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Tantra masseur Zdenek

Zdenek is a poet and a corsair in one person. Cultivated and wild at the same time, he will firmly grasp your presence and guide you through a tantric massage like an experienced shaman. He carefully and sensitively approaches the establishment of contact during the tantric ritual and devotes the same care to your body and soul throughout the massage. It offers the warm arms of touch and the kind acceptance of a mature man. He will pamper and spoil you and make the strings of your soul's lute sound, which will sound long hours after the ritual is over.


I like to create. Whether it is jewelry made of wood or stone, or a little poetry. I love music and playing musical instruments. I love playing drums in a band that opened the door to the connection of hearts, through which Tantra helped speak to me. I occasionally paint and play sports. I am interested in gemstones and their use as ancient teachers and energy emitters. I like to use crystals in tantric massages to enhance the experience of energy flow in the human body.

Why the tantra massage?

I have extensive experience in classic sports massages, relaxation massages, and tantric massages. These allow me to refine my work technique as well as use their systematic composition to achieve maximum relaxing and energizing effects, which cannot be easily achieved with regular wellness massages. The use of breath work energizes me personally during the massage, and after a good massage I take away a high feeling and joy of life. I believe that tantric massages help improve interpersonal relationships and find inner peace and satisfaction in life.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

The whole massage depends on your intention, which I try to use as information for touching your body. I prefer longer massages, during which I can carefully honor every part of your body, properly massage and vibrate it with the help of hot lava or precious stones. In the case of a massage for men, I believe that tantric massage can support male strength in such a way that you feel maximally accepted by those around you and be an honest man. I also like to give a therapeutic rehabilitation massage, where I make full use of my knowledge of acupressure points and deep massage.

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