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Tantra masseur Andrew

Ondřej is a true original with a sense of the individuality for each being. His approach is respectful, sensitive, and gentle, but he is also precise and attentive to every detail. You can expect a massage from him to be a dance of energies that will flood your body.


I like to sit on a forgotten sandy beach watching the waves and all the shades of the ocean. I like to walk through an autumn forest, when the air is filled with the scent of damp leaves, and the sun bows down over the horizon. Wrapped in a blanket, I like to watch the falling snowflakes from my chair, feed the cat, and drink tea. If I have nowhere to go on a Sunday, maybe I’ll just go to the sauna. I rejoice when winter ends because everything awakens and a new life begins. I enjoy celebrating, especially in the little things. I like seeing the moon rise or the reflection of a street lamp in the water. I like harbors, storms, meetings, pizza, cinemas, and Murakami's books.

Why the tantra massage?

I enjoy creating a space where we can stop, breathe, and be ourselves. Everything we bring, whatever emerges, and anything we leave with is welcome, including observing and noticing all the experiences, emotions, and thoughts. We let them come and go. No judging. We need a place where we feel safe and can allow ourselves to be authentic and uninhibited. I enjoy meeting people who are interested in exploring themselves and their embodiment. I like relaxing and indulging in the holistic experience of depth and beauty that tantra offers.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like to immerse myself in the massage and forget about the surrounding world. That's why I enjoy giving longer massages where I can dedicate myself to people with great care and without haste. I can reach a deeper experience during massages in darkness. I enjoy the dynamics of four-hand massages and working with couples during couple massages.

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