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Tantra masseur Marek

Marek is an extremely precise and sensitive man with a beautiful touch who seeks each person's unique story. Thanks to his direct approach, he wins you over in the first few seconds of your meeting.


I enjoy all the little things that make life better. I like the smell of coffee, good food, snuggling up in a blanket in winter, sitting in a chair with a book -preferably a detective story- meeting with friends over good wine, and chatting until late at night... I also love everything related to art like music, movies, theater, and galleries. I love my piano, jazz and underground music, water, saunas, dance, and sports... I am both an optimist and a pessimist, an introvert and an extrovert, a romantic and a cynic, a melancholic and a comedian. It depends on which part of my personality you encounter.

Why the tantra massage?

During other massages, a person stays a lot in their head, while constantly checking themselves. For example: “touches on the feet (on the head, in the groin...) aroused me, is there something wrong with me? Is it awkward?” Tantric massage is unique and amazing in that it sees a person as a whole. It connects the mental and physical aspects of not being offended by anything, and not worrying about what is or isn't "appropriate" or "awkward," rather it simply accepts the person as they are. I do tantra because it is not dogmatic. There is no guru standing above you dictating something. It is always about a unique free meeting of two (or more) human beings sharing an intimate space and having dedicated time for each other. Each meeting can evolve differently each time but always takes place without prejudice and with respect for each other.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

During a tantric massage, it is truly important not to rush anything. Clear your mind, breathe deeply, and dedicate thorough time to every part of the body. That's why I prefer longer massages. However, I also enjoy four-hand massages because another person with a different energy comes into play. During this massage when you have the hands of the masseurs seemingly all over your body at once, you truly feel like a revered god or goddess.

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