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Tantra masseur Juan

Juan is a kind, open and positive-minded person who will infect you with his optimism and sense of humor. His masseur art and the naturalness with which he approaches the body, Tantra, and sexuality will enchant you and rid you of the last remnants of shame or embarrassment. Juan is a great choice for all men who want to experience a massage with a masculine touch and are not afraid to experiment. Move beyond the everyday and experience the massage that you have only dreamed of until now.


I am interested in a healthy lifestyle, which is really a very broad topic. I like to stop for a while over a good cup of coffee and enjoy the present moment. I enjoy meditation, yoga, running, tarot cards, bodyweight exercises, and healing stones. I like to accept life’s new challenges.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra called to me itself. I had been doing classic massages for several years, but I knew that I wanted to find an even deeper way to positively enter people's lives and improve them. When I had my first massage as a recipient, I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do. It is an amazing experience and a journey to one's essence by connecting multiple techniques that together lead to an amazing experience for us both. Although I am quite young, I have already tried many things in my life. Now, however, I have finally found a mission that can be done with the heart.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I prefer long massages. These give me enough time to work with each client that the receptionist brings to the massage parlor. Thanks to this, I can guide him so that he has time to discover as much as possible.



I wanted to write to express our appreciation for a wonderful experience.
Special thanks to Michaela and Petros for supporting us with our first Tantric massage. We were both a little nervous, but were immediately reassured by Michaela and Petros. They made us both feel at ease and provided us with all the information we needed.
The massage room was well prepared , beautifully designed and Michaela made sure we had everything we needed for a very relaxing massage. Both Michaela and Petros were very professional and also respectful, which we both appreciated.
It was truly a memorable experience and one we would like to repeat. We hope to be back to Prague next year and would love to visit you again.

Please pass on our thanks.
The English Couple
I had a Deluxe tantra massage with Petros. It was a very pleasant experience. Petros was a professional, devoted himself 100% to me and did everything as I asked.
Definitely recommend.
This has been my second time at your center, and I was a little afraid that it won't be as good as last time. Fortunately, Petros is a real professional, very nice and open. He helped me to awake my passion to the fullest. Unfortunately, I am not able to describe my experience well enough in Czech and I think I would not even be able to explain it in my native language either. I am an atheist but if I were a believer and believed in heaven, I would say Petros has a key to it. Thank you very much and I hope I will get a change to experience it again.
I would like to say thank you again to Masseur Petros for the wonderful Deluxe Massage. I was very satisfied and words cannot express what a wonderful experience it was. Thank you very much again!
The time spend with Petros was not only pleasant because of the massage but also for finding out that this very young man is a professional with a healthy enthusiasm. He is bright and receptive, sympathetic, and empathetic, a rare combination of charisma and natural intelligence. Petros is not "only" a masseur, Petros is a personality who shines with something I cannot name. You will want to spend your time with him and happy to return to him.
Really, a big THANK YOU! I enjoyed the massage, it was very nice.
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