instant connection. Eventually we proceeded to share a bath, which was easily my favorite part, as it was not only extremely sensual and filled with skin-to-skin contact, but it was slow, spiritual, and felt almost baptismal. We continued on to the massage, which was similarly slow, spiritual, and satisfying. I particularly liked how Alena was very conscious of the energy flow between us, but was also not afraid to go deeper with the physical side; that is to say, she sometimes kneaded muscles and stretched sore joints. It was not like a Swedish massage or a sports massage or anything like that, but still a feature I found atypical for tantra massage (based on past experiences) but extremely satisfying. Eventually, Alena and I finished the massage, and I felt an extreme calm and even a loving aura between us. We chatted for a few minutes and she seemed eager for feedback, which I was happy to give in very positive terms!Overall, I was again impressed and very relaxed by your center and all of your employees. I will gladly return again soon.
I’d like to thank you for the great experience with a Tantra massage for couples that my husband and I had last night. The massage therapists’ professionalism, sensitive approach and friendly openness was exceptional.
Good evening,

I finally have time to write something about my Sunday visit to your centre. It was again a nice encounter with your massage therapists. I’d already known Andrea and Ellen and I knew they’d be great. Alena also made me happy, she’s such a beautiful and gentle woman, what else could I wish for. I’m glad I’ve discovered this massage, I really like your centre.
I was very satisfied with the massage by Alena. The therapist was kind, nice and communicative. I think we got on very well. I was especially surprised by the approach after the massage when we talked for a long time afterwards. I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you.
I’ve never experienced anything like it, so beautiful.
I have been to several Tantra centers, this one is by far one of the best. Thank you!
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